Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Game-face time!)

I am seriously behind on my drama reviews. If you peek down at the “Awaiting Review” section of my sidebar, you’ll find four (four!!) dramas listed. That’s about three more than I should have waiting. So! Game-face time! I’m going to be traveling at the end of the month. I absolutely, positively must have those dramas reviewed before I leave. This I swear!

face2face photo face2face_zps68f1b3d2.jpg

Maybe if I picture Soo-ha as an eager reader?

Realizing that I was beginning a swift slide towards the wrong side of the dramas-watched to dramas-reviewed ratio I did the only thing one can do in this situation: I’ve begun watching another drama. *facepalm*

And I’ve got to tell you, The Queen’s Classroom has me by the throat right now. Which, in all honesty, I didn’t expect to happen. It came highly recommended but, while I watch dramas because I ♥ stories, I also watch dramas because I ♥ …well… this:

thirdkiss photo thirdkiss_zpsd006f7ee.jpg

Kissing scenes! I really do love them.

So the opening shot made me laugh out loud — quite literally. (I’d seriously started the drama thinking to myself, “Welp, don’t expect any kissing scenes!”)

kiss photo kiss_zps3f637ffa.jpg

Did not expect this.

It is still very much a kid-centered drama, though. So there’s less this:

sufbb2 photo 001hbzpy_zpsbd7d98ca.jpg

Eye-candy. (Literally!)

…and more this:

ohdonggoo photo ohdonggoo_zpse3a93283.jpg

That’s not eye-candy! That’s Oh Dong-goo!

But I’m still adoring it and there will be posts. Only, they’ll come after I catch up on my reviews. Game-face is a go!


24 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Game-face time!)

  1. Don’t plan on watching Queen’s Classroom (just not my kinda thing) but I’ll look forward to reading your review on it if time etc permits one to be written! 🙂

  2. Gooo, Betsy!! Queen’s Classroom is on my list too, coz it comes so highly recommended.. But first, I gotta finish KoD and IHYV, and then get into that oh-so-promising Heartless City.. So many dramas to watch! Can’t. Seem. To. Keep. Up. *gurgles as I drown in a sea of promising dramas* Happy problem? 😛

    LOVED this post, btw! SO much fun to read, and loved the screencaps! You rawk, Lady Betsy! ❤

    • Hee! Thanks! ♥

      I have this vague, distant memory of looking for a drama to watch and not finding anything and thinking the good dramas were all done and gone and… wow — when was that lost moment?!? Because my list is so long and more dramas are coming and… *gurgles with you* I’ll call it a happy problem. 🙂

  3. Okay. Sweating paranoid bullets here. Not to be self-referential, but is the “highly recommended” source me? >.<

    BetsyHp, I will nevaaaa recommend anything to you again, if that's true. Grr. What if the drama sucks?

    Paranoia aside, that kiss felt weird to me, too. "Whut, children kiss?" was my first thought.

    I was prepared to not like this drama. I mean, who enjoys watching children be tortured unless one's a sadist, right? Ahem. But! Nothing is as it seems, eh? Or so they say. Have you cried yet, watching this? Or is it just me again?

    And good luck with the reviews. Four reviews in, what, two weeks? O_O. Fecund profundity's prolific, too. XD

    • Hee! No sweating needed — your recommendation came just as I’d started watching. It was confirmation not tipping point. (I think that honor goes to Pelican Charm who used our mutual love of “Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love” to tip me into clicking play. ;)) So please, recommend away!

      I thought the kiss was sweet since they kept it to an age appropriate peck, but — especially for a k-drama where I’m used to 20-somethings who’ve never been kissed — I was surprised to see it. And that it was such an on the nose response to what I was thinking when I went in… hilariously and bizarrely awesome. 😀

      It’s very intense, yeah. And I have cried. But it’s on hold as I review away. (Which is probably a good thing, just for my heart’s sake. Sometimes a pause for breathing is a good thing.)

      (PS Had to look up fecund to make sure it meant what I thought it did. And it does! But it’s so close to fecal, visually, that I had a moment of confusion. ;))

  4. It’s a lovely show, truly it is. One of the best surprises to have come out from Korea when it comes to Japanese remakes.

    Am highly anticipating your review.

    Have a great trip and take care!

    • I’d heard good things about it following some highly praised footsteps (which of course makes me curious to see the original too, at some point).

      The review may take some time — but it’ll be here eventually! 😀

  5. Too many dramas, too little time, eh? That’s been my life, more or less, since I happened to get sucked into the drama-world. ;P And I don’t even do reviews…

    The Queen’s Classroom is my next marathon-drama, funnily enough. Now that I’m done with Once Upon a Time in Saengchori, which was just as hilarious as I remembered. Though I’d kinda forgotten how suspenseful the last few epis were. It had some lovely serious and quiet moments as well. I’m still amazed how they managed to mix so many different things together and still make it work out just fine. Definitely one of my favourite dramas of last few years and it pretty much went under the radar for just about everyone. 🙂

    I’m done with B&P too and it ended more or less as I thought it would, storywise anyway. It got noticeably frazzled around the edges as the episodes progressed, I’m sad to say but I never stopped loving it. Somehow, for me it managed to keep some of the magic going all the way through. I just can’t help thinking how awesome B&P would have been had they been able to pre-shoot most of it. Sigh.

    • Hi Timescout, sorry for cutting in your convo with Betsy but I just wanted to pipe in some love for that show as well. It was and still is a great show despite the rough edges as the story progressed. I would always recommend this show for those looking for a Korean version of Romeo and Juliet. There was hardly any room for fluff and pretty boys, let alone the usual pining away for that one true love This was a love story that was interlaced with political undertones, revenge, sacrifice, redemption and forgiveness.

      It’s not my personal favourite of the year, like The Queen’s Classroom, but I would recommend it nonetheless. ^__^

      • Cut away, I’m pretty sure when it comes to discussing dramas it’s ‘the more, the merrier’ here. 🙂

        B&P would in all likelihood have been my favourite this year, had it been able to keep up the quality of the earlier episodes (the first 8 or so were awesome!). Granted, I haven’t yet watched neither TQS nor The End of the World, so I may have other ideas once I’ve seen those. B&P is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if one likes ‘poetry in motion’… well, then it’s just the thing I’d say, even with the unfortunate dip in overall quality. Rainy season and live-shoot make a lousy combination, especially for sageuks.

        • Bearing in mind those two factors, the team pulled off a great job with what they had. Especially in episodes 17-18. I was glued to the screen with the intrigue, what-ifs and revelations. To add to your point about the drama being ‘poetry and motion’, there was a stable of stellar acting from the usual suspects like Uhm Tae-Woong, Cho Min-Soo, Kim Ok-Bin, Kim Sang-Ho and also On Ju-Wan who gave such a wonderful performance as the King. The writing, on a whole, was still good, despite the dip in quality towards the 2nd half. A shame really. Ah, well. I’ll keep on saying it again. I would still recommend this show.

          If I were to liken this drama to food, I would say it isn’t like a piece of candy. All that sweet sugar rush, pushing you for more. It’s rather like a 3 course meal. Delicious starter, great main course, rather underwhelming dessert. But that dessert doesn’t wipe out all that good will from the two earlier courses, so the taste does linger. Though, you do wish that the dessert was done better :D.

          • I do agree, they did a very good job, concidering.

            Oh, that’s a nifty metaphor – “three course meal”, with a failed effort in the dessert dept. 🙂

            Yes, acting was wonderful for the most part (the usual suspects, like you said) and then there were few unfortunate ‘thespians’ who stuck out like a sore thumb with their ‘acting’.^^ Ohn Joo Wan was a revelation though. I’d only seen him in ‘Chosun Police’ S1 before and I don’t remember him being this good then.

          • Hmmm… I’m really glad you’ve all had this conversation because I was going to give B&P a complete pass, but now… You’ve both saved me from pitching it entirely — I’ll keep it on my to-watch list. Thanks! 🙂

    • There can be such a bitter-sweetness to the almost excellent. The sweetness of what was accomplished mixed with the bitterness of “if only”. But the drama-wheel keeps on turning and more dramas keep coming down the pike. I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that there are no seasons. So no breaks where you can catch up, look back, plan ahead. It just keeps on a’coming.

      I’m so enjoying TQC — but I’m taking a break until I can get my reviews under control. This is where I’m grateful for Unstoppable Highkick. It keeps me entertained but I’m nowhere near finished it so I don’t have to panic that I’m creating yet another review. 😉

      (Once Upon a Time in Saengchori is one I keep thinking of. I’ll definitely have to watch it. Some day.)

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