Two Weeks: Heists!

 photo dayfour_zps85a90e46.jpgSomething that continues to please the heck out of me with Two Weeks is the pacing. We’re heading into the ending (only two weeks to go! hard to believe! also, irony!) and there’s no sign of the slog that often happens right around this time. Two Weeks isn’t breaking new ground or creating artistic magic — but it’s telling a rollicking good story and it’s telling it well. This week’s excitement? A whole lot of heisting going on.

Spoilers through episode 12 below…

Now that Tae-san has come fully awake he’s going on the offensive and showing that he might be tender little teddy-bear, but he’s a bear of very large brain. The plus of his being seen as a chump by everyone around him is he’s taking them all by surprise with his cunning. And! He’s finally teaming up with our Prosecutor Jae-kyung!

team photo partners_zpsebc56001.jpg

At long last, Tae-san gets to see her Jo/Moon Conspiracy Board!

board photo tsseesboard_zps7128925c.jpg

And they work together and plan together (and eat together)…

eat photo partnerseat_zpscc5fecba.jpg

And it leads to…

capturing photo capturing_zps395b422a.jpg

…the capture of Teacher Kim! Which is a huge deal because he’s like the unstoppable machine (Dramabeans refers to him as a Terminator cyborg and… they ain’t wrong). captured photo captured_zps4b63a774.jpgFortunately, our guys treat him like he’s the Terminator cyborg unstoppable machine and take him down quick without wasting time with chit-chat.

It leads nowhere because Teacher Kim is good enough to not get caught with any crime-evidence (which is believable to me because he really is that anal and careful, just as a matter of course). Plus he’s much more loyal than Tae-san, who thought he was a hired gun, expected him to be. So they got nothing from him — but they did neutralize him slightly (they’re watching him, so he’s out of the game for now).

And Tae-san’s playing mind-games with the dimmer aspects of Boss Moon’s gang which is kind of hilarious. And! He’s hooked back up with no-longer-a-Boss Han! Who is wearing the worst wig ever…

wig photo wig_zpsd9099ed8.jpg

Yes. We can tell that’s a wig.

…but is also a very cool father-figure type, which Tae-san needs like a fish needs water.

fatherfigure photo fatherfigure_zps3f5f8d24.jpg

And they’re in the middle of breaking into Boss Moon’s house and… urgh, I need next week now! (The amount of theories being launched around the unexpected presence of Boss Moon… so much fun, but I’m seriously expecting a fake-out. trouble photo trouble_zps919b95a5.jpgWhich, if Tae-san is okay, I’m fine with!)

But this is what I mean about the pacing. I mean, there were like… four heists going on, at least (I’m not even counting Jae-kyung’s find-a-mole adventure) in two episodes. Just when you wrap your head around one, it’s over and they’re rolling into the next one. It’s so much fun!

The emotion is still there, though. In-hye finally opens up to Su-jin about Tae-san. And Su-jin is so happy to have even the tiniest amount of information about her daddy and is so, so eager to meet him.

motherdaughter photo motherdaughter_zps8b661857.jpg

Meanwhile, Tae-san is standing in the parking lot with imaginary-Su-jin staring up at their room and remembering how badly he missed his dad (who his mom said hated him which — oh my poor tiny Tae-san).

fatherdaughter photo fatherdaughter_zpscef48429.jpg

So those two both have to live and get their chance to really meet each other and be the father and daughter they’re both aching to be. Or I will be so, so, so upset.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks: Heists!

    • I give them props for doing a simple thing well. So many times a good story gets messed up by overcomplicating it. Fortunately, TW is sticking to the basics and I love them for it. 🙂

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