Trading Thoughts: Nine… is a go!!

I am so, so excited to announce the launch of what will (hopefully!) become a “thing”…

TTnine photo TTNine001_zps2eacee6f.png

Kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict and I share a common love of ripping into the guts of our beloved dramas to see what makes them tick. And, in the comment sections of our various posts, we had a tendency to spark ideas off of each other — which led to epic comment conversations of unusual size.

So, when Kfangurl suggested we try doing a joint post on a drama I glommed onto the idea with mad-dog *ahem* dignified enthusiasm. Nine seemed the perfect drama to start with. Kfangurl had done her epic review. I’d done my own review (and spoiler-filled reaction post). We each had our thoughts, now all we had to do was put them together, stand back, and see what happened. And now it’s here! Our very first “Trading Thoughts” post!

Check out Trading Thoughts: Nine in all it’s glory on Kfangurl’s blog! What pulls you into a story and keeps you there? What was up with that ending? Peanut-butter or chocolate? Find answers to all these questions and much, much more… (warning: filled to the brim with spoilers)

[Gorgeous “Trading Thoughts” banner, created by Kfangurl]


6 thoughts on “Trading Thoughts: Nine… is a go!!

  1. Hee! I love your teaser questions.. ESPECIALLY “peanut-butter or chocolate?” – people are really gonna wonder at just HOW we manage to talk about THAT in the context of Nine! XD But yes, we are.. creatively capable that way! ;D

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