Weekly Drama Check-in Post (don’t leave me!)

cockblock photo cockblocked_zps29dc6fa5.jpgI have an odd drama-watching habit. (At least… I think it’s odd. Let me know if you do the same thing. We can be odd together!)

When I get close to the end of a drama I’m enjoying… I’ll stop watching. The end is so final! Once it’s done, it’s done and I’ll have no choice but to leave the characters and the world I’ve just spent so much of my time in. I can rewatch, of course, but… it’s not the same thing.

Nothing spoiled below…

Plus, I’ve learned something in my many years of drama watching. (Okay — two years — but I did learn something!) reaction photo reaction_zpsc618fdc3.jpgThe last three hours of a good drama are addictive. Breaking for things like sleep, work, life? Not going to happen. Or at least, not gracefully.

And that’s where Monstar is floating. Two episodes — three hours — and I’ll be done. Episode 10, where I left off, lacked a cliff-hanger. (That’s a huge factor. This wasn’t a problem for Heartless City or I Hear Your Voice.)  But… I’m getting curious. What’s going to happen to our Color Bar crew? So I expect I’ll finish it off next week. But… I don’t waaaaant to!!! (Except for how I really, really do.)


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (don’t leave me!)

  1. Heh. I tend to cut off when I have around 4 epis left and wait till the drama is all done because at that point I get afraid they somehow spoil the whole thing with a sucky finale. Better to get the whole end part all at once. That’s where I’m right now with B&P. I don’t expect it to end as awesome as it started (no way it can, more’s the pity) but hopefully they at least knit everything together in a way that makes sense. I’ve yet to find time to finish B&P, hopefully I manage to do that towards the end of the week.

    I liked the way Monstar ended, there were some short but poignant scenes in the last ep. Not everyone saw it the same way though. Some people were quite disapointed.

      • Yes, endings are tricky. And unfortunately kdramas have a high chance of dropping the ball juuuuust before thouchline. If they haven’t lost the game half way through, that is. ;P See, I’ve become such a wet blanket about me dramas but I can’t turn a blind eye to the flaws the way I used to. Them pink glasses dun work anymore. Dagn it! XD

        • The perils of time, I suppose. 😉

          I finally watched the end of Monstar. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. I’m still glad I watched it — but… endings are hard!

  2. Although it never happens with me that I discontinue watching a show as it nears its end, it is for sure that if the drama is addicting, I just want to complete the last 2 or 3 eps in one sitting 🙂

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