Two Weeks: We have achieved badass!

daysix photo daysix_zpsbeeb0d9a.jpgTae-san has started firing on all cylinders. And evidently? A fully functional Tae-san is a badass Tae-san.

Spoilers through episode 10 below…

His decision to use his for real apartment for his home-base? That was ballsy. And clever. Because that’s where all his stuff is — clothes guaranteed to fit, money stashed exactly where he’d know to look, first-aid kit, shower, food — all the comforts of… well… home. And who would guess he’d recuperate and restock at the scene of the crime?

(Well — Jae-kyung. But she was tied up in her own crisis. And Tae-san got the ball rolling at the police precinct, where she was less likely to be.)

memorial photo memorial_zpsbc2a22f6.jpgI adored that this gave him a moment to remember and mourn Man-seok. It gave us viewers a chance to slow down a little and remember and mourn Man-seok ourselves. Which I appreciated because his death happened so quickly it’d be easy to just dismiss him as cannon fodder. Plus, I’d wondered why Man-Seok stuck by Tae-san and this interlude answered that question for me. It also gave further evidence that Tae-san is, at heart, a really good guy.

Two favorite things from that scene: bow photo bow_zps03cdbdb7.jpg(1) Imaginary-Su-jin leading Tae-san through the memorial — telling him what to say, chiding him for using past tense*, matching his bow; (2) Tae-san wishing he and Man-seok could be reborn as brothers so he can be a good older brother to Man-seok. Both of those things totally hit my heart.

(*I did not pick up on the foreshadowing aspect of Imaginary-Su-jin’s “love doesn’t end when you die” statement until it got repeated in… I think the next episode. I hope, by all that’s holy, that this is a fake-out. No one Tae-san loves, nor Tae-san himself, should be dying at the end!! This I declare!)

And Tae-san’s ballsy cleverness just kept on coming! He manages to meet with In-hye without getting caught by the very clever indeed people chasing him. He actually stops Teacher Kim, the deadliest of deadly assassins, for a moment of conversation(!!)

convocollage photo convocollage_zpsba0cceb1.jpg

…and then totally outfoxes him and gets away.

outfoxrun photo outfoxrun_zpsd3e61e07.jpg

Tae-san and the Gingerbread Man… Separated at birth?

And now he has the camera. I’m not sure how long he’s going to keep the camera. But he got his hands on it and that ain’t nothing.

Especially since he had to use a heavily watched In-hye to get it done. That was some pretty cool spy-craft he had going on there. Though, not in an unrealistic way. He just planned really, really carefully. And In-hye was really good herself. Which I loved.

But not as much as I loved her instinctual grabbing of Seung-woo so Tae-san could get away.

gutgrab photo gutgrab_zpsd329f5d5.jpg

A grab that, even mid-apology, turned into a very deliberate hold…

deliberategrab photo deliberategrab_zps90cf5fc0.jpg

…that she didn’t break. Even when Seung-woo turned around to boggle heartbreakingly at her.

swheartbreak photo swheartbreak_zpsc1ae5b12.jpg

Which, I felt for him. But…

I am firmly aboard the Tae-san/In-hye ‘ship. At first it was because Tae-san has wormed his way into my heart and I want him to have all the happiness. But now, with everything we’ve seen about their earlier relationship — how In-hye pursued him and pulled him out of his darkness and loved him fiercely even with her eyes wide open to their social disparates, I want them together for her, too.  photo tsandih_zpsfd3699fc.jpgThey had a pretty awesome love-story and Boss Moon smashed it and I want them to be able to piece it back together again.

And honestly, it’s become more and more obvious that In-hye likes and respects Seung-woo, but she doesn’t love him. He’s a good and practical choice for her and her daughter… but that’s not love. Plus, I’m not sure Seung-woo really loves In-hye. I think he adores Su-jin, and I think he likes the idea of rescuing In-hye. But I feel like he’s more moved by her circumstances than he is by her.

I will say though, I’m glad they’re not turning Seung-woo into a horrible person. I like that, as he and Jae-kyung begin to trust each other (slowly, but it’s happening), Seung-woo is digging for the truth, not trying to cover it up. Even if it means clearing the name of his romantic rival and a man he despises for abandoning In-hye and Su-jin.

ashamed photo ashamed_zpsa613e1dd.jpgWe’ve moved into the second week of this two week adventure. I really, really, really want Tae-san to beat his adversaries, clear his name, win the girl, save his daughter and finally (finally!) gain a sense of self-worth. Is that too much to ask? (The correct answer is: no — no it is not too much to ask. Tae-san gets all the things!)


4 thoughts on “Two Weeks: We have achieved badass!

  1. I just managed to get caught up with this show. Man Seok’s memorial….oooooff. That really got me good. And whether it was a directing call or whether the writer wrote it that way, that hug was really a stroke of genius. It really conveyed so much about In Hye and Seung Woo’s relationship, that she’s wants to love him and hold on to him, but her heart is with Tae San. And he knows it too. Poor SW! Can’t they all just become a family please? Maybe he can see Soo Jin on the weekends.

    • That hug really did tell us everything. Poor Seung-woo, indeed. 😦 Especially with him and Su-jin — he wants to be her dad so, so badly and he’s so good to her. It’s kind of heartbreaking even as I’m rooting for Tae-san to get it all. I love that the show isn’t taking the easy way out and making Seung-woo into a manipulative jerk or something. But it does make for some emotional catch-22’s.

      • Totally true about the show not taking the easy way out. I’m so impressed with this show as a whole, it’s ability to keep moving, hit all the right emotional beats and remain character-driven as well. I’ve never seen 49 days so I dunno if this is an improvement or not.
        I should gush more about this show on my blog, but alas I’ve a weakness for rom-coms and the feels are good despite many frustrations. Sigh.

        • I’ve seen “49 Days” and… it’s a different beast in some ways. There was a ticking clock (um… 49 days, actually. heh — there’s a similarity!) but it wasn’t as short as the two weeks timeframe so there were more emotional beats. It felt like that drama was going for a more profound type of story. Whereas “Two Weeks” has some deep emotional moments but the fun action/adventure adrenaline rush is definitely its foundation.

          I should gush more about this show on my blog, but alas I’ve a weakness for rom-coms and the feels are good despite many frustrations.

          No worries! I’ll gush for the both of us! 😉 And when I do my “Master’s Sun” marathon, I’ll go to your blog for the real-time gushing for that drama. 😀

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