Weekly Drama Check-in Post: a promise of posts to come

backhug photo backhug_zpsbd71cc85.jpgThe husband and I finished Heartless City late Friday night. It stole our sleep, left us both a bit shattered, and me buzzing with post ideas. I definitely want to do a post on the women of HC. I also want to do a plot breakdown (because it was twisty and fascinating and I love that sort of thing).

No spoilers below…

And I definitely, definitely want to take a look at… how to say this without spoiling… There are characters whose motivations only become clear within the final couple of episodes. Watching it again while knowing those motivations? It was so, so cool and insightful and definitely post fodder.

I am at a standstill with Monstar. I only have two episodes left and I’ve really, really enjoyed the show and find myself incredibly reluctant to leave these characters. So I’ve been delaying the final three hours. bubbles photo bubbles_zps419d12a1.jpgAlso, after the episodes I just saw, I’m really eager to do a post on how Monstar handled the “pretty girl’s best friend” trope. As of now, I’d like to get that post done before finishing so I can go into the final stretch without any agendas beyond seeing how it all turns out

So there’s possibly three posts on Heartless City, definitely one on Monstar, and three drama reviews patiently waiting their turn with Monstar coming on quickly to make it four. So! No lack of posting ideas. Now all I need’s the time.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post: a promise of posts to come

  1. Aww. Eun Ha.

    Monstar scarred me from live-watching. I’ve stalled at episode 8. I do want to know how it ends, and yet I don’t.
    I was sceptical at first, then I sort of loved it, and then it made me do a 180.

    I hate that. Especially when everyone else loves it, and you look like the crazy one flip-flopping. Looking forward to your review, though.
    Your upcoming posts look oven-ready!

    • I’ve been enjoying it — especially as they don’t seem to be taking the easy routes. We shall see how it all turns out in the end, of course. Three hours is plenty of time to be wonderful or not so much. 😉

  2. what are the three dramas you are going to review? are you post another review of ihyv? only asking coz it’s listed under awaiting review

    • Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Heartless City, and I Hear Your Voice. I’ve done reaction posts to all three of them, where I give my emotions free rein and cover whatever comes to mind. But I also need to do what I consider my “official” review where I try and talk a little more broadly (and with minimum spoilers) about what’s good or bad about a drama.

      (I write reactions for readers who’ve probably seen the drama. Reviews are for more friendly to readers who haven’t seen the drama yet and are wondering if they should bother.)

      And there’s my overly long answer to your question! 😉 (I can go on at times.)

  3. Hurray! Can’t wait to read your thoughts. This show is a keeper. In years to come, it will still maintain that aura of bleak hopefulness just like when I first watched it.

    Of all the women in the show, I ended up admiring, sympathising and adoring Lee Jin Sook. What a lady!

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