Weekly Drama Check-in Post

green photo green_zpse001303e.jpgI’m doing a re-watch of Heartless City with the husband and, my Lord, but this is a drama that rewards the second viewing.

Nothing spoilery below…

We’re taking it slowly (we’ve just finished episode 12 — the one just after everything changes) because (a) our viewing-together time is limited but also (b) there’s a lot to digest. I’m finding it fascinating to watch various characters now, knowing the end game, and seeing how their motivations carry through the story. (I’m not naming names because this is a spoiler-free post. But I see in-depth, spoiler-filled posts in my future.)

I’ve also read a fascinating post by ladida (of Idle Revelry) on episodes 1 – 10 that… I’m not sure I fully agree with, but definitely gave me an interesting viewpoint to watch the show through. I expect it may generate a post, as well. hyungmin photo hyungmin_zps75911667.jpg(Hat tip: DDee of OCDrama) [both links include spoilers]

Thus far, Team Leader Hyung-min has been nicknamed “Blockhead” by the husband. Partly because of his jawline. But there’s also his people-skills. Or, to use the quote the husband felt best encapsulated Hyung-min’s management philosophy, “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

On a completely different note: Something kind of fun I’d noticed about Monstar but forgot to mention — check out their phones!

iphone photo iphone_zps62a9cb39.jpg

Is that…? That’s an iPhone!!

I think I even spotted a Blackberry at one point.

blackberry photo blackberry_zps0a8f6100.jpg

Blackberry? Yes?

I’d thought anything not Samsung was illegal in S. Korea! Now if that’s not a sign you’re watching cable, I don’t know what is. 

saddaddy photo saddaddy_zpsc475bd4f.jpgAnd Two Weeks continues to be breathlessly fun. Lee Jun-ki does good “worst day ever — again” face. (Actually, I’ve been quite impressed with him. I believe Tae-san’s journey, no matter how dramatic, because Lee Jun-ki believes it. Good acting right there.)

The good-drama-watching trend continues! I’m well pleased.


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