Two Weeks: Ah, parenthood…

day10 photo day10_zps5319fe10.jpgAww, Two Weeks… You’re not subtle, but damn you’re fun. So I still love you.

Spoilers through episode 6 below…

That Tae-san pauses in his mad dash escape to help a pregnant lady give birth, and thereby realize what In-hye went through to bring Su-jin into the world, and thereby get that much closer to being worthy of fatherhood — there is no subtlety here. But Tae-san’s initial panic (“I’ve never even seen a lady give birth!”) and then his cooing delight birth photo birth_zps6d3c025e.jpg(“they even have fingernails!”) and then the sweet way he scuttled about cleaning diapers and making seaweed soup… I loved it.

And yes, crossing paths with Boss Moon’s old enemy (and the reason Tae-san got sent to jail the second time) was one huge, massive, only-in-a-drama coincidence. But… what the hell! I’ll roll with it! It’s not like we’re in this for a quiet slice-o-life, right? Plus, I suspect it fits a theme of old wrongs coming up for righting or something.

Also — I’m kind of enjoying how creepy our villains are. Which doesn’t often happen in more subtle stories. (Because humans have depths!) But, it looks like our evil Congressman Jo has a young man either held prisoner or under reeeeaaaally tight surveillance. I mean, “I see you as you’re sleeping” surveillance. Which is… disturbing.

 photo watcher_zps83b7a51d.jpg

So… What you watching?

creeper photo creeper_zpsb6110a76.jpg

… oh.

creepiest photo creepiest_zps72e7f411.jpg

Because that’s perfectly normal!

I’m thinking it’s her son. Mainly because he’s been named and it’s a full on actor playing him (Kang Hanuel from Monstar!) so I doubt he’ll remain just a photo. But that doesn’t actually lessen the creep-factor. Especially since he’s supposed to be abroad but our intrepid Prosecutor Park couldn’t track him down. If your own mom is keeping you that close… creepy. (Also… Do those sheets seem a bit… young for him? So many reasons to shudder. So many.)

Speaking of our Prosecutor… Jae-kyung is teetering on the verge of figuring it all out. Which is happening a lot faster than I’d expected. And I like it! (I love smart characters.)

lightbulb photo lightbulb_zpsd0f80c3d.jpg

And her clever detective, Sang-hoon, is very clever indeed and finds out pretty much all the facts there are to find through a cunning combination of brains and adorableness.

cunningadorable photo cunningadorable_zpsbfc8dd35.jpg

Cunningly adorable? Adorably cunning?

I am sad that we didn’t get any movies-as-inspiration this week. But we did get imaginary father-daughter time!

fatherdaughterthree photo fatherdaughter3_zpsbcca3aa0.jpg


And we got bride-gorilla (called Ting Tingly, I believe?) as Tae-san’s lucky rabbit’s foot. And then we got actual father-daughter time — though they had to be sneaky about it. And our clever little Su-jin realized the need for stealth and totally improvised a delay tactic to get more face time with her dad. While suffering from chemo. Definition of trooper right there.

fatherdaughtercollage photo fatherdaughtercollage_zpsc483e2be.jpg


Which means that closing shot of Su-jin face to face with Boss Moon is one hell of a cliff-hanger.

eepcollage photo eepcollage_zps6087a06e.jpg

Bring on days 9 and 8!


10 thoughts on “Two Weeks: Ah, parenthood…

  1. Oh this show is as subtle as a sledgehammer! At first, I rolled my eyes when Tae San met the pregnant woman in the rain, but I was a goner by the time he squealed about the fingernails, big time. And then I realised that that is just another primer for these very convenient conveniences, so by the time he meets Moon’s enemy, I’m like, yeah, sure, ok! And I finally get that the show isn’t as interested in the chase as it is in Tae San’s redemption story so all this, and the weepiness, the hysterics (which used to bug me (does he really need to have a breakdown with every person who helps him?)), is necessary. So I’m now happy to weep alongside everybody in this show.

    • Hee! I was rolling my eyes right there with you! But yeah, Tae-san’s reactions won me over and I decided to just go with it. I agree — it’s the redemptive journey that’s the heart of the story.

      I do appreciate that they still make Tae-san work for the little things. So every chance he has to eat, sleep, shower, change clothes seems hard earned. That adds a gritty realness to what could easily slip into an overly allegorical tale.

  2. I just realised the other day why I’m having problems with TW. It’s written by So Hyun Kyung…… blergh. I haven’t liked any of her dramas that I’ve tried out. Dropped both ‘Shining Inheritance’ and ’49 Days’ early on and even though I managed to watch ‘Prosecutor Princess’ all the way to then end, I wasn’t too hot on it either. Lot of weeping/moping in all of ’em. I don’t like the way she constructs her stories and I always have problems with the characters. E.g the leading lady in PP was ever so frustrating and the mother/daughter pair (antagonists) in Shining Inheritance were like nails on a chalkboard, owie! Yup, lack of subtlety is not one of her strong points and it’s definitely one of the things that bug me.

    • She definitely has a style. 🙂 Though some of her dramas work better for me than others. I enjoyed Shining Inheritance until all the solutions happened to the lead rather than her earning them — then it lost its luster for me. But Prosecutor Princess and 49 Days… not perfect dramas, but I did enjoy them.

  3. hah! “Because humans have depths!” 😀

    I marathoned ‘2 weeks’ this weekend. It’s sledge-hammery but fun.
    Also, I find it pretty Emo. XD
    And the villains crack me up. I call them Sharkie-man and Mama Crazay.

    • Oh my gosh, I want that shark statue! (I’m assuming that’s where the nickname came from?) True, I’d have no place to put it because it’s huge. But it’s also awesome!

      Yup, I think sledge-hammery is a good descriptor. But the pace is good and Tae-san is compelling and I’m enjoying the roller coaster. 😀

  4. What will you do with the Shark? hahahha. Set it up in your living room and watch K-dramas sitting atop it? And watch and watch till you doze off and topple over?
    I know, 2 weeks is fun! It might get repetitive, though.

    • I’d call it Sung Joon and I’d dress it up in drama-appropriate clothing, dependent on what I’m watching. And we would be best friends! (If I did fall asleep, he’d totally cradle me. He’s just that kind of shark.)

      • Pffft. And here I thought you’d call it Yoo Ahhhh In and dress him up in a hanbok. And tie yourself to him. Of course.

        • Hah! I’d forgotten about Yoo Ah-in. I’m fickle like that. 😉 Also, for some reason Sung Joon’s character in “White Christmas” struck me as kind of shark-ish. If you squint.

          (I could also see Shi-hyun from “Heartless City” as a shark — though he has that baby-duck imprinting instinct that’s not very shark-like at all. Almost exactly the opposite really. So there you are.)

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