Weekly Drama Check-in Post (so. exhausted.)

I am seriously so tired right now. This has been a crazy week with waay too late nights followed by waay too early mornings. And then I was up late last night as well. So I’m a bit wobbly in the brainpan at the moment.

Thanks goodness for dramas that, sure — often give me lovely things to think deep thoughts about, but — when I’m in a pinch — also give me lovely images like this: (Nothing spoiled below…)

shower photo body_zps13e5ac57.jpg

Not much brainpower required for these moments. Ah, I Hear Your Voice… you were a good watch. (For far more reasons than the above. But the above didn’t hurt.)

I’ve started watching Monstar, and they threw in a shower scene, too. An idol shower scene. (Which — okay, to be honest, it was little heavy on the obvious fan service and so I was more amused than anything.) But then they gave me this:

matching bathrobes photo matchingbathrobes_zps5994dd4b.jpg

Oh my gosh, adorable! Their bathrobes totally match! Is that not hilariously awesome?!?

Also, I’m filled to the brim with hair-envy.

hair envy photo hairenvy_zpsa85a7141.jpg

Look at those glorious thick locks! Just made for filling with flowers and jewels and all the beautiful things princesses have in their hair in every fairytale ever!

Obviously,  I’m enjoying Monstar and expect to enjoy it even more when my brain kicks in.

On the more thinking side of things: I’ve successfully got the husband watching Heartless City with me. It’s early days yet but… maybe there will be posts?

jinsook photo jinsook_zps6fe99200.jpg

Throwing in a pic of Jin-sook. Because she’s cool.

And of course, there’s Two Weeks. Which is happily in its beginning stages where I can just let the story wash over me and wait for theories and predictions to bubble up as the story gets a bit firmer.

begin photo begin_zpsa0dcc850.jpg

At this point, as long as I keep up with Tae-san, I figure I’m good.

So this is a total cheating post were I did my best to distract you with pictures. Hopefully next week will be better.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (so. exhausted.)

    • I know!! But this is the sort of story that’s right up my alley and there was so much revealed that changed everything once you knew it. So. Yeah. It kind of begged for a re-watch. 😀

        • Jin-sook is so, so cool! It was fairly easy getting the hubby to watch. He likes noir and cat and mouse games and, so far anyway, he trusts my k-drama opinion. May I never betray it! 😀

          I am totally looking forward to reading your Heartless City review, by the way. I started it this weekend and then followed your link to Idle Revelry’s post and started that and… I could tell it required more thinking than I was prepared to give at the time. But you’re both on my list!

          • I ask about your hubby because I’ve tried many tactics to convert my better half but nothing seems to work. I tried with City Hunter but he ran away screaming after Ep 2 (ok, I confess I did to). On HC, if anything, finish Idle Revelry’s post, it’s really thought-provoking and a great read.

            Oh course in the grand scheme of things, sleep is most important. 🙂

          • Hmm… I’m pretty tuned in to my husband’s tastes and, when I first got him watching, I only offered k-dramas I’d seen already. So I’d know if something happened that would send him running. Also, he’s watched a lot of anime — which I mention because I think they can have the same kind of story-arc as k-dramas. Something you don’t often get with Western tv. So maybe he was more prepped? Or something?

            And I am totally circling in on having the time and space to dive into thoughtful posts. So, so eager! 😀

  1. Everyone deserves an off-day post – here’s yours, still enjoyable to read though 😉 I’m thinking maybe I need to get on that Monstar wagon and hey ho, here you are right on it already!

    • Hah! Well… watching the drama isn’t the hard part. 😉 There’s a reason I didn’t say much about I Hear Your Voice and, when I finally did, a lot of it revolved around how hot Lee Jung-suk is. 😛

      • I admit that during E2 I had to pause the ep in order to squee out loud 😛 My screen was literally exploding in rainbows & unicorns every time LJS smiled, bathed in that loving golden light. Aieeeeeeee!!!

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