Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Yay good dramas!)

Reviewing Gu Family Book reminded me of a time (that went on for faaaar too long) when I was watching dramas that put me in a bad mood. Boy, what a waste of watching-hours! heartless city photo heartlesscity_zps456b0d08.jpgWhich I doubly realize now because I feel like I’m drowning in good dramas. And it is so, so fun.

100% Spoiler Free below!

I finished Heartless City at the beginning of the week but it’s still with me. I find myself thinking about different characters at odd points during the day, analyzing plot-points, reminiscing over favorite scenes. It was a perfect drama in many ways — engaging both my head and my heart with its story and its characters; skillfully using both sight and sound to set mood and tone and scene. I will watch it again — the only question is when. And if I can get my husband to join me.

Oh — fun little aside: While in the middle of watching Heartless City I was telling my husband that I was watching this drama and it was amazing and he’d probably like it and I would have waited to watch it with him but I was just too impatient because it was too good. And he looked at me and asked, “Level 7 Civil Servant?” For a joke! Which was funny! And I was literally stunned speechless that he was able to pull that drama-title out of the air so easily and use it so correctly. Apparently he does listen to me when I drama-babble at him! (He earned so many points that day…)

 photo twoweeks_zps672aa130.jpgAnd then came Two Weeks — which I was nervous about. So nervous I almost didn’t watch it. Because what if it wasn’t good? Or — even worse — what if it was middling good but stale and forced compared to Heartless City?!!? But I’d made announcements so I sucked it up and watched and it was good! And I’m excited for the next episodes and I’m fairly confident that such a deftly handled opening will make for a decent drama at the least. Even if the end wobbles a little — there’s a huge difference in watching a drama that fizzles at the end and one that goes off the rails almost immediately. (Though I solemnly swear, if it does go off the rails and watching puts me in a bad mood, I’m going to bail. Ain’t no loyalty rewards in drama-watching.)

Finally… I started I Hear Your Voice. And by “started” I mean I decided sleep is for the weak and am up to episode nine. The discipline I’m showing by doing this post rather than watching episode 10 — I hear your voice photo ihearyourvoice_zps1aabf958.jpgI’m amazing myself right now. Though — I can’t pat myself on the back too hard. While watching Heartless City I began this routine where I’d screencap after each episode. It forced me to slow down and breathe between episodes and provided a nice thick folder of screencaps to pull from when I wrote up my reaction posts. Yeah — that went completely out the window with I Hear Your Voice. It’s all one big delightful blur.

But it’s lovely to be have enjoyed a mad-dog marathon like that… (I won’t be finishing I Hear Your Voice today. I’ll admit it — I’m weak. I do need sleep sometimes.) …and lovely to have had such fun and fulfilling drama-watches leading into it. And I’ve got a lovely list of possibilities to choose from for my next watch. Good dramas are so much fun! That’s the flip-side of my lesson learned — the sparkly, cherry-scented side — which is why I’m sure the lesson will stick.


18 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Yay good dramas!)

  1. Hee! It’s such fun to read that you’re having such fun!! ALL of those dramas are high on my priority list! Once I clear my plate a little, and.. I’m getting there, soon-ish!! 😀 IHYV is a top priority for when I finish That Winter, which is just 2 eps away! Woot! ^^

    • Eeee! I’m soo eager to hear your thoughts on “That Winter” …and I’ll say no more because accidental spoilers (even the implied kind) are bad.

      A lovely thing about having a backup of dramas is the ability to decide what mood you’re in (rom-com? noir?) and choose accordingly. Which is nicer to the drama as well. (If you’re in a rom-com mood, noir just won’t do.)

      • Lol! I remember the ending caused an uproar, so I’ve got that in mind going forward.. which will have to be after I post my White Christmas review, hopefully sometime in the next 12 hours. Can’t get no watching done mid-review.. That, or I just haven’t learned how XD

        • Aaaah! You’ve watched White Christmas tooooo!!! I love that drama! I’m even more excited for your thoughts on that one. 😀

          I can totally understand — given how in-depth your reviews are — how watching another drama while writing would be hard. I’ll be patient. I watch dramas — patience is a thing I’m learning. 😉

          • Ooh, fun! I’m curious to see how our thoughts collide on White Christmas! 😀

            I giggled out loud at what you said: “I watch dramas – patience is a thing I’m learning” What a catchy sound-bite, and SO full of meaning, for those in the know! ;D

          • It’d make for a good t-shirt. 😉

            And I’m curious too! Any excuse to talk about and revisit White Christmas! (It’s a meaty one, that drama.)

  2. Nothing beats ‘The Blade and Petal’ atm, not even Heartless City, as wonderful as it was. 🙂 I’ve seldom been this intrigued by palace politcs, CitC was probably tha last time. The characters are layered and mostly riveting. It’s a joy to watch them try to outsmart one another. It’s not often you want to root for the ‘bad buys’, just goes to show how good the actors are. ^^ TB&P is a full package, everything is thought out and fits together. Love

    Finally started my ‘Once Upon a Time in Saengchori’ re-watch. That drama is SUCH a hoot, it borderers on totally bonkers at times but gosh, did I LOL and LOL once again. I’d also forgotten how hilarious some of the characters are. The writer has used a bit larger brush to draw them but they totally fit this whacky story. I love them all, even the schreechy Victoria, heh. The funny thing is that it’s also pretty suspenseful (there are couple of mysteries) and even kida creepy at times, which you’d not expect. I’m still not at the point when the OTP ‘connects’ but I’m looking forward to it. Talk about electricity, quite literally. 😉

    • Wow! High praise indeed for B&P! I’m definitely keeping an eye on that one.

      I’ve heard “Once Upon a Time in Saengchori” spoken of with praise before. I’ll have to keep it in mind for when I have an empty drama-spot. (Another reason there’s no good reason to waste time on bad dramas.)

      • People are still whining about this and that in B&P but I think they are still harboring a bit false expectations. It’s not romantic, though there is a (doomed) love story at the heart of it. It’s not a traditional sageuk but rather resembles those epic Chinese historicals that never get translated. Yes, some of the actors are rather weak but they serve a purpose. I just have this feeling we haven’t seen all the connections yet and for a change I’m not impatient to charge ahead but rather enjoy this pace. Oh and crossdressing wimmin never look like men, so deal with it. 🙂

        Schanegchori is bit of a mixed bag and goes somewhat OTT at times but I like that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The funny bits are part of the story, not just something forcibly added there for laughs. It also has some lovely, quiet moments and can be serious when needed. There is this rather adorable and unexpected bromance too. 😀 I’m already at ep 14!

        • Hah! I take it it’s not all wine and roses within the B&P viewership? I went through that with “Jang Ok Jung”. At some point it comes down to either personal taste, or the type of drama you think you’re watching. That’s a benefit of waiting… you miss all the drama and you’ve got a pretty good sense of the sort of drama you’re in for.

          • Yup, reactions to B&P have been quite varied since the beginning so it’s actually no wonder the viewership can’t agree on what’s what. After the initial surprise I decided to just sit back and enjoy, LOL! Hopefully things stay ‘cool’ as we are now at the point when it tends to get a bit hairy in kdramas, qualitywise. So, I am a bit apprehensive… haven’t seen the last few epis yet. Gosh, I hope they don’t do anything stupid with the characters, like dumb the bright ones down for plotty purposes. One of my pet peeves, that one.

          • Sit back and enjoy is totally my go-to method of drama-watching! 😀 Unless something throws me out of a story I try and take it in as the creators (writers, PD, etc.) want it to be seen, rather than predicting it’s going to be a specific thing than being upset that it’s not that thing. I mean, sometimes that thing a drama is turns out to be a thing I don’t enjoy. And sometimes it’s trying to be a thing but failing miserably (usually when I’m just full on thrown out of a story)… but I like to let the creators decide what they’re doing.

            Which is why I don’t get too deep into pre-drama buzz (or at least, I try not to). Because sometimes the buzz makers sell a drama as one thing, when it’s something else entirely. 🙂

  3. My 4 episodes are still left for IHYV to get completed…..as I watched the new shows first….Two weeks and Master’s Sun….also as much as I love IHYV, it’s not addicting..

    And I’m watching Friends..season 1….so that takes my time of entertainment when I take breaks from studying….have an exam this weekend…and it’s super awesome (no need to say that!!)…so whatever free time I take, I end up watching another ep of Friends 😀

    Didn’t think I’ll say this but my addiction for kdramas is taken over by Friends right now..haha…

    • Hah! You mean Monica and Chandler and Phoebe, etc. “Friends”? Because if so, that’s hilarious! 😀

      I’ve actually found IHYV pretty darn addictive. Though I slowed down via the force of RL once the week kicked into gear. The characters are all pretty awesome and Lee Jong-suk is surprisingly sexy I must admit.

      • Yeah….the classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 😀

        maybe my RL things didn’t allow me to get addicted to IHYV….wrong timing!!
        But I love everything about it….Lee Jong Suk is soooooo adorable…it’s just that the romance part is not that exciting for me because I like the gradual building of love and that was not quite shown here….he already liked her from the start…but that’s just a minor thing in an otherwise awesome show!!

        • That is so cool! Enjoy the funny! 😀 (And the epic Ross/Rachel will-they-won’t-they shenanigans!)

          It’s so hard to predict what show will bite or not and we’ve all got different buttons. Part of what makes sharing our thoughts so much fun. 😉

          • Hmm… Past loves include “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly”. I’m enjoying the heck out of “Game of Thrones” — doing the long wait between seasons on that one. I was a big “Star Gate: Atlantis” fan — which was my total nerd-love. I keep a toe in with “Doctor Who” but I don’t think I’d qualify as a fan for that show. (I get the sense fan-qualifications are tough for DW.)

            Honestly, I got a bit burned by the ruthless show-cutting that can happen. And also the slow slide into badness that can happen as well. It’s part of the reason I’ve turned so whole heartedly to kdramas. There, at least, the story gets finished. 🙂

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