Weekly Drama Check-in Post (decisions, decisions)

fbndplunger2 photo ScreenShot2013-02-23at32123PM1_zps0f48afb9.pngIt’s here! The moment everyone’s been waiting for! I have made a final decision on what drama I’m going to live-watch!!!  (You may now continue about your day.)

It came down to three shows: Who Are YouMaster’s Sun, and Two Weeks.

I’ve decided to wait on Who Are You because, while I find its premise intriguing and quite like the lead actress, So Yi-hyun, I’m not familiar with the PD or writer. And I’ve learned, it’s the production team that really determines how good a story is going to be. So I’m going to play it safe and let others take point. (I’ve heard positive things about the first episodes, so I’m waiting with optimism.)

Which left Master’s Sun and Two Weeks — both created by writers I’ve enjoyed in the past. But, “there can be only one,” and my favorite Hong-sister’s drama is Best Love. Which is an unpopular opinion and I don’t want to be in the position of live-watching a drama that I’m enjoying more than anyone else. (I find that can be the worst experience. Anyone else find that? It’s not fun being part of group that’s disliking something you’re enjoying.)

ljk still photo twoweeksstill_zps1338a0e1.jpgTherefore… Two Weeks is the winner! Next week I’ll be joining Lee Jun-ki as he races off to clear his name and save his daughter. Should be fun! (Though — this I swear — if it starts to sour on me, I’m dropping it. A vow has been made!)

In other news: I’m still in the ruthless (yet so, so sexy) grip of Heartless City. Close enough to the end to be scared for… well… pretty much everyone. (Would it totally ruin the drama if all my favorite characters drove off into the sunset together — maybe opened a hotel on JeJu Island or something? Fun in the sun, no knives required. Except for the kitchen, of course. They could hire Pasta‘s Italian team! Jin-sook would love it!)

Finally, I did some blog-housekeeping. Redid my “Categories” to better reflect the way I post (I know; you’re all relieved), and added an “Awaiting Review” list to the sidebar to better track what reviews are coming down the pike. Which… there’s a lot of dramas need reviewing! The good news? At least I have future post ideas lined up.

And that’s my week!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (decisions, decisions)

  1. The start of Who Are You wasn’t bad but it doesn’t feel like a must-watch-now. It would be an understatement to say ‘I like procedurals’, that much of a constant they are in my tv life. 🙂 WAY may end up in my future marathon pile but that depends on how interesting the next few episodes are.

    I’m banking on LJK too as Hong Sisters’ dramas rarely manage to woo me beyond the initial interest.

    I frequently end up liking stuff that nobody else has interst in, so I’ve sorta got used to being ‘all by meself’. 😉

    • I am so, so, so easily influenced by trailers and hype… but once that passes, as long as there’s no continuing excitement (like with Heartless City and I Hear Your Voice), I’m good to let things go. So Who Are You has left the danger zone. 😉

      If I can get past Master’s Sun opening — I should be good to go. I’m hoping Two Weeks will be exciting enough to carry me through.

  2. I am going to watch both live…..Two Weeks and Master’s Sun….haha….and when was it….I said I am gonna marathon every show….
    But right now the RL things are telling me that two ep per week is the best option…and yes…can’t wait for the shows….so comes this decision 🙂

    • Hee! Good luck to you! Though — actually I can relate to RL scheduling making live-watching seem the better option. There’s some built in discipline involved. No matter how much you want to, the next episode is just not there to watch. 😉

  3. Best be prepared for the adrenaline rush that comes with live-watching! Cruel City has done me in, so I need to lay low for a while from live watching.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Two Weeks!

    P.S. Have you seen The Queen’s Classroom? You will love it. I can tell.

    • I can’t imagine the stress of waiting a whole week for the next Cruel City episode! Just forcing myself to stop to sleep so my brain would be active enough to take it all in the next day was tough.

      I’m gearing up for the first two episodes of Two Weeks, now. Hope it’s a gooder! 🙂

      And thanks for the heads-up on The Queen’s Classroom. I’d had in the back of my mind as a possibility but now it’s been bumped further to the front. 😉

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