Heartless City: Now I know…

Now I know why the k-drama blog-o-sphere went into unexpected explosions over a drama that was supposed to be an also-ran to Shark.  Now I know why pictures of this guy began popping up everywhere. batman photo batman_zps89c4d03d.jpgAnd right now, I’m incredibly happy that I managed to avoid all information (besides the positive buzz and some of the pre-show PR info) and enter this world completely innocent of what all I was in store for.

If you haven’t watched Heartless City my advice is to come back to this post when you’ve watched it (at the very least, watched through episode 6). Because this is a show that (thus far, anyway) deserves to tell its story its way — not have all the carefully delivered details burbled out in some sap’s blog. Because right now? Right now I spoil everything through episode 6…

First off… I am beyond adoring Jung Shi-hyun, aka: Doctor’s Son (and — let’s be honest here — aka: Batman. See above, brooding over the city all inscrutable and badass, pic.)

I love his cold analytical style. I love that he’s quiet and calm…

calm photo calm_zpsb34f2d81.jpg

and reasonable…

reasonable photo reasonable_zps6510b6a2.jpg

…until it’s time to stop being reasonable.

quick photo quick_zps7e4fbf6a.jpg

This is exactly the kind of anti-hero that works for me and Jung Shi-hyun is working it.

From the little I’d heard, I’m not surprised I fell so hard. Pleased as all get out, but not surprised. What did surprise me is how much I loved Lee Kyung-mi. I kind of expected her to be… annoyingly saintly. Since I knew it was her death that kicked the plot into motion I was expecting more a martyr than a flesh and blood character. Happily, I was totally wrong.

She was awesome! I loved how tough she was. Hotheaded, yes. But able to back up her hotheadness with gritty ability. I loved that when she chased the pusher / kiddy-pimp / dirtbag into the elevator there was a brutal fight (I mean — really brutal — she took some real hits) she totally won.

elevatorfightcollage photo elevatorfightcollage_zpsc13ffbb5.jpg

Ditto the whole interlude that ended with her death. Kyung-mi did not die stupid. Yes, she ran into danger — but that was her job. And she did run carefully — keeping out of sight, stepping forward when she was armed and there was only the one guy to deal with. (I noted she did her best to run away when the numbers were too big for her. Again — not stupid.) The shot that took her out came from an unexpected place and, even if she’d had backup, couldn’t have been avoided. Her entire team could have been ranged around her and the sniper could have killed her. Which I really, really appreciate because it means her character isn’t belittled. Which means the characters that loved her aren’t belittled either.

(I do think her death was a little too heavily foreshadowed, with that lingering backwards glance to her boyfriend, and a little too heavily tragic — I’m not sure what the point was to throw in her being pregnant. It wasn’t horrendous — just a little thick for such an otherwise subtly told drama.)

I did like that it wasn’t really Kyung-mi’s death that caused the plot. It certainly stirred the plot. But the games were afoot before. backhug photo backhug_zpsbd71cc85.jpgHer big lug of a boyfriend, and also her team leader (and also, not really a lug in that he’s incredibly smart and physically quick — but seriously, that jaw line…), Ji Hyung-min, was circling towards a confrontation with Shi-hyun before. This just sped it up.  And made it personal. And may have pushed him into slightly-psychotic territory. (The jury’s still out on his decision to use Kyung-mi’s little sister. As of right now, it’s teetering on cruel. I’m watching to see how it falls out.)

The jury is still out on Yoon Soo-min as well. Thus far, I liked how Soo-min’s gone from best day ever…

bestday photo bestday_zps110221e4.jpg

to worst day ever.

worstday photo worstday_zps8ed805f1.jpg

And I adored that she beat the crap out of her would-be rapist. But as of episode six we’ve not seen a whole lot of her. Which is fine! It was important to establish her sister’s background and various connections. But I’m eager to learn more about Soo-min. (I’m assuming, based on names, that she and Kyung-mi were a found-family rather than blood-sisters.)

Actually — that whole thing about found-families seems to be a theme. (Which is another thing I adore.) I love that Shi-hyun has just two people in his life that he loves: Lee Jin-sook and Kim Hyun-soo. And I’m totally on edge that they seem to hate each other. (Because, come on guys! He has two people! Two! Can’t you suck it up and get along for Shi-hyun’s sake?) hyunsoo photo hyunsoo_zps72487572.jpgIt was his unselfish love for them that tipped me over into total adoration of his character.

Hyun-soo is another character I’m waiting to find out more about. Why are he and Shi-hyun so close? What are his hopes and dreams? Favorite color? If he were a tree, what tree would he be?

jinsook photo jinsook_zps6fe99200.jpgBut, Jin-sook is another character I adore completely. (I hope to God she’s not gaming Shi-hyun. I mean, I doubt she is in her head — but if she’s screwing him “for his own good” I’ll be really upset.) I love, love, love the relationship she has with Shi-hyun — this weird mix of mother and flirty neighbor. (The scene where she offers to let little Shi-hyun touch her boobs to cheer him up… unexpectedly hilarious and sweet.) And I loved that when that messenger goon tried to rape her it ended with her beating the crap out of him with her heels. (Shoes: not just an accessory.)

heels photo heelhit_zpsfd6cae45.jpg

For our resident bad-guy, Safari is hitting all the right notes. I love how he has the bumbling lout kind of persona on the surface, but underneath that mask he’s just as cold and analytical as Shi-hyun. (Whoo boy, talk about a relationship I want to learn more about! It seems like Safari was father-figure to Shi-hyun — the daddy-makes-three addition to their little found-family — and I really, really want to find out how it all went wrong.)

But that’s another thing Heartless City is doing right: carefully doling out little dollops of information and causing my jaw to hit the floor more times than I can ever recall a drama doing. The bombshell that Shi-hyun and Kyung-mi knew each other… I was completely surprised. And then they filled in the blanks so perfectly and with such knife-twisting sweetness. That they were each other’s first loves, that Shi-hyun became almost a daddy long legs for her. innocents photo innocents_zps58805bb1.jpgThat she had a total crush and was trying to pretend to be tougher than she was and that he totally saw right through her and was amused and touched and gave her the advice that she used to direct her life (that she in turn shared with Soo-min who’s using it herself)… I may be overusing the word awesome, but seriously — that was so, so awesome.

And then came the other shocking news that Shi-hyun is actually undercover himself! I did not see that coming. Didn’t see it coming strongly enough that I was actually weirdly disappointed by the bombshell. I pondered and have realized it’s because I really liked Shi-hyun as a solitary agent, doing his own thing for his own reasons. I didn’t like the idea that he was being run by anyone. Even if it meant he wasn’t an actual drug-dealer. (I’ve since been appeased by his refusal to actually be run. He’s working with the police chief, directing his own investigation. So he’s still “waving his wild tail, and walking by his wild lone” and I’m happy.)

So the plot is getting thicker and thicker and I’m loving more and more characters. And I am incredibly impressed with myself that I stopped long enough to type this. Heartless City is indeed as gritty and as good as promised. Thus far…


6 thoughts on “Heartless City: Now I know…

  1. i have no words to explain how much i love (1) that you’re watching our shi-hyun in all his glory; (2) that you’re loving it; and (3) your amazing way with words!! i was starting to feel verrra nitpicky and poopy about this one, but you just brought all the wub back ^^ thank youuu!

    • Okay — that’s an incredibly awesome compliment — thank you!! 😀 Almost as awesome as Shi-hyun. 😉 He is such a fascinating and complex character and he’s being played so, so well by Jung Kyung-ho. No wonder the internet exploded. 😀

  2. OH SHIIITTE I just totally spoiled myself by accident GAHH !@#$%^$@#$!(* Bloody hell. Why. Do. I. Keep DOING this to myself! This is why I need to stay off the net or get my own bubble and be like bubble boy.

    • Aargh! Noo! Okay… okay — let’s not panic… I can say that, while the surprises are good — they’re not the heart of the story. It’s the characters and the depth of the plot that makes this show so fascinating — and there’s no spoiling that. Also — this is early days stuff and there’s a whole chunk of story to come. I suspect the early reveals are mere tips of the iceberg.

  3. This one is a doozer, innit? And Jung Kyung Ho as Shi Hyun is awesome sauce! Well, the cast is grand in general with a few other really outstanding performances (Choi Moo Sung as Uncle Safari for instance… and he was such a cuddly teddybear in ILiCDD). They went a bit trip-happy with them twists but not so much as to become an annoyance.

    There are a few things that have made people get nitpicky in a big or small way but none of them bothered me enough to spoil the experience. So far anyway. And I never understood the hate Hyung Min got. Yes, he went a bit nuts for a while, enough to loose sight of the big picture but I’d say it didn’t last all that long. Besides he was never one of them ‘by the book’ cops to begin with. Kyung Mi was his ‘light’ in the darkness and we all know what happens when lights go out….

    I’m trying to brace myself for the last few epis because I don’t think this is a drama to go out with a whimper. “The last man standing rules the city”…. as the tagline goes.

    Guess now you are free to browse my ramblings on Heartless City. 🙂

    • One of the things I’m looking forward to is browsing your (and everyone’s!) ramblings on Heartless City. 😀 But! I am so paranoid about getting spoiled (because I know — just know — there are more twists to come) that I might wait until I’m done before doing so. (Mainly for fear of careless comments when the commenter came late and everyone knows X just happened and they’re eager to talk all about it.) We’ll see if I have the discipline… Though — frankly — my discipline is being displayed by the fact I haven’t watched the whole thing already. 😉 (I talk myself down using the, “you’ll enjoy it more if you take your time with it,” argument.)

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