Weekly Drama Check-in Post (greetings from Limbo!)

I’m in an odd place where I really, really don’t want to return to the madness that was live-watching two dramas at the same time, and yet… I miss the emotional roller coaster. Watching the week’s episodes and loving them and being eager, eager, eager for next week to get here now! Or hating them and then dreading the next week and possible confirmation that what I thought was shiny, shiny gold was actually brass.

And then there’s the camaraderie. Which brings its own emotional ride to the party. Loving something with others is such a great feeling. But there’s that possibility you’ll be going against the crowd (loving what others hate or vice versa) which isn’t nearly as fun. Unless you’ve got some similar minded viewing-companions to assure you that you’re not crazy. Just a little indie.

Why the drama-watching angst? I’ve finished Dating Agency Cyrano. And yes, I totally meant to make a post at the 10 episode mark so I’d have three good reaction posts on the drama: beginning, middle, end. dating agency cyrano photo datingagencycyrano_zps10fb66f0.jpgBut every time I’d start typing out a post the little imp on my shoulder would whisper, “Or… you could use this time to watch one more episode. Just one… It won’t hurt anything!” And, six episodes later, here I am. Finished, happy and filled up full with thoughts. (*spoiler alert* I really liked it!)

Some of those thoughts were spurred on by comments I read on the Dramabeans’ recaps. Which might be a little odd in that I’ll be arguing against people that aren’t really there. (This happens to me all the time, by the way.) But hey! That’s why I have a blog, right?

Back to my point: I am currently drama-less. I’m throwing very meaningful looks towards Heartless City so I suspect that one will be next on my dance card. (This is where I continue to pretend I Hear Your Voice doesn’t exist because I’m suspecting it will be the drama that ruins me for other dramas.) But there are so many exciting possibilities joining the ball!

There’s the Hong-sisters’ ghostly Master’s Sun, and its tag-a-long (which is probably an unfair description but… timing) Who Are You. There’s the Joo Won’s a doctor one, Good Doctor and the Lee Jun-ki’s a badass one, Two Weeks. And I want to watch them all! (This is that magical time when anything glittery must be gold. I live ever in hope.)

ljk still photo twoweeksstill_zps1338a0e1.jpg

Dirty, sexy, desperate gold…

I feel like Master’s Sun could be fun to watch with others — the Hong-sisters are usually pretty good about bringing the fun. But I have a soft spot for Who Are You because I really like So Yi-hyun and the second trailer with sweet, smiling Taecyeon and ghoulish looking Kim Jae-wook worked for me and I have a tendency towards the runts of litters. So part of me wonders if I should be giving it the love no one else will be giving it?

charlie brown christmas photo charliebrownchristmastree_zps0bafc174.jpg

I may have been overly influenced by “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as a child…

Good Doctor has a good cast and Joo Won always brings a crowd so that might make for a good group live-watch. The story itself… eh. I could take it or leave it. And then there’s dark horse Two Weeks that I didn’t even know about. But its trailer looks fantastic  and I really like 49 Days so I’m definitely on board. Plus, it’s been a while since I’ve done an action-adventure. (Hoo boy, does Gu Family Book not count.)

So that’s where I am. Standing at the crossroads, pondering my decision. At some point I’ll have to choose a direction, but right now… hmmm….

shunjibs photo A1ckOkKCQAAVVxa_zps3487bdfb.jpg

Park Ki-woong… also waiting. Listless, sexy waiting…
(Okay, maybe I’m stretching the pic-text connection. But it’s my blog! I’ll use PKW if I want to!)

16 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (greetings from Limbo!)

  1. Omg I love you. I swear in the non-creepy context hehe, but pretty much this post defines me too so it’s such a relief and delight to know I’m not alone! I’ve been mulling and mulling about writing an op-Ed (or so I think defines an op-Ed…) about live-watching and marathoning (I’ve recently decided not to live-watch anymore) and wowza, here’s your entry pointing out about the new ones and loving the ones others don’t (which I’m always prone to do too! *high fives*). I’ll eagerly await what you decide on your next picks, but fret not – I concur that going cold turkey from dramas ain’t such a bad thing once in awhile 😉

    • Hee! I’m so, so glad to hear I’m not alone. 😀 Especially in the loving the not-so-loved (*high five!*). I… I definitely want to watch one live drama. At some point. But just one. With an option to quit if it starts to sour. I just need to make sure I’m fully prepared when I go in. *cue training montage* 😉

  2. I lost my live-watch virginity to Cyrano and IHYV. It’s been…madness. It’s probably why my marathoning older shows has almost come to a complete stop which is a little frustrating. I can’t juggle too many shows at once without my brain turning to mush (I don’t know how some people do it). I like the sense of accomplishment that comes with crossing off a drama of the watch list and that’s slowed down considerably. And now all these ghostly stuff is coming up which is right up my alley. HELP.

    • Fashion King took my live-watch virginity. *contemplates jokes revolving around Yoo Ah-in; overwhelmed by infinite possibilities; also, most of them are kind of dirty; is twelve; stops*

      What was I saying? 😉 I can’t recall if I’d ever live-watched two shows at once. It really was crazy and yeah, I totally missed marathoning and there are some highly recommended older dramas I’d love to watch and yet the upcoming crop…

      Clearly we need a support group. 😉

  3. Decisions, decisions 😉 I’m gonna just watch what you pick, from wayyy over here, in marathon land since I don’t have any inclination to live watch. (Yet? For now? Who knows ^^)

    I’m really looking forward to Two Weeks though.. That’s been on my radar for a good long while, and I am so curious to see how it compares to Mandate of Heaven. Which I am so going to watch, once subs become available!

    • You are very, very wise. 😉

      Oh my gosh! Mandate of Heaven! I was so excited about that one and then it didn’t get subbed and didn’t get subbed and… it slipped my mind. If it does get subbed though — I’ll have to remember to check it out.

      I don’t know why Two Weeks slipped beneath my radar. Lost in the onslaught of incoming shows, I suppose? But then that pic of Lee Jun-ki popped up and… radar pinged. 😉

      • I’ll let you know for sure, if/when I get subs for Mandate of Heaven!! I sooo want to compare and contrast that with Two Weeks! Daddy on the run to save sick daughter, done 2 completely different eras and styles? So. Curious! 😀

  4. I’m waiting for this week’s epis of ‘Heartless City’ to air and then watch the last 4 episodes back to back. Which is why I’m being a total spoilerphobe for once. Other than that I’m in an odd place as I’ve only got ‘The Blade and Petal’ to live-watch right now. There are options but somehow I’m not in the mood for any of them, hence I’ve been digging into my j-drama stash. 🙂

    I’m going to check out ‘Master’s Sun’, ‘Who Are You’ (looks like ghosts is the new black now, isn’t there another ghosts seeing detective coming up at OCN?) and definitely ‘Two Weeks’. Lee.Jun.Kiiiiii!!! LOL! Good Doctor… I’ve got a strong feeling it’s not up my alley and I’ve learned to trust what my gut tells me.^^ At this point there are other contenders later on in the fall but of those only VP S3 (and the ending is better be something else than what God’s Quiz got or we are going to have words, drama!) is already on my ‘dance card’. 😀

    • I have managed to keep myself pretty much in the dark with Heartless City and I Hear Your Voice. Which I’m pleased about because it’ll mean the marathoning process will be that much more exhilarating. I’m keeping The Blade and the Petal over in “do not look!” land as well.

      I do believe ghosts are the new black of the moment. No complaints from me — but I may well wait to see which ghost story reigns supreme. And yeah… other than the cast, Good Doctor isn’t pulling me in. Two Weeks however…? There’s a pull, I’ll admit it. 😉

      • Looking forward to your take on Heartless City. I hope you’ll find it worthy. 🙂 The non-spoilery buzz is telling it kept it’s trajectory till the end; dark and gritty. I aim to watch the remaining epis as soon as I can. Ah, so you are saving TB&P for later as well? I’m going to tempt you but it’s an oddly easy live-watch drama as it totally marches along with it’s own drum. It’s kinda hard to explain. 😉

        Not even the cast is a draw for me when it comes to Good Doctor. I’m leaning to skipping that one.

        Off to give Who Are You a go….

        • If (if) I charge through my marathons and TB&P is still running… I may well pick it up. But I’m giving it time to build up a buffer, so we’ll see.

          I really like Joo Won and Moon Chae-won… but not enough to tune in no matter what. Plus, medical shows aren’t my thing in general. (I have a weak stomach for that sort of thing. Not violence, oddly enough. But surgery, needles, nausea… excuse me while I run screaming for the door.) So I’ll have to hear really good things to give this a go.

          Oh my Lord, though, Heartless City… the amount of discipline I’m showing in not just, tuning out of life for the moment and watching all the episodes… medal worthy, I tell you. (And I shall say no more because I’m so, so happy to be so unspoiled and I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone.)

  5. Ah I totally understand this! Except I’m even worse because I went on vacation for two weeks and now have catch up to play with about four dramas, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. It’s so hard to get back on the live watch rollercoaster when you get off, but it’s also a lot of fun to watch it while it’s happening so everyone’s reactions are fresh! The never-ending dilemma!

    • It is hard once you’ve stepped off the roller coaster — I agree! Unless something has hit your sweet spot it’s often the surrounding excitement from fellow viewers that keeps it fun. Which adds to the dilemma because what if it’s a drama that is fun live, but doesn’t actually stand up to solitary watching? One of the great mysteries of the universe…

      Also, welcome back! In case I didn’t say so in another post. 🙂

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