Dating Agency Cyrano: The Vet and The Idol

cygang photo cygang1_zps6710ae22.jpgI’m a third of the way through Dating Agency Cyrano and am very much loving it. We’ve experienced two different cases and have gotten a few more insights into our gang. Some mysteries are just getting deeper and love is definitely in the air.

Spoilers through episode 5 below…

vetandlibrarian photo vetandlibrarian_zps814afd92.jpgThe first case, “The Vet and the Librarian,” set the stage: introducing our Cyrano boys, our protagonist, and the philosophical debate on love and truth that may well be our theme. The case itself brings a good amount of humor (Lee Yoon-ji was awesome as the mystery-obsessed librarian) and gave Min-young and Byung-hoon a stage to argue their opposing philosophies.

We also got a tinge of mystery via restauranteur, Seung-pyo (aka: Master — because that’s not a creepy nickname) and his sudden switches from mild-mannered sweetness to cold-eyed threatenings and back again. seungpyo photo seungpyo_zps37c456ce.jpgWhich added an unexpected (and unlooked for, honestly) depth of flavor to the storyline.

I expected the drama’s humor and the heist-style schemes of the Cyrano boys. I was pleased that their teamwork went so smoothly, even with Min-young throwing her monkey-wrenches into the mix. I love a good heist with skilled players and a cunning brain to guide them and that’s what DAC is delivering. But with Seung-pyo’s background skulking, I think there’s an even deeper game afoot. And that makes me very pleased indeed.

But an even bigger shocked arrived with the second case, “Idol’s First Crush.” Arang is a high school student!! (Seriously, the actor is getting a little long in the tooth to play that young. I feel like he’s bulked out a bit from his Flower Boy Ramyun Shop days and looking more man than boy, now. student photo student_zps1657864a.jpgAm I right? Or is just his new hair?) However. He’s wearing the uniform and no one’s blinking so… high school student it is.

And I did love his storyline. I sense a theme set forth in the first episode when Min-young accuses the Cyrano boys of selling something they themselves know nothing about: love. But now Arang’s learned a little something about what it is to love and the bittersweetness that can come from choosing between romance and friendship.

Real life idol, Lee Tae-min of Shinee (TaeMAN if you’re nasty), played the role of Idol. I thought he did quite well. It was obviously a gentle part for him to break his acting-teeth on, but he played the emotional parts with a good amount of sincerity. He and Yoon Seo as Se-kyung were believable as teenagers going through the angst of first love. (No kiss scene for them, though. I caught that. Oh, the strictures of being an idol…)

idollovecollage photo idollovecollage_zpsae446b1a.jpg

Love… via the windowpane of chastity.

Meanwhile, robot-boy Moo-jin has been steadily (and stealthily) showing he’s got a heart beneath the tin. He seems to have a soft spot for cute things. He had a moment of meaningful eye contact (I did say “stealthily”) during the first case, with a little puppy dog right after Byung-hoon said he couldn’t play a vet because he’d look like he was going to kill the kitty. And he’s very kind to Arang, who’s like a walking poster-boy of cute — often ruffling his hair. (The scene where he comforts Arang after Arang sends Se-kyung after Ho-yeol? Adorable!) And he’s definitely interested in the very cute new waitress working for Seung-pyo. Will he be the next to learn a little something about love? (I hope, I hope?)

comfortcollage photo comfortcollage_zpsf140110f.jpg

Operation “Comfort Arang” — in four screencaps because… come on.

The big mystery continues to deepen. How Byung-hoon and Go Do-il and Yoon Yi-sul are tied up together I’m mad to find out. firstlove photo firstlove_zps2b0ffb00.jpgIt seems like a fairly straightforward love-triangle, but I’m suspecting there will be twists. Especially since the word “funeral” was mentioned. I’m guessing Do-il is dead. But how? And how does Seung-pyo figure in? Or his Hawaiian-shirt loving customer? I have no clue, but I’m eager to find out! (Secret wish: Yoon Yi-sul as master manipulator — just because it’d be cool to have the girl outthinking the two brainy boys.)


4 thoughts on “Dating Agency Cyrano: The Vet and The Idol

  1. Glad to see you’re enjoying this :). I loved the Taemin arc, one of my faves in the series. I’m a sucker for first-love bittersweet stories and I liked how that dovetailed with Byung Hoon’s own past.

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