Weekly Drama Check-in Post

This last week was a doozy… but I did watch me some dramas. And they were all good dramas, which brings its own reward.

Pasta was awesome, as I’ve shared in glorious spoiler-filled splendor in my last post.

mischievouskiss photo mischievouskiss_zps0462efe5.jpgThen, I caught the final third of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo — and it was awesome. I definitely want to rewatch the final episode. Because my streaming source, Dramafever, only provided a middling-definition version for its non-paying viewers. That changes to high-def once it gets picked up by Hulu. And frankly, Naoki needs to be viewed in high-def. He has very tiny little reactions to things, unlike the much more exuberant Kotoko. So you’ve got to be keyed into the subtle to get the full story on him. (And that’s totally why I need to watch Furukawa Yuki the last episode in high-def. Yup.)

And then… I made the call and started Dating Agency Cyrano. It was a last minute decision based on two reviews I skimmed (wary of spoilers). They both managed to pique my curiosity and get me excited about the show and now I’m one and a half episodes in. (Weird number, I know. But life interrupts. This week more often than usual.)

dating agency cyrano photo datingagencycyrano_zps10fb66f0.jpgSo far, so good! I love the filming style: mystery/noir shadows crossed with rom-com color pops sprinkled with heist-movie angles. And I’m all over the character types: idealistic and romantic Min-young, cynical and mercenary Byong-hoon, adorably sweet Ah-rang (or is it Arang which… isn’t that a girl’s name? or am I lost in translation?), and the cold cipher Moo-jin. Sure, it’s a very classic mix of personalities, but cliches form for a reason and this is a mix that works for me. Especially when you add in the found-family factor.

Plus, we’ve already got one monkey-wrench of a character with Seung-pyo. I was totally expecting the typical second-lead characteristics of sweetness and wisdom (an expectation strengthened by the Kim Young-hoon of You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin vibes I was getting from Seung-pyo originally) but by the middle of the second episode… Let’s just say I’ve decided I need to reserve my opinion for a bit. See how things shake out. And now I’m primed for the other characters to maybe shake up their own character-cliches. We shall see.

I’ve been resisting a strong and powerful urge to pick up a live-watch. Teasers are coming out and that’s a dangerous source of temptation. We shall have to wait and see how long I’ll be able to resist. (Though I’m making a vow that if I do go live, it’ll only be with one drama. One. Just… just one.)

And that’s my week in drama!


22 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post

  1. I know….upcoming shows can be so tempting but I’ve realized that I enjoy them more when 1) I watch them continuously….marathon style and 2) I don’t read intro or reactions beforehand….that way I am able to love the drama in my own way without getting prejudiced….and the wait for each week is soooooo annoying (if the drama makes you LOVE it 😉 )

    • i find that the anticipation and the agonising wait is half the fun! plus the fangirling with everyone else…:). but it all depends on the show i guess

      • Anticipation and mutual fangirling can be so, so awesome, definitely. 😀 And that’s part of the live-watch attraction. Though yes, it completely depends on the show. Sometimes the anticipation can be just too much! 😉

        • Yeah, kinda like me & I Hear Your Voice right now. The weekly wait for subs is killing me (and it’s like, only a 10 hour or so turnaround so already ridiculously fast). In the meantime i hv to fight the temptation to read spoilers, which i inevitably fail and then berate myself for my weakness. oh it’s a vicious cycle of masochism.

          • I am seriously pretending I Hear Your Voice doesn’t exist. The excitement for that show has been so consistent and the very, very few pics I’ve mistakenly glimpsed so adorable… Nope. Doesn’t exist yet. Not until it’s done and I can devote a hardcore marathoning day (or two — pause for sleep?) to it. 😉

          • Hee! Thanks! And now that it’s gotten its extension I’m having to play pretend for that much longer. Exhausting! 😉

    • I’ve begun to avoid or skim the stuff the PR folks put out beforehand because that can be spoiler-filled at times. Or just plain misleading which is even weirder. (Why wouldn’t they know?) I will read 1st episode reactions — just to get a sense of the drama if I’m undecided. Whatever happens in the 1st episode is almost like a trailer for me.

      As to marathon versus live… I am so on the fence about that. It’s so show-dependant. But! Too many live-shows is just too much. So hopefully I’ll be able to keep it down to one at a time.

      • I like reading about upcoming shows and movies because they give me an idea about what is going on….but many times they are misleading….

        Also….if I’m eagerly waiting for a drama…from now on, I’m gonna avoid reading the reviews on it as it so often happens that I might end up liking a show which others didn’t like..

        But yeah….if I am not able to decide….reviews help a lot 🙂

        • I like to get enough info to get me intrigued, but I’ve learned to not take them too much to heart. It’s best to just watch and see what the show itself has to offer. 😉

  2. I didn’t fully read your last post about Pasta (because there were spoilers, duh), but I am thinking of starting that show. I kinda miss seeing Gong Hyo Jin on screen and her new drama Master’s Sun is taking it’s time with airing.
    I also finished Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo and I really really liked it. I wonder if they are going to release a special episode for it, because many J-dramas do.
    I think I am too one and a half episodes in with Cyrano, but I don’t think I am going to pick it up right now. I have this sneaky feeling that I am going to root for Lee Chun Hee’s character more than Lee Jong Hyuk’s, and that will probably break my heart in the end. I keep rooting for the wrong guys lately, I dunno what’s wrong with me.

    • Pasta is such a perfect, perfect drama to get fill any Gong Hyo-jin cravings. She’s lovely in it and it seems like it really let her acting shine.

      I’m… not sure how dangerous Lee Chun-hee (or more properly, his character) is for second-lead-syndrom striking. Mainly because he’s bringing a certain level of secretive, cold anger to the part. And that’s not usually what sways the heart. But! You know yourself better than I do, of course. And if something doesn’t bite, it doesn’t bite. 🙂

      And finally… Ooh, I’d love a special episode for Mischievous Kiss! Does that mean an extra story episode or cast interviews and behind the scenes stuff? I’d be all over either. 😀

  3. Furukawa Naoki is def a HIGH-DEF watch! I’ve basically been watching each episode twice a week so I could do reviews per episode. The normal screepgrab process usually takes me an hour and a half, and avg 35 pics at the end of the day. For episode 16 though, took me 2 1/2 hours and over 50 pics! So many golden opportunities. Too bad I won’t get to use them all Hehe. But you Never know! One day, that perfect shot of Naoki or Kotoko or Kin may just come in handy. (That’s my justification for everything..)

  4. Itakiss is rather sweet but not a must-watch so I’m tackling it when I have time from other things. I still have about 6 epis left.

    I actually finished Cyrano yesterday. It wasn’t bad, just not very memorable. Save for the last two epis (which felt like being from a slightly different drama) it was rather tasteless and odourless. I didn’t feel particularly interested in any of the characters either. I’m way more invested in Monstar (and it’s kids). 🙂 It’s just so nicely slice-of-life… ish. And the OST is great. I love how they’ve integrated the music as part of the story.

    Oh, live watching can certainly get a bit hairy, especially if you manage to pick up more than a couple of currently airing dramas. For instance Heartless City is probably best when marathoned but The Blade and Peatal works just fine as a live watch, as the pace isn’t so frantic. It’s downright sedate compared, LOL!

    • Mischievous Kiss and Cyrano (thus far, anyway) have been exactly the sort of drama I’m in the mood for at the moment. And exactly the sort of drama I like to marathon. I’m waiting for Monstar to finish because I think that will suite marathoning as well.

      Then, when I’m filled up full with romance and comedy… bring on the dramatic dramas! 😉 I’m trying to give both Heartless City and Blade and Petal time to create a good cushion so I can at least marathon part of them. I may be able to just full on marathon HC if I pace myself. Goals. 😉

      • I know what you mean, both Itakiss and Cyrano are suitable for times when you don’t want to watch anything too taxing. And Monstar is for youthfull, somewhat nostalgic fun. 🙂 All are perfect for a marathon.

        Well, Heartless City ends next week so I think you’ll be able to gobble it up whole. ;P Unless they manage to throughly mess up the last 2 epis (it’s been know to happen, so thumbs up!), you’ll be in for a wonderful, gipping and rather wild ride.

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