I’m back!

 photo homesweethomebynaylasmith_zps9a2a5736.jpgThe vacation was good! Wonderful, in fact. Apparently I can survive without internet. As long as there are good books to read and pretty trails to explore, I’m a happy camper. (Not that we actually camped. We rented a cabin. So there was hot porridge in the mornings and a good dinner at night.)

But now I’m back in wired-civilization and ready to check back in on what’s up in dramaland. Is Monstar still surprisingly awesome? Is Heartless City still a nail-biting must-watch? Does I Hear Your Voice own absolutely everyone?

I’m not quite ready to dive back into a live-watch — but I might pick one of the above to get my feet a little wet. And then, of course, there’s Pasta to finish and Jang Ok Jung: Live for Love and Gu Family Book to review… Let the drama-filled week, begin!

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12 thoughts on “I’m back!

    • The vacation was exactly what we’d hoped it would be — relaxing and fun. 🙂

      I’m glad you’re giving DAC a good report! It kind of faded into the background after its premier — didn’t hear bad things, but didn’t hear much squeeing either. I wonder if the surprise hit of Monstar (which premiered around the same time, I think?) stole some of its thunder?

  1. Welcome back!! Glad to hear you had a great vacation.

    Yup, Heartless City is chugging on like a freight train, I finaly broke down and wrote a longish ‘thougts and speculation’ post on it, heh. Monstar is still surprisingly lovely and my fave, fun fluff de jour. 🙂 I dropped Voice after the first few episodes for various reasons but it seems to be a bonafide hit with the viewers. Loving The Blade and Petal as well, it is such a lyrical, sensory poem and my UhmForce is TOTALLY awesome. *squeeeeee!!* LOL!

    • Thanks!

      Ooh, I love dramas that prompt good “thoughts and speculations” posts. 😀 And I’m thrilled “Blade and Petal” (aka “Sword and Flower” … though “Blade and Petal” sounds prettier, actually — more poetic) is doing so well! I’m going to let it build more of a window (I am still leery about taking on a full on live-watch — we’ll see how long that lasts as more dramas premier. ;))

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