Weekly Drama Check-in Post (on endings…)

I am atrociously late with this (I mean, seriously; a new week’s already begun) but I was suddenly hit with an avalanche of dramas finishing. Which meant I had reaction posts and reviews and… I had a lot of posts pushing to be written. But! I cannot allow a drama-watching week to pass without posting a check-in so… we’ll just fudge the posting date a little.

My two big live-watches are over. Both ending at the exact same time — one doing well, the other, a giant disaster.

ep13love photo ep13love_zps2086f202.jpgJang Ok Jung: Live for Love was the good-watch. For me, anyway. The drama was definitely an underdog. Not overlooked — everyone knew it was out there, doing its thing — but I do think under appreciated. Or, maybe I just have unique tastes? I’ve written up my spoiler-filled reaction post (concentrating mainly on the final episodes) and will be working on my official, not-nearly-as-spoilery review. Once that’s posted, you can see what I liked about it and decide for yourself if I’m just odd or if, maybe, it was better than word on the street would have it.

gisaeng3 photo gisaeng3_zps9fe59742.jpgGu Family Book was the bad-watch. But I did learn a lesson about letting dramas go. I’ve written up a rant-filled, spoiler, reaction post. And — *sigh* — I’ll have to do an official, non-spoilery, review. I’m not really looking forward to revisiting the drama but I made my bed so I will lie down in it. And sometimes reviews are good for what they save you from watching and not just what they steer you towards.

sadshoot photo sadshoot_zpsd333cfb1.jpgUnder the category of “lessons learned,” I’m officially dropping You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. It stopped being a comfort-watch and began being annoying and… I’m just not going to put myself through that again. I might come back to it down the road, watch some of the good bits here and there. But probably not.

So those are three big watches, over. And, since I’m a glutton for punishment (and because my comfort watch went missing and because I stumbled across them looking for something else) I watched two mini drama-specials: Sirius and Ordinary Love.

I shared my official, spoiler-free, review for Sirius a few days ago. And I’ll be getting an official review out for Ordinary Love in not too long. (I am seriously churning out a lot of reviews lately. It’s kind of weird.) But I also want to write up spoiler-filled reaction posts for both dramas because both of them had interesting endings that filled me with thoughts. So… even more posts to come!

pasta photo pasta_zpsb323c9b9.jpgFinally, my live-watch category being blessedly empty, I’m turning my attention back to Pasta. I’d put it on hold a few weeks ago. Its light, slice-of-life, sweetness didn’t mix well with the meaty dramatics of my other watches. But now, I think it’ll make for the perfect palate-cleanser.

And then…? Who knows? The husband and I are going on a week’s vacation at the end of the week. We’re planning on going completely unplugged (no internets, no cell phones, no tv — just books and the woods and us) and if we manage to stick to it (the idea is a tiny bit frighting, I’ll admit) it means I’ll be out of blogging and drama-watching touch for that time-period. Hopefully, I’ll come back raring to go and with a line of must-watch-dramas ready for me to marathon. But that’s a week away — let the posting continue!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (on endings…)

  1. Ok. I swear I’m not stalking you, but you keep on posting things I want to comment on!

    Yay for vacations and going unplugged. And books!
    Oh, and talking about “tastes” … I sometimes think/feel I shouldn’t blog, because I feel no one shares my view of things?! It’s a weird thought, but yeah. I may not completely share your tastes, but I can understand why you like something, if that makes sense? And I think you are much, much more patient and more lenient than me with your dramas. Just my two cents.

    Again, on weird tastes — Yeon Woo Jin! Hee. Ordinary Love — I did check out the first episode-and-a-half, and I’ve been meaning to get back to it. But, as usual, it’s on dramacrazy and somehow I want to watch things in better resolution.

    Anyway. Stop posting things I want to comment on. 😛

    • Hee! I want all the comments! 😀

      I suspect no two tastes are exactly alike. Every single time I think I’ve found a perfect match, they’ll turn around and either like something I don’t, or like something I like but for the wrong reasons (even worse?). That’s part of the reason I’m doing reviews, actually. I figure readers will get to know my buttons and will be able to say, “Well yeah, she liked that drama — it’s got a game-master in it! But, as for me…” Or, “Sure she thinks it sucks but that’s just because she has weird views on what makes a good romance.” And then they can choose their drama accordingly! (That’s what it looks like in my head, anyway. ;))

      Yeon Woo-jin, indeed! 😀 I’m going to be interested to see how his career unfolds. So far I’ve liked him in everything I’ve seen him in (which isn’t everything he’s been in, though). I totally understand your resolution woes. (Part of the reason I shifted dark-side sources for Sirius — gooddrama was clearer.)

      • Hee. I now realise this conversation might come across as: “Ooh, lookatmee. I’m the rebel hipstaa who likes being the odd duck!” hah! But really, it’s just a genuine confusion and doubt on the topic of “the ‘right’ taste” I’ve had since I started blogging.

        “Sure she thinks it sucks but that’s just because she has weird views on what makes a good romance.”

        Omg, that’s ME!! Because the #1 topic on which I tend to trudge the road less travelled is Romance. Sigh. And Men. And that covers, umm, a huge chunk of what we talk about? … So I’ll just resign to being the weird odd duck and quack away, whether anyone agrees or not. hehheh.

        • Definitely quack away! I honestly think there’s no such thing as “right” taste. There can be popular taste, yes. But if you like quirky things than you’ll be giving those things a chance at being looked at by people who’d have otherwise passed it by. Which means your view is doubly needed.

  2. i bow to your posting-as-promised and lying-in-the-bed-you-made good-ness *bows*
    i’m debating whether or not i wanna watch my poor dong-pyung’s heart get crushed time and again… should i do it? not? 😉
    yay for vacation!!! gogogoooo woods and unplugged! 😀 😀

    • Do you mean you’ve not seen the final episodes of JOJ? Because Dong Pyung made me cry like a madwoman so… there’s that. But! It was amazing acting on his part. The character isn’t sidelined at all. So I cried — but it wasn’t tears of frustration — it was tears of “this is how I should be reacting because oh my gosh, you’re awesome and this is terrible.”

      I… have no idea if this helps your decision or not. (Oh my gosh I feel so responsible! What if I give bad advice!?!)

      Clearly — I need to be unplugged for a wee bit. 😉

      • That lovely malady called dropitis infected me this past month~ ladeedah! i read your wonderful finale post and was super tempted to watch the end just for dong-pyung… and now your comment has officially won me over! i’m holding you responsible. mueheheheeeeeh!!

        • Eeep! The pressure! But Dong-pyung was seriously awesome. Heartbreaking — but awesome. (I’m both eager and scared to hear your reaction. ;))

          • i’m excited to watch it asap!!! and you will deeefinitely hear from me afterwards 😉 😉 😉

  3. I like vacations without phone or internet. Of course, when the net dies for 3 hours (as it did Saturday morning) I was literally ripping my hair out in frustration trying to get it working for almost an hour and a half. Then I sat in a kpop coma for the rest of the time until it worked again. Unplanned internet-less days are definitely not welcome in my life.

    I keep thinking I might just speed watch-marathon Lee Soon Shin. But it’s looking like not even that will be worthwhile.

    This round of currently airing dramas though has definitely changed my mind about how many I can handle watching at one time. 5 in one season? I can’t do it. I’m so glad JoJ finished when it did. I’m not starting up anything new until I finish a few more of on my currently watching list.

    P.S. Pasta is adorable to me. not great not perfect. but absolutely priceless. 🙂

    • Wow, five live-watches around the same time?! That is a heavy load.

      Also, I lost internet for 5 min during a brief blackout and I tell you — staring into that chasm of, “how do I…? if no internet then…?” was scary. And also a prompt for us doing the unplugged thing. 😀

      I’m really, really sad about You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. It has so much cute-potential! But for some reason the cute was getting more and more ignored. If I hear it ended amazingly well, I might go back. But only if the buzz is fantastic, and even then I’ll be fully prepared to fast forward a lot.

      But Pasta is doing exactly what I want it to do. Cute, light, lots of food shots. I’m happy. 🙂

  4. I always used to dread the moment when several new dramas started around the same time and most of them turned out to be ok. LOL! Luckily… or unluckily, depends how one sees it, this hasn’t ben the case for a long while. Atm I’m only watching ‘Heartless City’, ‘Monstar’ and ‘Cyrano’ but ‘The Blade and Petal’ is starting today and I can’t pass that one up, heh. Also, depending on how ‘Empire of Gold’ turns out, it may get added to the list too. That’ll be five!! *headdesk* Well, at least the older 3 are about head for the end stretch so….

    I’ve also been marathoning some older dramas on the side when the mood strikes (instead of finishing the 3-4 I have on hold, how typical of me *sigh*) and just got through ‘Wedding Planner’, a j-drama from 2002. It was old-time romantic, heartwarming, funny and weird in the way only j-dramas can be, LOL! They don’t make ’em like that anymore. It made me want to re-watch ‘Beach Boys’ once again. Like really,really badly. It’s such a perfect feelgood, summer drama! 🙂 Another one I watched not long ago, was a silly romp called ‘Beyond’ from Singapore. I was just going to check out couple of episodes but then could.not.stop. XD I think it must have been around 6am when I finished! That was SUCH a stupid move, I felt like I had a hangover for the whole day. Talk about being sleep deprived….. I shouldn’t really pull allnighters anymore, they tend to give me migranes.

    • I am seriously glad to be done with live-watching for the moment. By the time I come back from vaycay the shows I’m interested in will be well on the way to done so even if I do dive right in there will be a built in marathoning-buffer. 🙂 (I’ll be curious as to how long my live-watching hold will last…)

      Also, you’re good at dropping dramas. That’s a skill I’ll need to hone if I ever hope to live-watch as many as you’re doing now. 😉

      I do not have a good source for j-dramas. So that’s an area that is pretty empty for me. I’m hoping that’s changing as Dramafever and Viki pick up more j-dramas — but I’ll have to wait for them to build their libraries.

  5. Congrats!! One of the biggest lessons to learn is letting a drama go or at least “how” to watch certain dramas. For LSS I skip eps and FF any scene without JS. Lol. Haven’t seen a family drama (in its entirety) since Smile, You. But I watch several. It’s a skill but quite freeing.
    Dropping (holding) dramas I’ve always done cause there a too many wonderful dramas to stick around for a drama that pisses you off or just isn’t what you want to see.
    Good luck drama viewing and that vacation sounds amazing!!

    • Eep! How did I miss your comment! I apologize for being so late in replying. 😦

      But yes, I definitely envy your drama-dropping skill. 🙂 And your fast-forwarding skill, for that matter. I’m not sure if I’ll ever develop the fast-forwarding technique fully (though I did use it for Unstoppable Highkick — it saved the show for me) — but dropping? That’s one I must learn. Either that or never live-watch again which… nope — must learn how to drop. 😉

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