Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Excited again!)

I’ve been suffering through some drama-blahs the past couple of weeks (as I think my last few check-in posts have shown). relief2 photo relief2_zps0d3fdd4f.jpgBut the zip is back!

Spoiler free!

A huge, huge part of my uplift comes from Jang Ok Jung: Live for Love returning to awesomeness. See? Darkness doesn’t have to be dreary. Here’s hoping the ending stays at these heights. It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster. Which has made for a lot of heart-in-throat watching and times when I thought everything was falling apart. But if it ends well (not happily necessarily, but well) then it just means we’ve had a hell of a ride.

And Gu Family Book… is almost over. So there’s that. Plus, it’s managed to not horribly offend me lately. (It’s also been sorely lacking in Chung-jo; I doubt those facts are unrelated.) But I’m very keen on seeing how this one ends and that brings its own pleasure. How ranty will my reaction post be? Only next week knows.

(In the future, I might refrain from live-watching two dramas on the same schedule. That way I’ll be less likely to drown in the “darkest before the dawn” trope as each drama sets us up for the big finale.)

hair2 photo hair2_zpse5f5f9a1.jpg

Adorable… but adorable enough?

Which should not have been You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘s problem as they’ve still got plenty of episodes to go, but that’s a show that seems to live for dreariness. I’m seriously considering dropping this one. (I know, Maybee, you’re shocked. And skeptical.) The last two episodes brought back some cute amongst the screaming drama. But I’m not sure it was enough.

sirius photo Drama-Special-Sirius_8805_poster_zpsae9f2cdd.jpgAnd finally, I’ve picked up the 2012 special-drama, Sirius. It finally got subbed, and while I have to go darkside to get it, at least it exists. I’m two episodes in (so half-way through) and it may end badly but… I’m excited to see what happens! Extra unexpected bonus: Park Hyung-shik, who played young Park Sung-woo in Nine, plays the young twins in Sirius.

All in all, it’s nice to be happy about dramas again.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Excited again!)

  1. Gosh, it sounds like LSS is very disappointing, if you’re actually thinking of dropping it! I was planning to check it out for Jo Jung Suk – should I even bother, dya think?

    Also, I completely agree with your point about not starting 2 dramas at the same time, ESPECIALLY if they’re the same episode count, coz then you’d get to angst at pretty much the same time for both dramas. That’s a self-imposed rule I (try very hard to) use even though I don’t watch them live. Angst is angst whether you’re live watching or not! XD It works, too. I always try to have one that’s part-way done when I start a new one, & that’s been working out well for me – so far! ^^

    • I… don’t… know… Because Jo Jung-suk is doing an amazing job and his character really is wonderful. That’s really the rub. The characters I like are, on the whole, easy to like and well acted and not that badly written.

      (And I think the acting helps get over humps of bad writing. For example, Yoo In-na’s character has some really bad-sister moments where she says horrible things to Soon-shin. But YIN’s such a good actress that she gives me enough to see this isn’t her — not really. There’s hurt and anger behind it and yes, it’s misdirected but she’s going to grow. And she actually does love her sister, really. Lee Mi-sook is doing something similar in that she’s terrible and crazy, but she’s entertaining in her crazy.)

      But the bits that are bad are terrible. So, in conclusion… be prepared to fast forward?

      In other news… I’m going to adopt your rule for my own, I think. Because dramas know how to twist the knife and one knife is enough! 😀

      • Hmm.. That’s a tough call to make, on LSS! It sounds like it’s worth at least checking out, so that I can see Jo Jung Suk being awesome. But maybe I should go in not just ready to fast-forward, but ready to drop it as well! ;D

        Yes, the rule’s worth at least trying out. Especially for shows with the same episode count. They do the set-up and meet-cute, then the cute, then the angst, then the resolution, at pretty much the same pace. So while you’d hopefully get twice the cute in the earlier eps, it’s also likely to translate into twice the angst in the later eps! Pain.ful. to say the least! XD

  2. Is that my name up there?! Hee. Sceptical? Me? But I’m such a Beeliever.

    I’m all for dropping dramas these days. Better than hate-watching. I’ll say it again: saves time and sanity. But I can see that allure of wanting to watch for one character or actor.

    About LSS: Ahem. I haven’t watched any of it. But from what I read, people want to do violent things to LMS’s character. hahahhahahha. (So I guess nothing’s new.) Is she really the worst person in the Universe? Just morbid curiosity and probably none of my business since I’m not even watching it.

    A big YAY! for happy drama times. I plan to watch the finales for both. There’s so much to catch up to. How do people find the time?! And is a big hug in order for JOJ?

    And yes, I’m seriously re-thinking not live-watching again. Invest all that time in something that ends up on the stink pile OR miss out on all the communal fun? It’s such a Catch-22.

    Anyway, watch something sweet and cute to make up for all the sad & blah. 🙂

    • Lee Mi-sook’s character is totally psychotic… but she’s actually fun to watch because LMS plays her so well. (She’ll say these outrageous things with such a look of innocent certainty — it’s hilarious.) What’s driven me away is the mopey mom getting mopey again and the consistent stupidity of so many of the supporting characters. It gets frustrating and there’s no fun in that.

      Jang Ok-jung got her hug in the end — it’s us viewers that needs some comfort. 😦 But it’s tears in the good way. I’m really happy I watched it.

      And finally — yes, it’s a Catch-22 indeed. 😀

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