Weekly Drama Check-in Post (cloudy with a patch of sun)

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Dreary… but also awesome. (This is not just an excuse to use a pic of Park Sun-woo; there’s meaning dammit! Deep, deep meaning…)

It’s been a hazy sort of week in drama watching, with a few flashes of brilliant awesomeness.

Jang Ok Jung: Live for Love, usually my must-watch, need-subs-now, heart-clenching drama, has dipped into darkness and depression. (Spoiler-filled details here.) I’m by no means close to dropping it — it’s far too late in the game, plus I’m not yet ready to say it’s gone bad, — but it’s heavy watching at the moment.

My other two live-dramas, Gu Family Book and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, are treading dull plot waters, which makes for a boring watch. Again — not throwing in the towel on either of them. I get the sense Lee Soon Shin is juuuust about ready to climb back out into the land of cuteness and fluff. gisaeng2 photo gisaeng2_zpsd97fed0d.jpg(Lord, I hope so.) And Gu is close enough to done I’m fine with soldiering through. (Chung-jo is still my girl; I refuse to abandon her.) But watching them has felt a lot closer to obligation than entertainment than I generally like in my television.

So I’ve been incredibly grateful for Unstoppable Highkick. I don’t know if the stories have all improved or if I’ve just grown to care for the characters that much (a combination of both, I suspect) but I’m no longer skipping episodes or even fast forwarding through scenes. And I laugh out loud pretty darn consistently. Which, given my other dramas at the moment, I’ve really needed. That each episode is less than 30 minutes makes it a perfect little antidote to the heavy and drear worlds I’ve been slogging through lately.

And then there was Nine. Holy hell that was a drama! The husband and I finished it Friday night. We did a bit of rewinding and rewatching here and there to establish a few things. I’ve made the rounds of various blogs, soaking up theories and insights and details we’d missed. minyoung photo minyoung_zpsb776d84c.jpgFindings have been shared with the husband and discussions have been had. A gushing reaction post, filled to the brim with spoilers and my (our?) theory of everything, will come out in the next few days, followed by a much more dignified and spoiler free (I’m hoping) official review.

So it’s not been the greatest week in drama watching on the whole — but what’s been good has been very good indeed. And that’s tipped the balance to the happy side. We’ll see what next week brings.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (cloudy with a patch of sun)

  1. I used to finish everything. Then I started FF-ing stuff. And now I’ve started dropping dramas if I don’t connect with them. Saves me a lot of time. And sanity. But then again, sometimes even decent dramas decide to visit cuckoo-land towards the end.
    So, I’ll flick my devil tails and say it again: Embrace thy fickleness. But I know you won’t. 🙂
    On the bright side, they’ll all end soon. So him ne.

  2. Yes, those High Kick characters certainly grow on you, don’t they?? I watched it in a very casual, long-gaps-in-between sort of marathon, and even then, I grew to really enjoy the characters and I was sad to say goodbye at the end. Definitely a nice pick for pick-me-up drama on the side! ^^

    And as usual, I am so behind you when it comes to watching! >.< I had a *feeling* you'd be done with Nine by the time I started! Lol!

    • Hah! Yes, when I got your email I was like …and I’m already done? 😀

      The lovely thing about Highkick is you really can dip in and out and even with a long break between episodes it’s like meeting old friends again — you feel like you only saw them yesterday and start right up where you left off. (Plus — the short episode length is really nice.)

  3. So very true……I hate to watch dramas as an obligation, but that happens when we are more than half in for them….anyways, watching old gems is always refreshing…..I’m watching Dalja’s Spring right now and it’s so much fun 🙂

    • Oh, that’s a fun drama! With Lee Min-ki as an added bonus. 😉 I think that was like, his last full-fledged drama? Which is too bad — though I totally see how movies and cameos would be a lot more fun if you can swing it.

      And old gems are a good way to makeup for dramas that let you down. I’ve put Pasta on the backburner so I can pick it up when I’m done — palate cleanser style. (Though! I’m still hoping JOJ and LSS pick back up.)

  4. I’ve certainly become quite ruthless in discarding dramas that don’t appeal to me anymore, regardless of how many episodes are left. Dramas have been known to derail spectacularly just a few epis before the ending too. I’m with Mr X in ” Life is too short for bad dramas”. ‘Bad drama’ being subjective of course. My pile of discards may be someone else’s library of lovely. 😉 I’m now pretty good at assessing with just a few episodes if a story is going to be worth my while or not. It’s good to know one’s own taste and main irritants, as it probably saves you from a load of grief… or at least breaking the ff-button in your remote. *g*

    Wow! You already finished Nine? That was pretty quick.

    • Hmm… About three weeks on Nine… I’d actually call that slow. 😉 I think our biggest mini-marathon was three episodes on a slow Saturday.

      I’ll admit that part of what keeps me watching at times is sheer curiosity — where on earth is this story going? Big, Fashion King, Rooftop Prince fell under that heading. And Gu is in that place now. Though, I also need a few characters I care enough about — or find interesting enough — that I want to see how their story ends, at least. (Which is often created by good actors pouring more into a part than the story actually put there — which I find fascinating on a whole other level.)

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