Liebster redux

So the Liebster happened. And it was very fun. Then a few more sets of questions were thrown my way. And it’s not like I don’t adore sharing my opinion on things so, without further ado, I give you… Edited to add one more set! (6.12.2013)

…more about me (and my thoughts on k-dramas, blogging and extreme eating).

First set of questions come from Curioser and Curiosor of SPQ&R:

  1. If you were organizing an award ceremony for KDramas and you got to decide the most meaningful storytelling categories to be judged, what would they be? Name as many as you like and briefly tell us what you are looking for in the winner(s). Not very original and pretty darn obvious, but I’d go with: (1) Slice of Life: Dramas focused on character interactions and quiet changes — not very plot heavy; (2) Coming of Age: Dramas focused on the challenges of leaving childhood behind and becoming an adult — a slightly more structured plot than the first category; (3) Hero’s Journey: Dramas focused on the character(s) becoming something more than they’d imagined they could be — the most plot-heavy of the three categories. I think you could put a lot of different genres under each of those three headings. Which could make for some interesting compare/contrast. (And probably really low viewer ratings.)
  2. If you had to compare your experience with KDrama with literature, which literary titles come to mind and what is the analogy you would draw with KDrama? Here you can be as general or as specific as you like. I was trying to think of specific genres and… it’s too varied, honestly. (Which is awesome!) However, unlike most of the television I’d been used to, k-dramas tell a complete story with a fully-formed arc that begins and ends. And unlike movies (which do have the story-arc), the story is long enough to include secondary characters and plots — little deviations that more fully flesh out the story’s world. So! If the standard U.S. television show is like a never-ending serial, and movies are like a short-story, k-dramas are novels. And novels are my favorite form of fiction. (No wonder I fell so hard!)
  3. Suppose you were given the green light and full budget to produce your own KDrama series, what story would you tell? Tell us about the genre (melo, rom-com, sageuk), the source (original, remake, history, mythology). I’d hemmed and hawed on this one for an embarrassingly long time when it hit me… A continuation of White Christmas about 10 years later. It should have been obvious because I’ve been thinking about a possible book based on the idea for a while now (in a very casual, won’t actually happen, day-dreamy kind of way). It’d be a mystery-thriller, very noir (like the original drama) and open with a double-murder (Yoon Su’s parents) and enough clues (maybe a cryptic note?) to alert the now-adult surviving students that their past has come back to haunt them. I’ve thought out careers and who’s still in touch with whom, new secrets being kept… everything except the actual murderer. (I go back and forth on that one.) It’d be so incredibly awesome you don’t even know! In my head, anyway.
  4. Now for the gimme: Have you ever tried to stuff your mouth with food the way they do in KDrama (especially in  contemporary comedies)? If so, how did that turn out? [Full disclosure: I’m reeeally impressionable so I tried it once and… well.., Oh, wait, I’m the one asking questions now, so have at it!] Hah! No — that particular cultural-tic did not tickle me. (I actually tend to picture the spit-bucket lurking just outside frame when those sort of scenes are shot. You know there has to be a spit-bucket.)
collage photo whitechristmascollage_zps077ad18e.jpg

Four out of eight reasons White Christmas is awesome.

Second set comes from Eye Candy and Miss D of All That Drama:

  1. What is one feature you wish you could add to your blog and why? Ooh! I hadn’t thought about this before, but your question got me thinking and… it’d be very cool if a popular (high comment numbers) post could somehow get floated up to a special spot so people passing by could see there was a conversation going on and join on in. It’d have to be date-sensitive too so it’d be current conversation. Just some way to keep the party going even if I have other posts coming along. (I think the “current discussions” section on my side-bar kind of fulfills this task — but it’s not all that visually grabbing.)
  2. What were you doing before you watched kdramas? Trying to figure out what that big black hole was in my life? Okay — slight exaggeration. Though, I had begun to pull further and further away from U.S. television around the time I stumbled across my first k-drama. Plus, I’m used to some sort of on-line fandom interaction and, as shows got cancelled, I missed having something to write about. So there actually was an empty place. I didn’t expect k-dramas to fill it at first — but there was enough meat to various dramas to get me thinking. And from that writing eventually and inevitably followed.
  3. What show ending do you wish you could re-write and how would you? Hmm… So many shows to choose from. (A bad or unsatisfying or even just slightly off ending has tainted — or all out ruined — many a drama for me. I honestly think the ending is the biggest slipping point for all stories.) I’ll go with Nice Guy, because it was so, so, so close to being awesome-sauce. But the ending was sadly flat. I’m too far away from it to think of specifics, but I’d have definitely had Eun-gi (Moon Chae-won’s character) figure out who was going what a lot more quickly (shortly after she got her memory back, I think) so she could play the game as well. And then I’d have her actually outsmart her enemies, getting her company back on her own. And I’d have her make a physical and courageous choice to love Ma-roo (Song Joong-ki) that involved her actively saving his life and getting him to the hospital for surgery. Basically be the proactive and involved character she’d been in the beginning. Then her wooing him at the end would have felt a lot more — of course! — than pasted on and fan-servicey.

niceguyfixed photo NiceGuyFixed_zps1336eea2.jpg

[Added 6.12.2013.] We’ve got a third set of questions! Jandoe from You Don’t Know Me threw down a gauntlet in the comments below. I love gauntlets! So I picked it up and ran with it (and the metaphor) and here you go:

  1. If you could relive your life totally differently, would you? Why or why not? If there was a way to do it as just a look-see rather than a full on commitment, sure! Just to see where the multitude of other paths available to me throughout my life may have led. If it was an “all sales are final” offer? No. Definitely not. I’ve watched too many time traveling shows to not realize — that way lies madness. Even Time Lords screw it up for goodness sake — surely we humans aren’t ready for that sort of power. (Plus, on the whole, I’m pretty happy with where I am, and where I might be heading, right now.)
  2. What does “being in the moment” mean to you? Not being distracted by regrets over the past or fears for the future and being totally present with what you’re doing now. Even if it involves planning for the future or handling consequences of the past. Though… I think it’s probably supposed to be more intense than that — like laser-focusing on what’s going on right now. Which I think can only be sustained for brief periods of time. Of course, I love to day-dream which I think goes against that sort of thing so… maybe not the best person to ask? What was the question agai– Squirrel!
  3. If you could turn back time to your younger self to impart some life lesson you now know as an adult, how old would then-you be, what wisdom would you impart and why? Let’s say my age now, speaking to myself at… twelve (ah puberty… that harsh mistress) and I’d say: Go crazy playing with makeup and fashion and hairstyles! Don’t be worried too much about getting it right the first time — this is the time to experiment! Join any club that looks interesting. You can drop it if it doesn’t work! Wear sunscreen!
  4. Describe yourself through pop culture references, who/what would that be and why? I prefer Spock to Kirk, Han to Luke, Zuko to Aang and — just to throw in a wildcard — Spike to Angel. I’d love to be Scully but am probably more Willow. I’d actually be happy with being Gabrielle because her arc is awesome — plus there’s the bard thing. (And yes I’m noticing I’m casting myself as warrior-girl’s best friend — someone’s got to handle the research! And the cooking.) My ship is Serenity with the Tardis a close second. And if it came down to it: Batman would beat Superman. (If he doesn’t have a piece of kryptonite secreted away in a lead-lined pocket on his utility belt… well then congratulations! We’ve just landed in Bizarro World.)
  5. Pick a favorite song and tell us why! Maybe because I’ve been traveling down pop-culture memory-lane but this song popped into my head and won’t come out: “The World Is Just Awesome” or the boom-de-yada song. Because come on! It’s awesome and inspiring and funny all at the same time. And it’s spawned so many remixes. (Also — if you’ve read my last Liebster post — I feature right around the 45 second mark.) Weird thing? It’s a commercial. A commercial! (I’m not sure what that says about me…)

I didn’t identify the pop-culture references I sprinkled throughout my answers. Bonus points to anyone who identifies any of them! (One is really, really obscure — I’ll be curious if anyone gets it. Has nothing to do with the pic.)

zukosmiles photo tumblr_m3w3po2Ecr1rvzz8oo1_500_zps845fa93a.png

And that’s it! Once again — this was a fun exercise. And once again — I highly recommend you follow the links. There are two three cool blogs lurking on the other end.


19 thoughts on “Liebster redux

  1. Honest to God: I seriously hope that sequel version of White Christmas you’ve floating in your head gets written out or acted. Hey, a girl can wish right? Your plot sounded soooo awesome, seriously. I’m intrigued now, thinking who’s the murderer? Love the set of questions given here too! Great ones 😀 you can totally answer mine too if you feel like haha, but they’re all life-in-general related, none dramas-related :p

  2. Great answers to some great questions!! I had to skim at times, coz I haven’t watched White Christmas nor Nice Guy – yet! The key word being yet! I will get there. Soon. I hope! XD

    I am super sorry I’m so late in replying your email. RL is taking up every spare brain cell I have right now. Just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten, & I DO wanna play! ❤

    • I think the White Christmas stuff is fairly spoiler-free. But the Nice Guy is definitely not — so good show skimming! 😉 I’ve really enjoyed answering all the questions I’ve gotten — made for some fun thinking!

      No worries at all. Our whole point is to have fun with this project so timing will certainly be a factor in that it should happen when we both have time for it. And if that takes a little while to happen… even more dramas to choose from! Win-win! 😉

  3. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Curio to pass her verdict here, to no avail. I’ve yet to submit my answers. *la la la*
    The song’s so cute and so is the squid’s cameo. hehe.
    You are quite the pop culture aficionado. I’m going to ignore the pop challenge. And Betsy, did you write for fandoms before? *wiggles eyebrows*
    And just because I cannot find the drama anywhere, where did you watch White Christmas?

    • Hee! Well — I know the pop stuff I know… but if it’s not in my circle of interest, I’m totally clueless. The power of drawing your own parameters! 😀 The last fandom I was massively into was Stargate:Atlantis (heh… just outed my total nerdiness, huh?) and I wrote quite a bit about it on LiveJournal. (Fandoms can be dangerous pools to play in, especially if you get too invested in ‘ships. So I observed from the sidelines with most other stuff.)

      White Christmas is, unfortunately, not available legally. 😦 (And it totally, totally should be! So many up and coming names! Such an excellent drama!) At least, I haven’t found it anywhere. So Dramacrazy was my source. Beware all the usual virus dangers.

      • Dangerous pools indeed. I’ll take your word that you “observed” from the sidelines. For someone who in their own words “can’t leave well enough alone”.

        So I’ll have to wait for this elusive White Christmas to surface on “legal” channels, I guess.

    • O lords… sorry I have been away… Oh, and yeah, Maybee – ¿que passa, chica? Anyways, there really is no rush – this after all, is the interwebs. I was gone for a few days and it was a treat to come back to Betsy’s responses.

      I am actually glad you have not posted yours yet – it gives me something to look forward to sometime in the future …

      *goes back to blithely playing hopscotch and jump rope*

  4. Wow I thought I had already commented on this! Yes, please can you rewrite Nice Guy so I can feel good about loving it as a drama because the ending was so flawed and Eun Gi kicked so much butt leading up to it.

    • How cool would a do-over button be? Because everything was going so well (seriously, everything — acting, camerawork, etc.) and then… Eun-gi faded away. 😦

      • I know! And I would have been fine with her leaving her company behind if we had gotten to see her make the decision. My love for Song Joong Ki allowed me to enjoy the ending, but I loved Eun Gi’s character so much I’m still bitter that Nice Guy makes me feel guilty about still liking it.

        • Oh my gosh, if Eun-gi had made the decision on her own… stepping out of her father’s shadow and living for herself… so awesome! And yes, then the enjoyment from Song Joong-ki’s side of the story would be completely untainted. (So close to being such a perfect drama… so, so close!)

  5. Very cool, Betsy! Can we look forward to a “Coming of Age Hero’s Journey into the Next White Christmas”? I bet one of the big three studios would underwrite that production!

    Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. I confess that I have never imagined the spit bucket off camera – now I won’t be able to NOT imagine it – [*Argh – think of an elephant, think of an elephant, think of an elephant…*]

    I can also relate to your responses to Eye Candy and Jandoe’s questions. Maybee’s remark actually points to one of my main problems as a “blogger”: I’m so scatter-brained that I sometimes go weeks without checking blogs (even my own – hense I’m wary of even assuming the title 🙂 ). Do you think I could get one of those “current discussion” widgets subdermally implanted on my wrist just to keep me consistently connected…? Anyhooo…

    And lastly, yay for Mr. Spock, Spike, Scully and Willow… I confess that they are the ones who kept me returning to the stories they inhabited. Spike was a strangely irresistible evil (he always set my teeth on edge and yet I looked forward to seeing him every time he appeared…). But Willow; there was a gem of a character brought to life by truly phenomenal actress! Her journey throughout the seven seasons read to me most like the coming of age story of the unsung hero – much more so than Buffy herself. Much as I enjoyed seeing “The Slay-er of the Vamp-Yre” (yes, I luuuuved Andrew!) put the hurt on the Big Bad, it is Willow who made me cry and laugh the most from beginning to end. In fact, I always thought that she and Giles had the best lines every time, but I may very well have been biased. Oh! I think I just digressed (ooops!). Go figure…

    And with that, thank you for the fantastic revisit to Liebster. And of course, congratulations! 😀 [ *streamers and kudzus!* ]

    • Hmmm… Well, White Christmas was a coming of age story of a sort. Only I’m thinking maybe one of them went wrong. Hence the murders. (It’d be so easy — I’m just not very clear on who.) But a hero’s journey, for the continuation definitely — of a “Heart of Darkness” sort with glimpses into the abyss and such. (Oh my gosh, it’d be so delicious and creepy and…. yeah.)

      Willow and Giles definitely had the best lines. Except when Spike showed up. He was a truth speaker (the irresistible part of his evilness) and speaking the truth usually brings the best lines. (He had one line about blood — it all being about blood — that made me think of my favorite “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” quote that I never get quite right so I looked it up: “Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can’t give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory. They’re all blood, you see.”) …and now I’m in the mood for BtVS re-watch… (Gosh, it’s been ages… would it stand up, I wonder?)

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