Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the “Urgh! Nothing to say!” edition)

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I seriously don’t have much to say. Watched the usual. Enjoyed it. (Well — for the most part.)

Not all that much below — certainly no spoilers…

Jang Ok Jung got some of its zip backPasta is adorable. Mischievous Kiss is not only adorable — it’s strengthening my patience as I wait for enough episodes to air to create a mini-marathon (six more weeks of waiting! yay!). Nine is fascinatingYou’re the Best Lee Soon Shin is… mainly good. And Gu Family Book… okay — it’s a hate watch now.

But I can’t really think of anything to say about them that I’ve not already said. I can feel a craving for a good marathon starting to grow. But so many of the shows I’m watching are so close to done — Jang and Gu are only three weeks from their conclusion — and I’m already watching so many shows — that I really don’t want to start up something new.

My fickleness is kicking in. This is what comes from watching so many dramas live. I’m hoping that by the time I’m available to check out the latest batch of dramas they’ll be so near finished they’ll be virtually marathonable. And I’ll be able to pick just one, watch it steadily until it’s done, then move onto the next offering. Until then… I’ll continue spinning my many (many!) plates. (Who knew drama-watching could get so complicated?)


20 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the “Urgh! Nothing to say!” edition)

  1. I know it can be a headache watching so many live dramas….and that is why I concluded to watch only 2 dramas at the most….actually I want to tone that down to 1 but as YATBLSS is so long, I can’t help but watch it live as marathoning it will be another big deal…. 😉

    • Yeah… I think I’m learning a lesson at the moment. Ah well — sometimes the best way to learn is to try and see if it works. And if it doesn’t… adjust! 😀

  2. Hi, I love NINE so much and its so far the best kdrama for me because of its unpredictability and twistedness. Hopefully, you can make a finale review of the last episode once you have finished watching it. I love reading others peoples theory regarding the ending. Thanks

    • I will definitely, definitely do a review. I’ll most likely do a reaction post as well, where I can be a lot more spoilery (I’m trying to keep my official reviews spoiler-free) and just ramble on about my initial thoughts and feelings and such. I hope you are able to pop back in for those posts. I adore hearing other people’s theories and reactions as well. 🙂

    • Ahahaha! I see you have your devil-horns attached today. 😉 (I’m picturing a tiny little devil on my shoulder saying, “do it! you know you want to!”)

      I’m actually thinking I might lay off the live-watching, once this batch is done, for a little while. I’m hoping getting through the ones I’ve committed to will build up enough of a buffer that I can do it.

  3. The number of currently airing dramas I’m watching (hah- only 4) is giving me a headache. Add that to the number of airing shows I WANT to start watching (about 4), and it becomes a migraine. Plus none of the already aired dramas I’m watching seem to be of marathonable quality, and yeah.. drama watching is completely frustrating. Which is why I waste time instead watching idol variety shows. Siiiigh..

    • Ahh… variety. For some reason I’m in a variety dry-spot right now where nothing really attracts. It’s drama I’m craving and a nice big helping of it, too. However… I really do want to stick with what I’ve got. When I do finish I’m hoping I’ll have some lovely completed dramas just waiting to be marathoned. (I’m thinking there are some slow spots in the current live-watching I’m doing that might have been more palatable if I was marathoning and powering on through to the exciting bits. Greener on the other side maybe?)

  4. I’m waiting for 4 different dramas to finish their runs so I can watch without suspense. Lucky for me I still have a lot of already completed dramas to finish as I’m relatively new to Asian dramaland.

    • Smart! Though… I don’t want to seem too down on live-watching. It can be a lot of fun to connect with the live-watching community and squee and theorize and such. Just… I’m beginning to think I took on too many live-watches at once. Maybe. (My mind may change tomorrow. ;))

  5. It must be fate that most of the dramas in the previous batch failed to appeal to me, so I’m now free to commit a chunk of my time to the wonderful Heartless City! It seems to be making me uncommonly wordy. XD The latest two epis were riveting. Jung Kyung Ho is totally mesmerising….. and hot. ;P Wish I has someone to squee about it with but it seems to be mostly flying under the radar. More’s the pity. Monstar is still adorable as heck. So… I’m rather happy now, LOL!

    Itakiss is cute, though I have no particular urge to watch it. I’ll be catching up today, not sure I’ll manage to get current with it though.

    • Hee! Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. 😉 Actually, both Monstar and Heartless City have been getting a lot of positive buzz on my reader-list. I have to quickly scroll past posts to keep myself from spoilers. (Some of the posts are you, of course. But you might check out Carrotblossom Patch — they’re doing posts on Heartless City from what I can tell.)

      Itakiss is definitely of the cute and fluffy verity. But they are doing it really, really well. It takes a delicate touch to tell such an airy story and not have it come across as just plain empty. But I think they’re hitting the sweet (heh) spot. (Oh! That’s a tennis pun as well… I’m on a roll! :D)

      • Ah, I didn’t know that Carrotblossom Patch is blogging about HC as well, Have to pay them a visit. 🙂 As I’m not doing re-caps I always try to be spoiler free myself (unless it’s a some sort of review-ish post) and put everything of that nature under a cut. I probably won’t be doing any reaction posts from now on unless I really feel like I HAVE to. *g* If it stays at this level of goodness, it’ll most likely merit a ‘final word’ once it’s finished. 🙂 I wonder why none of the ‘power bloggers’ have picked it up yet. Not their cup of tea perhaps….

        Yup, I do agree that Itakiss is well made. It manages to be cute but still not overly sugary or OTT. The young actors are great too. J-dramas often feel more real than many kdramas, they have this odd kind of earthyness about them and that is what I like about them most.

        • Full plates maybe? (The why “power bloggers” aren’t following “Heartless City”, I mean.) And it had low buzz when a lot of other shows were coming out? I imagine a big challenge in being current is not letting good stuff slip by.

  6. I know what you mean by this post!! I was feeling that way with Nail Shop Paris and Dating Agency but they have started to become more enjoyable now, and well the eye candy is good! haha. I’m so shallow when it comes to wanting eye candy!

  7. Awesome post! I feel your pain. I am trying to juggle 5 dramas and 4 variety shows plus real life. When I first got into K-drama I looked forward to when I felt “caught up enough” with the older dramas to begin live watching. Little did I realize that meant I would be totally sucked into a multitude of shows, and have to find the time to watch two episodes a week of each of them (or face my k-drama addict self if I am behind)!

    I think with all of the dramas going on right now and all of the live watching overload we all need a nice spa vacation when the dramas die down (to one or two watchable dramas at a time, if that is possible). Preferably the spa vacation would be accompanied by Lee Seung Gi 🙂

    • And variety shows, too!?! You totally win. I’ve had to cut out any and all variety to save my sanity. One more set of marathons to look forward to, I suppose. I never realized how much of a difference the lack of “seasons” makes.

      A spa vacation sounds very nice… and sure, Lee Seung Gi can come — the more the merrier, right? 😉

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