Mischievous Kiss: The adorable continues!

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo‘s tenth episode came out on Dramafever yesterday. And, since that’s the episode number I vowed to wait for before watching more episodes… date photo date_zps0cab2b54.jpgI’ve successfully mini-marathoned all the way through from where I left off at episode 5! Drama-watching powers, activated!

It was totally worth the wait. The episodes are a lot shorter than the average k-drama, clocking in at around 40 minutes with a good chunk knocked off by virtue of being the opening and closing credits (neither of which seem to really exist with k-dramas — or at least, they’re tons shorter). And the story itself is so light and airy I find it more satisfying to fully immerse myself into its world for a generous block of time.

Spoilers through episode 10 below…

Kotoko continues to be extremely likable: awkward and silly but filled up full with enthusiasm and heart. I’m still highly pleased with how the drama is handling her. Yes, she’s very Naoki-focused but, despite that, he doesn’t really define her. For example, she sticks with a legendarily brutal tennis club, not to see Naoki (she’d quickly learned that wasn’t going to happen), but because when she commits to something she goes all the way. waddams photo waddams_zps710295a7.jpgAnd when she thinks Naoki is living with a girl — sure, she goes through a brief Wednesday Addams phase — but then she shakes herself out of it and actually decides to let her interest in Naoki go.

Which means Naoki has to put some effort into their relationship as well. There’s definitely a push-pull going on and he’s finally acknowledged that. He does play a bit cruel (he gets a massive kick out of teasing her) but not horribly so. (He didn’t realize she thought he was serious about another girl — and he cleared it up as soon as he realized what the problem was.)

nlearns photo nlearns_zps693872a7.jpgI’m still very pleased with how well Naoki is fleshed out. Yes, he’s a bit of robot with his practically perfect ways. But he screws up sometimes. There’s a wonderful scene in episode 10 where Kinnosuke, of all people, gives him a well-deserved lecture and Naoki not only takes it — he listens. He actually learns something that day. Which is awesome because it means he’s growing too.

And of course, I’m loving the college setting! It’s so nice to see kids who really are teetering on the verge of adulthood — college photo college_zps12a9de96.jpgtrying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, wearing their own fashions, taking little steps away from the family nest. High school is still a protected and highly structured place — college is where wing-stretching really begins and I love seeing it. (Oh, K-dramas — I’m sure you can do it too!)

And now… the long pause while I wait for the last six episodes to come out. (I’m going to miss this drama when it’s gone.)


2 thoughts on “Mischievous Kiss: The adorable continues!

  1. YES you’re finally back onboard this AND articulated, as always, exactly what I had in mind about Naoki, Kin, Kotoko and the push/pull dynamics between our main couple. I didn’t quite like episode 10 Kotoko-wise but for some reason I’ve been rewarding this episode… Haha talk about supposed drama slump :p

    • This drama is so watchable I think it slides past any slump. 😉 But it seriously is just meaty enough to be worth watching, but with so little angst there’s no threat of choking. Part of why I loves it so and am pretty sure I’ll rewatch it as soon as it’s done. 😀

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