Nine: Halftime report

heart photo awesomeheart_zps0ad17f6c.jpgNine: Nine Time Travels is awesome. That is all.

…okay maybe not all. But, we’re 12 episodes in and so far it seriously is awesome. It’s a perfect balance of the hot, the hilarious and the adorable all wrapped up in a really good time-travel story.

Pretty much spoiler free! (Vague stuff mentioned — but it’s really vague…)

Park Sun-woo is exactly the kind of hero I can get behind — thinking photo thinking_zpsda34d95f.jpgincredibly smart, coolly logical, an analytical game-master — and I adore watching him think. (Happily, this is true of both the 2013 version and the 1992 version. Both actors are shining in the role.) When things snowball, as they inevitably do, it’s not because our hero made a dumb mistake. And the fixes don’t come by mere deus ex machina — our hero has to earn them. (That he looks so very pretty as he reasons out solutions? Bonus.)

freakout photo freakout_zps7a314ad0.jpgAnd his best friend, Han Young-hoon, — the voice of sanity in a world where normal has pretty much ceased to be — brings both the hilarious and the pathos. Someone has to express the correct amount of shock when say, dead people come back to life and greet you pleasantly in the hall. And when you have a hero who’s willing to die to achieve his goal, it’s good for there to be someone on the sidelines who’d really prefer he didn’t.

Then there’s Min-young. As the supportive girlfriend and respectful subordinate it’d be easy for her role to slide into a flat, boring, even offensive, cliche. minyoung photo minyoung_zpsb776d84c.jpgBut by making her an intelligent and dogged reporter — someone who will find out the truth as soon as she realizes there’s a truth to be found — her overall brightness and her devotion to Sun-woo becomes a nice aspect to her personality, rather than the definition of who she is.

Finally, there’s the time travel. As a scifi fan, I know me some time travel; I’ve seen it handled well and I’ve seen it handled sloppily. Thus far, I’ve been really, really pleased. Nine is doing a careful, well thought out job. I’m adoring the parallel worlds method, where time moves forward at the same speed after the first fixed point of joining. And I like that there are alternative futures that don’t quite take with everyone in them — that there’s a sense that something’s not quite right.

love photo love_zps81425c58.jpgIn conclusion — awesome! Of course there’s still a good chunk of show left to go. But I have high expectations. (Extra bonus: the husband’s enjoying it, too. Though he’s decided k-dramas have a thing for time-travel.)


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