You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin: Half-time report!

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Halfway point calls for a new cut!

I’m a little over halfway through You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (of course, there’s always the possibility of extensions) and it’s been a while since I’ve done a YtBLSS-focused post so… here it is!

Mild spoilers through episode 26 below…

On the main, I’m very happy with the show. However, it’s going through a dark patch right now and I don’t think I’m feeling quite the way the story wants me to feel. Which is a little disquieting. Thank goodness for the three main love-lines, two of which are still bringing their unique version of adorable to the story.

Our furthest along romance has just begun a bumpy period, but one I totally expected to happen given the personalities involved. Yoo-shin is fiercely independent (which I love) but also incredibly defensive. Which causes most of her ugliest behavior — she’s very much of the “hit them before they hit you” school of coping. unhappyys photo unhappyys_zpsc3992d66.jpgI don’t like it, but I do understand it (I get the sense she feels pretty overlooked in her family) and it’s definitely something she needs to grow beyond if she’s going to have a healthy relationship.

I feel like Chan-woo gets her defensiveness — at least a little — so while I don’t think he’ll just let it slide (and he shouldn’t) I also think he’s gone into their relationship with eyes wide open on this issue. I suspect he’s ready to work with Yoo-shin on this. Where he needs to grow (at least, in my opinion — which may not jive with the actual show because this is a big cultural stumbling block for me I’ve realized) is with his mom.

unhappycw photo unhappycw_zps2b3c74b6.jpgI don’t think Yoo-shin is wrong in dreading his mother’s reaction to their dating. His mom will hit the roof and go after Yoo-shin like Yoo-shin’s the nastiest leech in the swamp clinging to her precious golden boy. I get the sense Chan-woo is in a tiny bit of denial about that, hoping mom’ll trust his judgement or something. But I think he needs to be prepared to stand up for Yoo-shin against his mom. (Aaaand… stumble? Are good son’s allowed to do that sort of thing?  Maybe Yoo-shin’s just supposed to suck it up and take it? I hope not. But I worry.)

Our most adorable romance is in the giddy — getting to know you — stage. Which is going very smoothly in that Hye-shin has not freaked out at all over what’s she’s learning about Jin-wook’s semi-checkered past. (Though, I don’t think she’s picked up about the prison-thing yet.) For such a cast of secret-keepers, these two are actually being fairly honest with each other. Granted, it’s more that their secrets are getting inadvertently spilled… jwcaught photo jwcaught_zpsf99223dc.jpgbut neither of them have tried to duck and cover once a secret’s out. Which is a good thing.

I suspect the prison-thing will be an issue. Especially if Hye-shin’s ex wants to be a dick. But right now the main issue is little Woo-joo’s horror at Jin-wook interacting with her mom. And the awesome part of the story is how well Jin-wook is coping with her outrage. He has such a ginormous heart and I think he’s going to be a massive support for Woo-joo and someday she’ll realize it. (Fortunately, Jin-wook is also patient.)

Our front and center romance is in a cooling stage at the moment. And I miss it. I’m really, really looking forward to Soon-shin and Joon-ho interacting more. Right now, I think the story could end with them both going their separate ways (I mean, if the story ended right now). Joon-ho would definitely know he lost something — but right now I think he’s feeling like he deserves to lose it. cooling photo cooling_zpse5591352.jpgThat fighting to get Soon-shin… well, not back — they were never together — so fighting to get her, period, is something he doesn’t have the right to do.

And he’s not wrong. The bet was a bad thing and it’s put the ball squarely in Soon-shin’s court. She’s the one who gets to decided whether or not there’s a “them” in their future. And right now romance is the furthest thing from her mind. Which means I’m not sure how they’re going to get any kind of romance back on. Which means I’m suffering some minor story-anxiety right now. I’m banking on the drama coming up with something because… come on. They’re the two leads; of course their romance isn’t over. But I have no idea how it’ll happen. Or when. (Hopefully soon!)

The part of the show that gets a little weird for me is the battle of the moms. For one, it’s very dramatic — as in filled with dramatics: lots of shouting and wailing and woe. Which can be exhausting to watch. But for another… I have a very hard time picking and choosing between hero and villain in this aspect of the story.

mom1 photo mom1_zps6321bb03.jpgI mean, I know the mom, Jung-ae, is a good person and she’s dealing with a lot of surprises and angst but… I feel like I should adore her (like I adored the mom in Ojakgyo Brothers — even when she was behaving badly) and I just don’t. I mean, I don’t want bad things to happen to her. But it’s in that mild way where you don’t want bad things to happen to anyone. I don’t root for her like I should.

And then there’s Mi-ryung. I should definitely not be rooting for her. She’s incredibly, almost psychotically, selfish and she’s been ruining Soon-shin’s life in so many different ways and yet… mom2 photo mom2_zps4e80a743.jpgOkay, I have a huge, huge, huge Lee Mi-sook bias. And that’s twisting things. But part of it is LMS is an amazing actress and she’s finding all the complexities in her character (it’s a deliciously meaty character) and that’s allowing me to find all the complexities. So even when she’s behaving badly… I sympathize.

So I’m in a weird place with that storyline where I feel one way, even as I understand that the story means for me to feel another. (I literally, at one point, watched Hye-shin’s reactions in order to figure out who I was supposed to be supporting in a scene.) And it’s confusing. At the same time, I’m getting to see a lot of Lee Mi-sook so I’m not full on complaining.

Which means that my comfort show isn’t quite as comfortable at the moment — but it’s definitely watchable. And I’m watching.


2 thoughts on “You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin: Half-time report!

  1. I have an enormous LMS bias too! I adore that woman! I peeked at Love Rain for her alone. Unfortunately I can’t do this entire drama(as in every ep, every storyline).
    And I am so glad the older sis is dating the baker! They were adore straightaway (or at least he was). Such great potential. Also didn’t the audience know about his jail time relatively early? I skipped around in the first 10 eps or so and always promised I’d tune back in but it’s never happened.

    • I wouldn’t say Hye-shin and her baker are dating yet. But they are circling ever closer. (They’ve finally exchanged names! ;)) I like the slow and steady progress they’re making since it makes sense for both of them. And it’s definitely moving forward — no false starts and stops here. (We, the audience, know Jin-wook’s been in prison (haven’t learned any real details though — like why, when, how long) but I don’t think anyone in-show knows — except his fellow prison-buddy and assistant baker, of course.)

      But yeah, it’s definitely a long show. Part of the reason I’m live-watching is I figured it’d be easier to watch in installments. So far it’s working. 😀

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