Weekly Drama Check-in Post (how I rank ’em)

I’m watching waaay too many dramas right now. But I’ve figured out a system and it seems to work. It’s a weird mix of live-watches and slow-marathons and it’s very feelings based and this is it: (Spoiler-free!)

The Oldies:

ep13kiss photo ep13kiss_zps640a433f.jpgJang Ok Jung: Live in Love …oh, how I love thee. This is the one where I stalk Dramafever from Tuesday onwards just waiting for the next subbed episode to come up. Then I watch with bated breath. Then I get overcome with feelings and opinions. And then I blog. Which makes this my current number one drama.

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin …and also reliable and comfortable and filled up full with good feelings. hiking2 photo ScreenShot2013-04-14at65917PM_zpsc6384d3d.pngEven when some of its characters are at their worst (Mom — though she’s improved), there’s still cuteness and adorableness and happiness galore. I love each of the three sisters which means I’m happy with almost all of the story lines.  I don’t always leap at the episodes as soon as they’re up, but its very reliability makes it a lovely comfort watch at the end of a stressful week.

happyteach photo happyteach_zps72771ab0.jpgUnstoppable Highkick …a perfect length, at a little less than 30 minutes, for quick breaks. Now that I’m comfortable skipping those stories I’m not as keen on (the older brother’s high school dating woes, anything between the grandmother and grandfather), the stories I do enjoy (anything Jung Il-woo, the two teachers, the Abba-loving mom) are the perfect light and easy watch.

sexybad photo sexybad_zpsbd1611ed.jpgGu Family Book… well, I’m not going to quit you. But I’m watching with arms folded. And I’m thinking I won’t blog much about you anymore (until I do a full on review) unless something changes and my current feelings change with it.

The Newbies:
pasta photo pasta_zpsb323c9b9.jpgPasta …the new kid on the block (for me — it’s a 2010 drama). I’m enjoying it, thus far. (The typical cold and jerky hero being an actual self-declared misogynist is kind of refreshing in its honesty.) But its slice-of-life set up means I’m able to grab an episode in the evening if I’m in the mood for a little romance but not a desperate need to click the next episode when its done. It’s like Lee Soon Shin in its reliability and like a longer version of Highkick for its easy in, easy out watchability for me. Of course, it’s still early days (I’m only three episodes in), so that could well change.

Nine photo 9-Times-Time-Travel-Poster1_zpsd8d42551.jpgNine …the other new kid and current dark horse. I have high expectations from the very little chatter I allowed myself to glimpse around the ‘net while staying spoiler-free. But I’m watching it with my husband so he’ll have a say about how heavily we watch it. We’ve seen the first episode and he’s willing to give it a go which is step one. However, I have no idea if it’ll hit his sweet spot and cause some mini-marathons in our future. We shall see…


16 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (how I rank ’em)

    • Per the one episode, “Nine” is interesting. I’m frustrated with “Gu Family Book” — but I know it’s well loved so, it might just be me. 😉

  1. Jung Il Woo was my fave in High Kick too! So cute with just enough broody! And I LUURRVE Pasta!! It’s one of my all-time faves, so I’m really hoping that you’ll like it!! 😀 I thought the leads had great chemistry, and that was more than enough to make up for the small-ish story, for me ^^

    • It was the small-ish story that attracted me to Pasta actually. (Well, and the leads — I like both actors.) But I’ve been watching so many knitty-knotty plot-filled stories (which I do enjoy) that a calmer drama sounded like just the thing.

      Jung Il-woo’s been getting more play time. He’s handling it well. 😉

  2. I also super adored “Pasta”, I also adore Gong Hyo-jin, enjoy! Sigh, I am in a drama drought though…nothing seems compelling or crazy enough to keep me invested. Sigh.

    • Hah! At this point I’d say, enjoy the drought; you never know when the next flood will hit you! 😉 (I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek because it can be frustrating when nothing really works for you. Maybe look to some golden oldies?)

  3. Pasta was the very FIRST Kdrama I watched. I loved it and thus, it was the starting point for me in investigating this new drama form. I had no idea what I was getting myself into….10 months ago…. I am so hooked and rarely watch other movies, only K-dramas! 🙂

    • Oh wow, what I great drama to come in on! (At least, I’m loving it so far.) I started with “Boys Before Flowers” and… yeah, it doesn’t hold up. Not as well as I think Pasta will. But still — there’s a certain something to k-dramas. They certainly do hook you! 😀

  4. I should really pick up Nine again and finish it. I’ve only heard postive things about it and apparently the ending is a good one too. Maybe in somwhere after mid June… I’m going to have a rather tall stack of backlog dramas if the new additions turn out to be watchable too. Dang it, but unfortunately school has to come first. 🙂

    • If it manages to break the dry-streak that would be awesome! There are some very promising dramas premiering as I type (I’m betting you’re looking forward to “Shark”?) but I’m so saturated with dramas now I’ll be waiting until the ones I’m watching are done before picking anything up. Bonus? Marathons!

      So far we’re enjoying “Nine”. It’s got a nice build to it where it starts off kind of small and simple and then things get tangled. We’re only on ep. 5 so I can only imagine how the tension will grow.

      • Checked out Shark, Heartless City and Cyrano and it’s surprisingly Heartless City that came out top. I didn’t even touch the ff-button once. ;P The first two episodes were quite solid and I’m really eager to know where it’s heading. I’m intrigued.

        I wasn’t anywhere near as taken by Shark as I was with the two other instalments. It does have potential though and the duo behind it usually know what they are doing. It’s just that I’m not the biggest fan of Kim Nam Gil so the transition from the kids to adults makes me a bit apprehensive. The younger cast is very good and I really like Yun Joon Suk who plays KMG as teen, so this can easily turn out to be one of those dramas where the youn’un might just be better than the older actor. Would not happen with UTW. 🙂 Talking about Da Man, have you seen the poster for his new drama? It’s gorgeous and different and made me very curious.

        Cyrano is your typical TvN romcom. It’s breezy and fun but I can’t say much about it sticks. Nothing really made a bigger impact. I might keep it for marathoning though.

        • Well, now I’ve seen the poster! 😉 It is definitely intriguing and it’s got a stellar lineup, indeed. It’ll be nice to see the Uhm-force back in full swing again. Is this the reason Shark didn’t use Uhm Tae-woong? Especially since it’s listed as the finale of a trilogy which featured UTW, I kind of raised an eyebrow at the switch. (I don’t have an opinion of Kim Nam-gil; never watched “Bad Guy” because I heard the ending was terrible.)

          I’m glad to hear Heartless City has pulled you in — its setup interested me. So one more for the “might be a must see” list. 😉

      • Yup, the poster made me instantly more interested in the drama. I wonder it the next one will feature our hero with his sword? Now, that… didn’t come out quite right. 😀

        I think UTW was set on doing a sageuk as he was sign up for that Lee Soon Shin piece before the production lost it’s timeslot. I also wonder if he’s not interested in playing yet another revengy character. He’s certainly done his share of those.

        Heartless City was bit of a dark horse indeed. I hope it’ll keep my interest for the whole run. It’s been so long since I felt fully invested in anything in dramaland. I fanally managed find time to make a post, so there’s a short first impressions piece on both it and Shark @LJ now. 🙂

        • Hah! And now I’m really looking forward to the next poster. 😉

          I remember that Lee Soon Shin drama… I was sad it kind of faded away. The premise sounded intriguing (kind of steam-punk, iirc?). And yes, UTW has gotten his vengeance in. The last drama he was in (I’m not counting his cameo in L7CS) was a revenge one so I can understand him wanting a change. Too bad on the timing, though.

          And thank you for mentioning your LJ! I’d forgotten about it but now I’ll add you to my reader list. (I don’t check LJ hardly at all anymore since all my activity is over here now.)

  5. I recommend NINE, its a great series, after episode 4 your journey with NINE will be an amazing experience. Its very unpredictable and full of twist which will keep you wondering and thinking up to the ending. Its a must watch. I really love this series that is why I really recommend it. Its different from most korean series I have been watching since 2003.

    • Ooh — if you’ve been watching since 2003 you’re totally an expert! Welcome to the blog! 😀 And I totally agree with you, episode 4 changed everything. Suddenly it’s less about fixing the past and more fixing Sun-woo’s meddling and it raises SO MANY questions and philosophical issues and I adored it!

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