Jang Ok Jung: In-hyun versus Ok-jung

A very innocent comment was left on my last post onย Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love and I had some thoughts and so I kind of let loose with a torrent of words. Enough for it’s very own post really. And so, here it is. With pictures even! (And a few more thoughts at the end — because I never leave well enough alone.)
invsok photo ivocollage_zps45b37695.jpg

Minor spoilers through episode 14 below…

Hmm… “done nothing wrong”… I disagree with that assessment of In-hyun. I think she’s very much made her own bed and, yes it pains her to lie down in it, but that was the price she told Lee Soon she was willing to pay. Also, while she is very proper and dignified and calm, she is not kind. There is steel and ambition under her quiet exterior — remember, she stepped over her dead mother to try and win the throne — and it’d be a mistake to underestimate how far she will go to get what she has long decided is hers. (I think she’s kept herself deliberately ignorant of the dirty work her dad has done in the shadows. Which, to my mind, means she’s not an innocent. Not anymore. After a while not asking questions becomes an action in and of itself.)

But I think it does come down to who you see as the usurper here: In-hyun or Ok-jung. Technically (and In-hyun lives and dies by technicalities) In-hyun is the primary wife with Ok-jung at a lower, secondary level. towedcollage photo towedcollage_zpsd6ac8b63.jpgHowever, the marriage was completely against Lee Soon’s wishes (it’s a terrible, terrible political match for him — practically destroying what power he’s managed to create if he allows it any kind of legitimacy). The only reason he allowed it — or at least, didn’t fight it (I’m not sure how tightly his hands were tied at that point) — was the promise he got In-hyun to make to bring Ok-jung into the inner palace and to provide her protection.

In-hyun broke that promise. And she’s continued to break it — first passively, allowing the Dowager Queen to do the dirty work — but now, I suspect, aggressively. (She’s the one who planted the seed that led to the humiliation of Ok-jung’s mother. I lay that deed at In-hyun’s door.) If In-hyun did manage to conceive a son and heir I absolutely think her promised protection of Ok-jung would be openly removed. She basically told Ok-jung as much.

As to the charge Lee Soon and Ok-jung are being too touchy-feely in front of her… well, if she goes poking around a newlywed’s home, she’s probably going to see some things. ep13kiss photo ep13kiss_zps640a433f.jpgBut also, the only protection Ok-jung has at the moment is the king’s affection. If there was any hint that his love for her had cooled the inner-palace would destroy her. He knows that. (As does Ok-jung. As does In-hyun, which is probably why she’s been keeping a keen eye on things.) Continuing to show interest is Lee Soon’s way of giving Ok-jung shelter. Extra bonus, it distracts the court from the political moves he’s making as they foam and froth about the power-greedy vixen and her control over him. (I’ve been very impressed with how Lee Soon’s played things thus far. Even while I worry because he’s definitely got some ruthlessness to him.)

I strongly suspect that In-hyun is already planning on ways to cool the king’s support. She’s made note of Prince Dongpyung’s concern. She’s not stupid. And she’s not tender. I worry that in the future, Lee Soon, counseled by his dying father to trust no one, will be given a reason to start doubting both Ok-jung and Prince Dongpyung. And when a ruthless man feels betrayed… well, we already know that story doesn’t end happily.


6 thoughts on “Jang Ok Jung: In-hyun versus Ok-jung

  1. honestly, i don’t even know what to think anymore about this show and the poor peeps who inhabit its world lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ i vote for me marrying dong-pyung goon and jae hee — uh… chi-soo — marrying ok-jung since he was deprived of 7 episodes, and then he can bid her goodbye and she can go back to lee soon and they can run away to the yet-unformed u.s. and live with the trappers in the frontier ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      • lol for seriously. if lee soon absolutely neeeeds a throne, i’m sure ok-jung wouldn’t mind letting him set one up on the porch~ he can move it inside when it gets cold ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It is interesting to note how In Hyun and Ok Jung react differently to the ambition their families try to force upon them- while In Hyun falls prey to the ritual and precedence of the nobility (and therefore readily becomes Queen with the understanding the King does not love her- duty and all) Ok Jung falls prey to her heart and true feelings (rich scheming uncle or not).

    I agree that the King was essentially tricked into marrying In Hyun, after all he wed her based on her promise to bring back JOJ. And so we find ourselves with the King understandably spending his nights with the woman he loves, all while the woman that schemed to get him bonds with his Mom in order to scheme to get him again (how many failures will make this duo give up?).

    In conclusion- JOJ fan club? I know you said you were game! Now for the t-shirt design, chant, and official color. I suggest we go with scarlet, the same color Ok Jung went to find in the first bride selection after In Kyung had her skirt ruined. Thoughts?

    • JOJ fan club = yes! ๐Ÿ˜€ Scarlet of course (the color of bad girls everywhere) and… we’ll work on the chant and such. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      In-hyun is very much about status quo and keeping to precedent. (Which makes sense, the status quo has been very good to her.) While Ok-jung is fighting the status quo that would keep her subservient. What In-hyun seems to have not gotten yet is that Lee Soon is fighting the status quo as well because, oddly enough, the status quo as dictated by her father would keep Lee Soon subservient to him. That’s the thing the queen mom just doesn’t seem to understand (she isn’t that bright, frankly). I wonder if In-hyun will ever get it? She’s smart enough, but it goes against everything she’s strived for so…

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