Weekly Drama Check-in Post (lots of “Jang Ok Jung” in this one)

Played a lot of catch up this week.

Gu Family Book has me worried, as I’ve said — but I’ll keep on watching for the sheer need to know what happens next.

You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin continues to be my comfort food. sadshoot photo sadshoot_zpsd333cfb1.jpgThough, this week was a little uncomfortable what with several secrets coming out and the emotional fallout that brought. Plus, there were a couple of times characters I didn’t like became the voice of reason so I felt that discomfort that comes when your enemy is suddenly on your side. But as this is all leading towards catharsis and moving on, it’s still my comfy-watch.

And of course, I still adore Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love. Though, a little poke around the internet revealed the blush coming off the rose for others. I read their critiques but I tend to disagree with them.

And now I being to spoil through episode 12…

I do agree that the Dowager Queen is a screamer getting this close to full-on crazed but… That’s where she’s always been. She’s a simple woman very content to be Minister Min’s puppet as long as she feels safe and protected. That it shamed and weakened both her husband and her son was something she seemed to never understand. grrrqueen photo grrqueen_zps64f3e112.jpgIf her political side is the strongest, it’s all good. Even if her political side shakes the throne.

And because she’s so simple her only means of attack is a full frontal assault. Which I imagine worked in the past for her. But, as Ok-jung is strong and very, very smart, victory hasn’t been coming to our Dowager Queen and thus… a lot of screaming.

I don’t expect this to go on. But I think the dramatics needed to occur. Our Dowager Queen was not going to go quietly into that good night. Getting Ok-jung past her required a good old-fashioned mud-slinging tussle. They’ve tussled. And the last scene in episode 12 suggests Ok-jung is about to achieve final victory. Which should mean a return to the quieter scheming of our usual suspects with Ok-jung officially on the board.

If the dramatics continue, I’ll revisit my view but as of now? My love for Jang Ok Jung continues unabated.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (lots of “Jang Ok Jung” in this one)

  1. Her screaming is definitely a little obnoxious, but still technically in character. What I wish would happen (and that’s of course merely hypothetical) is that she care more about her son and the position of the throne than whether or not her son and throne is backed by the Western party. But, hey. That’s family politics in Joseon for you. Nothing going to change there, and with this modernized depiction of it, I guess it’d a be a little too convoluted if the drama tried to explain what’s fundamentally right with one party as opposed to other. They’re both out to save their own necks, and the king just wants to play it down the middle, but otherwise family loyalty is the only thing that seems to sway these people, main character plot devices aside.

    • It would be so, so awesome if the Queen Dowager cared about her son and his throne, I agree. And I agree, it’s not going to happen. Mainly because she doesn’t see the strength of the throne in and of itself. For her, the strength comes from her party. (And she’s not totally insane to think that — what with the other party nearly murdering her boy. I’m sure that attempted coup just cemented her party loyalties.)

      Yeah, I don’t understand what it is exactly that separates the two parties (ideology? physical location? combination of both?) — though I do like that they’ve not been sorted as one good the other evil. I think the “power corrupts” philosophy is the underlying theme. The parties need to be balanced, with the throne as an equally strong power being part of that balancing act, for the country to move forward. At least, I think that’s Lee Soon’s theory and goal. (One his mom thinks is crazy-talk — she’s definitely sorted the two parties as good and evil.)

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