Sung Joon, what are they doing to you!?!

I’m behind on Gu Family Book so I missed the gasp heard round the world (there had to be a collective gasp) — but let me add my own cry of despair. His hair had been unfortunate.
badhair photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at115148AM2_zps5beaac2a.png But this is just plain mean. (No Spoilers… but it’s all just too horrible!)

hairhorror1 photo hairhorror1_zps5c952594.jpg

I’ll admit that my very first thought when I saw it was, “Yay! A new do!” But then I was like, “Is that..? Is that a…? Is that a mullet?” Side view confirmed my fears.

hairhorror2 photo hairhorror2_zps27b24bfb.jpg

Even Mrs. Brady disapproves. And she invented the look!

carolbrady photo 120507061512-tv-mom-carol-brady-florence-henderson-horizontal-gallery_zpsebbd4ca9.jpg

Don’t be too angry, Sung Joon.
hairhorror3 photo hairhorror3_zpsd936251d.jpg
Think of this as an acting handicap. You’re just so damn good they had to hold you back somehow. I’ll remember your better days.
sungjoon3 photo image_zpsa3ade1c0.jpg
And wait for them to come again.
SungJoon photo sj3_zpsa1c5a446.jpg


20 thoughts on “Sung Joon, what are they doing to you!?!

  1. Haha… This is just too horrible. I’m glad I dropped Gu before I was forced to look at him like that. I’ll be admiring his better [hair] days then, and wait for him to pick another project.

  2. Oy, it’s the 70’s again! ;P

    That is one ugly do, that’s for sure. What’s with the k-dramas recent bent on uglyfying hot men? Too much HOT?

    • Ooh, who else has been ugly-fied? I’m dying to know.

      I have to wonder if they’re doing this semi-deliberately to explain how his character has been totally overlooked by the female lead? I just can’t believe it’s hard to create Joseon-era hair for Sung Joon. It’s not like he has a weird head or something.

      • Oh, there’s been a few, I just can’t remember the really bad ones right off the cuff. LOL! Jang Hyuk’s short crop in Iris 2 wasn’t very flattering but he sorta worked it.

        • I suspect Jang Hyuk is very good at working otherwise questionable things. 😉 Also, I have a shorthair bias with guys so it’s a little less likely to hit me as horrible as longer cuts.

  3. Holy guacamole, Batman! I’m not even watching this drama, but couldn’t resist commenting. This post is hilarious. Lols.

    • If Sung Joon’s struggle with historically accurate(ish) hair isn’t worthy of laughs, I don’t know what it. 😉 Glad you enjoyed, Ilovekimchi!

  4. This post is so funny! 🙂 Sorry Sung Joon. It’s not you; it’s the hair … I’m only on episode 2 of Gu Family Book, so I have not yet seen the hair horrors…Actually, what really made me laugh is Mrs. Brady’s disapproval. I guess she is into k-dramas too. 😀 Thanks BetsyHP for this entertaining post!

    • Mrs. Brady is totally into K-dramas. She and Alice catch an episode or two when the kids are at school and argue over who does better broody shower scenes — Lee Min-ho or Song Seung-hun. (Alice, being old-school is for SSH, but Mrs. Brady has a soft spot for “Boys Over Flowers” so…) 😉

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