Weekly Drama Check-in Post (100th post! yay!)

One hundred posts, baby!
surprise photo surprise_zpsb7329884.jpg I love the round figure of it and that there’s three digits and that it means I’ve kept on posting away. Accomplishment! That’s what I feel and I do like that feeling.

Now that the mini-celebration is done — onto this week in drama watching! (Spoilers for “Lee Soon Shin” and “Jung Ok Jung” below.) The usual suspects were a tiny bit ignored, I have to admit. I managed to keep up with You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. Because subs came out on Monday so it worked well schedule-wise. (Dramafever has  been surprisingly speedy with the subs — I like it.) Also it’s consistently adorable and I was in a mood for adorable.

The love-lines in You’re the Best are all being really well handled — from the finally declared and now figuring out how to act around each other Yoo-shin and Chan-woo gigglycw photo gigglycw_zpsa7b095cf.jpg(I love happy, giggly Chan-woo), to the slow and steady of Hye-shin and Jin-wook (aka: Bread Man — Dramabeans’ perfect nickname for him), and the mutual and mutually denied speeding hearts of Soon-shin and Joon-ho. Which is very awesome.

Mom is still not-awesome. In fact she’s so bad she’s failing her mom-duties for her older daughters’ too. Her nastiness to Soon-shin means none of her daughters trust her as a reliable source for help and comfort — so their secrets continue. (What is awesome is they’re doing a good job mothering each other — something Mom will hopefully be grateful for when she finally pulls her head out of her butt.)

And, most unfortunately, Joon-ho’s secretary, Jo In-sung, went from amusingly quirky to intensely not-awesome when he broke probably the most sacred rule of being a secretary: isfail photo isfail_zps450e11c5.jpghe bitched about the boss. To a client. To a CLIENT!! I could not believe that moment. That is seriously, seriously, seriously the biggest faux pas a secretary can make. I don’t care if your boss is trying to gnaw the leg off a chair. The client doesn’t get to know. Certainly not from you. And in a total non-surprise, In-sung’s big mouth has dug his boss into a major, massive, career damaging problem. Because that’s what happens when you break sacred rules! (And now my rant is done.)

As mentioned in previous posts, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo took up a big chunk of  my viewing time. Worth it! I will try really, really hard to put off watching more until there’s enough episodes to create a mini-marathon. (The college part is next! I adore college stories!)

And I finally realized (and also realized why) I’ve been purposefully delaying catching up with Jung Ok Jung: Live for Love. I’m scared. jojrealizes photo jojrealizes_zpsa32a0ed4.jpgThe big declaration has happened and Jung Ok-jung is going to have to shift her purpose and motive. I liked that she had a clear and self-defined motive driving her — and that it wasn’t shaped by the men around her. And I’m worried that, now that she’s shifting towards loving the King, her motives will shift as well and become less hers and more his. I am totally making this worry up, I know. It might not happen. Probably won’t happen if the story stays true to what it’s done so far. But I’m at a place where I’m so deeply in love with the show I’m terrified it’ll let me down. So I’m ducking its calls even while I want it to keep calling.

But I’ve not snuck behind Jung Ok Jung‘s back to watch Gu Family Book. Because that would be cheating. I’m crazy, but a principled kind of crazy.

And that’s my week in drama-land!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (100th post! yay!)

    • Thanks, kfangurl! I was kind of surprised at how quickly it snuck up on me. And I have to say, your posts are so meaty and massive — definitely a quality over quantity thing. 😉

  1. Boy, do I EVER agree with your rant about the loose-lipped assistant!! I could not believe the writer had him blab, not once, but twice!! It would have made more sense to me if the rumors had come from another employee, but to come from someone in a trusted, confidential position…UGH!!

    • I’m glad to hear you saw that too, maimymit. I wasn’t sure if I was being too picky. But it was so, so wrong! I’m wondering if we’re supposed to see In-sung as a bad assistant now? Like maybe he’s being kept around because Joon-ho is a softy at heart? Because what he did is truly a firing offense. Even if Mi-ryung wasn’t out to sabotage she’d be rethinking her contract because apparently Joon-ho has lost his abilities. Or maybe the writers didn’t realize how badly In-sung came across?

      At this point I’m leaning towards it being a bit of sloppy storytelling — they had an actor who could conceivably deliver the lines so they gave it to him without thinking through the consequences. (The 1 month ultimatum struck me as similarly sloppy — why 1 month? Why make it so much harder for himself?) And right now I’m okay with handwaving because I’m enjoying the Cinderella aspect and the other storylines. But if it keeps up for too long Joon-hoo will start to look unintentionally incompetent — which will be harder for me to handwave. Hopefully that won’t happen.

  2. Congratulations to your 100th post! 🙂

    축하합니다 !

    I am enjoying following your blog. I look forward to reading more of your awesome posts, not just about Korean dramas, but also Japanese dramas or maybe in the future Taiwanese dramas!

    • Thank you, LotusHeart! 🙂 And yes, it’ll be interesting for me to see as well — I’m never sure what I’m going to do until I do it. 😉

  3. I know your 100th post was now a little while ago but I wanted to drop by and say congratulations as I explore your blog, as due to my only very new blog I am starting to realise what a huge feat getting to 100 posts must be!
    I only hope I manage to stick around as long as you!! 🙂

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