Existential crisis alert!

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Dramafever has been advertising their first ever, live-broadcast, Japanese drama, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, for a long long time (weeks! or at least… days! plural!) and the other day I caved to the ad-pressure and it’s pretty marvelous. It’s a retelling of the same popular manga the Korean drama, Playful Kiss, was based on and there is so much I could say about it. Tons even!

Here’s my crisis. It’s a Japanese drama. And this is a blog about my explorations of Korean dramas. Yes, they’re both in Asia but… Does it dilute my blog’s purpose to throw in a Japanese drama? And once I start down that path there’s Taiwanese or Chinese… Where does the line get drawn?

There is definitely a line. I’m not writing about Western shows I’m watching and loving and have thoughts on (*cough*Game of Thrones*cough*).  Part of the fun of Creating Volumes is being the innocent abroad — watching great (and sometimes not so great) stories while learning about a new culture. Does that change if I include neighboring countries? Will pulling in stories from different cultures distract me from what I’m learning about Korea? Or will it enrich my experience somehow?

What do you all think? Much ado about nothing? (I am so good at creating ado’s about nothing much.) Would it throw off everything to have J-dramas and C-dramas and T-dramas join the party? Or would it make the party that much more fun?


14 thoughts on “Existential crisis alert!

  1. OMG I love this entry so much, I can soooo relate, although mine’s typically on writing about non-drama-related materials or non-reviews. Damn, has this show’s bug gotten to you too? I’ve never been taken by PK’s storyline, despite the nth remakes that’s out there…

    Regarding writing about it, I say… why not? Don’t declare it as a regular thing, because it likely won’t be, but it could be one of those “goodie surprises” that Creating Volumes (okay, you) would offer from time to time – if whatever I’m saying makes sense 🙂

    Though personally and frankly, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on anything drama-related, even if they’re not necessarily of Korean shores!

    • That makes a lot of sense, actually. 🙂 And, especially in this case, it’s linked to an actual k-drama, so I’m not going that far afield.

      Damn, has this show’s bug gotten to you too?

      Hee! Well, I’m really easy when it comes to advertising. Plus, I liked the quieter sides to the PK storyline so I was curious anyway. And then it turned out to be pretty good so…

  2. Do what feels right, I say 🙂 I’ve seen a number of blogs that incorporate J-dramas, and even T- and C-dramas in their content, and make that their thing.

    Personally, I’m choosing to stick to just kdramas on my blog, so whatever Jdramas I watch on the side don’t get mentioned or reviewed. I feel like this choice gives my blog focus, and gives me freedom to watch sth without thinking about screencapping or thinking too hard about cinematography & character development. Coz much as I love to talk about those things, I find it refreshing to simply watch sth casually on the side 🙂

    • There is definitely something to be said about keeping some stuff aside for the pure pleasure of it, rather than analyzing, etc. What I might do is write about dramas outside of K-dramas if I can link it back somehow. This one has an obvious link and in the future…? I’ll just cross that bridge when I get to it. 😀

  3. If you are interested in learning about another culture, it is not a bad idea to venture out into dramas other than Korean dramas. Before Korean dramas and K-Pop became big in Asian entertainment industry, Japanese dramas and J-Pop used to dominate the Asian pop culture.

    Before I became addicted to Korean dramas, I used to watch Japanese dramas. Watching Japanese dramas helped me so much about understanding how Japanese think and live, it also started my journey of learning Japanese. My all time favorite is “Shiroi Kyoto” (The Great White Tower) produced by Fuji TV in 2003. “Last Present” produced by NTV in 2004 is another one I truly love. Both are deep, thought-provoking. They made me ponder and reflect on myself. Korean dramas for me is more of a form of escapism.

    I missed watching good Japanese dramas, but I hesitate to watch “Mischievious Kiss: Love in Tokyo” since I still have the vivid painful memory of forcing myself to finish ” Playful Kiss”.

    • I watched anime and read manga so I have a little bit of familiarity with Japanese pop-culture. Not a lot, because it was all translated and dubbed. (I would have preferred non-dubbed anime, but at the time I was looking the options were extremely limited.) But actual J-dramas I’ve had a harder time finding. And K-dramas were right there for the viewing. So this was a totally new experience for me.

      I missed watching good Japanese dramas, but I hesitate to watch “Mischievious Kiss: Love in Tokyo” since I still have the vivid painful memory of forcing myself to finish ” Playful Kiss”.

      Hah! Well, I can say there’s a lot less wacky hijinks in the MK version. And I think the lower key suits the simple story a lot better.

  4. If you really want to write about TW or J dramas, you should definitely go for it….I haven’t seen any other shows except Korean (and Indian and American), so this thing never confused me….but once in a while you can post about them as well!!

    • It seems like Dramafever (and possibly Viki?) are getting more dramas from Japan and Taiwan (and I think China?). And since they’re a major K-drama source for me, the possibilities are opening up before me. 😉

  5. I think you should go for it! There are some really good J and T dramas out there. Love in Tokyo, imo, is far better than PK, and has the advantage of a much shorter running time than the T drama remake.

  6. I feel you though I settled that by writing my first review ever about a Japanese drama! (Whoops…) I feel like it’s your call, but I wouldn’t worry about diluting your blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on the japanese version of Playful Kiss because I’ve been thinking about watching it. I also feel like this one is such an easy leap from kdramas to jdramas. But hey, it’s your blog do what you want, but don’t worry about losing readers. I’d probably look forward to those posts!

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