Weekly Drama Check-In Post (the lazy addition)

I’ve just finished a massive organization project (not k-drama related *yawn*) and am still pretty brain-dead from the experience. So this is going to be a down and dirty post.

No spoilers! (Or at least, vague enough to be spoiler-light.)

Watched Gu Family Book and have come to realize that my most favorite of characters is Chung-jo. She fascinates me — even more so than the monster struggling to be a man, Kang-chi. The last two episodes I was seriously just waiting through the other’s scenes for her to come back onto my screen.

Part of it is Lee Yoo-bi. She’s killing the role, layering in so much complexity and meaning that I can’t help but feel for her as she struggles through a pretty horrific time. tiedtotree photo tiedtotree_zpsc7d079dd.jpg(You can really see her acting chops with how she handles the exact same scene as played by Lee Yeon-hee in the first episode. Where Yeon-hee gave us rage — and not much else — Yoo-bi gave us rage, terror, revulsion and grief all mixed up into one big emotional ball.)

The other part is I feel like I’ve seen Kang-chi’s story before and I’m pretty sure I know how it’s going to go and so far I’ve not been that surprised. It’s still a fun popcorn story. But it doesn’t move me. Whereas Chung-jo’s story isn’t as straightforward. It echoes the drama’s prologue, yes, but then she chooses to go in a completely different (and far more pragmatic and less selfish) direction and I have no idea how it’ll all turn out. So I’m definitely watching.

ep15 photo jiwep15_zps13f68080.jpg

A (brief) scene of his own…

Dipped back into Unstoppable Highkick. For the first time ever in my drama-watching experience I fast-forwarded through some scenes. I realized this is a watch-while-ironing (or doing some other at-home task), rather than a stay-riveted-to-the-screen, show. But since I can’t do that (must read subs!) it’s okay to skip through stuff I’d not pay that much attention to anyway. (This actually counts as a big epiphany for me.) And I was rewarded! Jung Il-woo had plot stuff to do! It’s the little things.

audition photo audition_zpsd1d49432.jpgAnd I think that’s it? Oh! I nearly forgot You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. Which is chugging along adorably but also giving our Cinderella not one but two evil mother figures. (They’re not actually evil — but they are behaving badly.) Fortunately, Soon Shin has two good sisters and a Joon-ho. So it evens out in the end.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-In Post (the lazy addition)

  1. LOL! High Kick is definitely a casual watch kind of show.. No screen-riveting here.. Well. Not much, anyway. Jung Il Woo gets a lot more screen time as you get into the later episodes, so keep goin’! 😀 There’s a reason he was the breakout star of this show ^^

    • It was hilarious how long it took for that lightbulb to go off… “Wait… I could just… skip this scene?” And it was still fun and I didn’t miss a story point and I got more concentrated Jung Il-woo! Win-win! 😀

  2. Haha, when I first realized that it was okay to skip some stuff in longer dramas and not miss anything important it totally felt like an epiphany to me too. I sometimes really wish I could watch K-dramas without having to read the subtitles, so I could just do some cleaning or cooking while the drama is on and not miss anything.

    • Hee! It really is a mind-opening realization that you can skip stuff if you want to. And this show would be perfect to do domestic stuff to… if only. 😉

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