Delicious drama was delicious!

eating2 photo ScreenShot2013-05-01at40937PM_zps7fff0daa.pngAaaaand done. That was fun! I’d forgotten the glorious decadence of the non-stop marathon. It’s not something you can do all the time (that way lies light-aversion and zombiehood) but it’s certainly fun to indulge every once in a while.

Surprisingly spoiler free!

I’m especially pleased that I picked a drama well-suited for it. Incarnation of Money told a story intricate enough to contain sudden reversals and plot twists and turns galore. Which meant I was on the edge of my seat for the duration. Not an easy task, especially for a drama of that length. I’ve found 24 episodes-length dramas often lag towards the last third. The plot treads water until we finally reach the moment of climax and then it’s a mad dash towards denouement. At which point, in the worst case, things often fall apart entirely with great leaps of logic and character instability. Though, even at best, the lag causes the story to suffer a little in my eyes.

But that didn’t happen here. I think it’s because they told more than one story, really. It wasn’t just hero versus villain. It started off with villain versus innocent (and, unfortunately ignorant), then moved to the innocent’s slide into mild-villany, then the redemption of mild-villain into hero, and only then did we get the hero versus the actual villain. So there were enough stories being told that the end bit felt as tightly told as the beginning.

eating1 photo ScreenShot2013-05-01at40925PM1_zpsa2294114.pngI’m still chewing over the meat of the plot and the ways in which this was a standard revenge-melo and the ways it totally wasn’t. But for now? For now I just want to say: Thanks, drama. You totally hit the spot.


6 thoughts on “Delicious drama was delicious!

  1. yay…you liked incarnation Of Money… true that most of the dramas start to irritate us in later episodes, but here there was just the opposite case!!

    • They did such an amazing job keeping the story fresh. Other dramas should take note. If it’s this long, your story will need different chapters. IoM did that beautifully.

    • I really think it’s perfect for marathoning. I mean, not that it’s a perfect drama — there are a few bobbles and things that had me raising an eyebrow or two. But it’s a lot of fun and keeps the story moving along and in the end I was happy. 🙂

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