Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Randomly random!)

Allow me to present, in no particular order, a few random thoughts on dramas I’m watching. Spoiler free! (I think. I’m pretty sure. I’m really vague in my comments so if you haven’t seen the episodes you won’t really know what I’m talking mommopes photo mommopes_zpsa1a780cc.jpgabout which I’d say means it doesn’t spoil anything. But… reader beware, I guess?)

You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin is still mostly adorable. Though its last two episodes caught a bad case of the mopey-mom. Mom certainly had reason to be mopey, but her scenes were pretty draggy. My hope is that the dramatics her depression and anger created have done their job and she’ll begin to cheer up. (Or, at least not have as many scenes. That would work, too.)

I’m still enjoying Gu Family Book. It’s a ton of fun, though not deeply addictive. Sung Joon is working the reaction shots and bringing the sexy even with his hair-handicap. Which doesn’t surprise me. What has surprised me is how much I’m adoring Kang-chi’s first love, Chung-jo. She is such an awesome character — so mature and brave and the opposite of Seo-hwa, the character whose history she is repeating. chungjo photo chungjo_zpse9f1c202.jpg(Which we know because the drama has the dastardly villain actually see her as Seo-hwa at one point. One thing the show is not is subtle.)

I’m really impressed with Lee Yoo-bi’s portrayal of her. She did a good job as the baby-sister in Nice Guy but I feel like this role is asking a lot more from her. She has to show both her powerful love for Kang-chi, but also her mature realization that their love can never happen without deeply wounding her family. And she expresses a massive amount of bravery while also showing how utterly terrified she is. In a drama filled with straight-forward non-conflicted characters (even the villain is totally onboard with his villainy), her character is a welcome breath of complexity. And Lee Yoo-bi is working it.

monk photo monk_zpsd8f21552.jpgThe character I don’t like is the monk. Would it seriously kill him to throw in a few “whys” with his cryptic orders? I know he’s a good-guy and we’re probably supposed to see him as the voice of reason and wisdom. But he’s rubbing me wrong with his smug, “I know something you don’t know” attitude. And he’s laying some emotional guilt on Kang-chi that I feel slips from tough-love into cruel shifting of blame.

wakingup photo wakingup_zps11880834.jpg

The “brothers stumbling into breakfast” scene. Jung Il-woo does look sleepy. Acting!

I haven’t given up on Unstoppable HIghkick. But I’ve slowed waaay down (only on episode 12). It’s amusing thus far, but only mildly so. And none of the current storylines are pulling me in. I suspect I’m suffering from a lack of Jung Il-woo. His character is still fairly background at this point. I expect that as his storyline builds up, my viewing will speed up in proportion. (This probably makes me a very shallow viewer. But at least I’m an honest shallow viewer.)

A few (very) random thoughts about Incarnation of Money. First off, I only just realized (in my last post, when I had to spell it out) that the drama title is not actually Incarceration of Money. They look somewhat similar, so I can see why I made the mistake when I was just quickly reading it, but wow do they mean different things. “Incarnation” makes much more sense — especially with all the biblical quotes that get thrown around when the vengeance bit gets going.

Also, the tension-building music the show uses has a very similar chord progression to the tension-building music for David Lynch’s Dune. (Which also makes use of a fat-suit!)

Dunebaron photo Scene-from-Dune-directed--001_zps47ca8efa.jpg

Lynch, as usual, took the fat-suit in a… different direction.

And finally… Only two days until the next episode of Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love!! (If you’re sub-dependant. Which I am.)

library photo test_zpsfd43e72f.jpg

Random library scene. Because …pretty!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Randomly random!)

  1. I agree…..mom’s scenes in You’re The Best lee Soon Shin are really boring now…I wanted to just fast forward those draggy scenes…..but rest of the part is pretty cute 🙂

    • The rest is cute. And I’m hoping that this was the bottom for mom and that the draggy scenes have served their purpose (they were actually driving towards a plot-turn so at least they weren’t pointless) and will be allowed to fade away.

  2. Good job keeping in spoiler free! I know it’s really difficult because I try to with my reviews, but I feel like I accidentally fail everytime. I have gotten so far behind on Lee Soon Shin but I’m glad to hear it’s still mostly cute. I keep meaning to catch up, but I think it’ll be a while before I do. I still haven’t made the jump from reading recaps to actually watching Gu Family Book, but I like what I see (er…read…) so far, so I might need to do that!

    • Thanks! It probably helped that I was talking about side things that didn’t involve too much plot, because yeah, spoiler-free is hard.

      I actually kind of envy you on being behind on LSS because that means you’ll have the fun of a mini-marathon catchup. The mom might be mopey but the couples are all adorable.

      GFB is another fun watch (with a lot more grim served on the side — being all action-adventure and all) that would also make for a cool marathon. So you’ve got a good dance-card lined up when you’ve got some free time! 😉

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