The joy of the drama-watching-marathon

scooterride photo scooterride_zps4ae27db7.jpg…otherwise known as: Dear God, someone stop me!

My past few evenings have been free (husband with dinner meetings leaving me all, all alone) and of course I didn’t want to be bored. And I’ve been curious about Incarnation of Money which has just finished up without any cries of despair from the live viewers (though I’ve been careful about looking too deeply out of fear of spoilers) so I thought, “Hey, just take a quick peek at the beginning and see if it’s up your alley.”

Ahahaha! Yeah. Several late nights and early mornings later… I’m 10 episodes in and eager for more. Which is awesome! I’ve been live-watching for a good while now and I’d forgotten how deeply enjoyable it is to immerse yourself into a drama-world and just soak it all in. When you live-watch there’s a built in break. A week of waiting during which one of two things happen with me.

Either, I forget the drama for a while and need to be reminded what cliff-hanger we’d been left off on. Which means I need a tiny little push to re-enter the world the drama’s been setting up. Or, I replay scenes over and over in my head, plumbing them for meaning, analyzing what the story’s saying or where it might be going. Which means I enter the next episode with a massive amount of anticipation — intellectual and emotional.

And both can be enjoyable ways of watching. There’s the little frisson of excitement that comes from the re-introduction to a world I’ve been enjoying. And there’s the satisfaction of watching a theory come together.

But the marathon… that’s a different beast.  Because when I really dive in, the episodes begin to blend together. Cliff-hangers aren’t quite as powerful because I get the answer right away. It’s the story itself that drives me on — my analytical brain is switched off (or at least at rest — busy taking in information, not spitting it out) and figuring out themes and deeper meaning come later.  For those wonderful, uninterrupted hours, the play itself is the thing.

I’m approaching the halfway point of Incarnation of Money. We’ve gone through two time-jumps and finally the lead actor, Kang Ji-hwan, is playing his age (I’ll admit it was hard to buy him as a fresh out of Law School 20-something).

babyface photo babyface_zps221bd5d2.jpg

Not really that baby-faced.

The leading lady is out of her fat-suit (again, finally — I not a fan of fat-suits for a variety of reasons) and her comedy chops are fully unleashed. (Seriously, Hwang Jung-eum is hilarious.)

fatsuit photo fatsuit_zpsf9ae08b8.jpg

Yes, I can tell that’s a fat-suit actually.

And we’re gearing up for (I think!) the big game between our hero and the villain. Which should be awesome!

lovemoney photo lovemoney_zps60b7c404.jpgThere’ve been a ton of ethical issues raised and at some point I expect I’ll be processing those issues and forming opinions. But as of right now I’m at a level of — sure, you might be despicably corrupt, but have you tortured any innocent women or tried to kill a child? No? Then congratulations, you’re a good guy!

Analysis will come later. Right now… bring on episode 11!


4 thoughts on “The joy of the drama-watching-marathon

  1. I SO hear ya on the marathon vs live-watching. I’m starting to miss doing the former esp because so much of Real Life takes place for me in that in-between. Case in point: i’ve notoriously dropped so many dramas in this first quarter of the year it’s so shocking (coming from someone who used to be anti-FF and obsessed about watching to completion). Anyhow, sorry to be sidetracked aha – let me know if this one’s any good and well-worth the watch; I’ve been seeing mixed reviews, though mostly positive (but very quiet buzz, nonetheless). I’ll wait for your final analysis/review/musings to make my decision haha – but take your time! Immerse – as you’d said 😉

    • There is a definite magic to the marathon. I’ve begun to deliberately set dramas aside rather than live-watching them, just so I can have that thrill.

      I’ll definitely review IM when I’m done. Probably do a reaction post, too, once my brain kicks back in. 😉

  2. Marathoning is my go-to method of consuming dramas, coz there’s no break in momentum, and I love that 🙂 I also tend not to forget details which may or may not be important as I progress through the episodes.. I guess this might be a good thing for some dramas that build on those details deliberately, but not such a good thing for dramas that suck at maintaining logic threads, heh.

    Anyhoo, yay that you’re enjoying your marathon of IOM – this one’s been a quiet one for sure, but whatever buzz I did hear has been positive, so it’s still on my list at this point! ^^

    • That unbroken momentum is awesome. Once I began live-watching I realized I was missing it. There’s still a fun side to live-watching (especially if the show isn’t that great but maybe you like an actor or two *cough*FashionKing*cough*) — but I’ve begun putting shows aside to marathon just to get that great gulp of story.

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