Weekly Drama Check-in Post (finally!)

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Which girl represents which show? You decide…

After all the Gu Family Book versus Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love excitement, I almost forgot the simple pleasures of You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. Fortunately, it just takes one watch to pull me back in.

[Tangent: It’s kind of unfair that Gu Family and Jang Ok Jung have been set up as rivals. It’s strictly a timing thing — they’ve really got nothing in common. Once they’re done, and no longer connected by their airing dates, I doubt anyone will to link them together. It’ll be more Jang Ok Jung versus The Moon Embracing the Sun and Gu Family versus Arang and the Magistrate. Honestly, I’m enjoying them both at this point, for vastly different reasons. Though, Jang Ok Jung is more designed to float my particular boat.]

The last episode of Lee Soon Shin (episode 12), is chock full of finally’s. Which impresses the storyteller in me because it means they’ve got a lot more story to tell. Spoilers through ep. 12 to follow:

Soon-shin and Yi-jung finally had it out. Hilariously, of course.
fight1 photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at45533PM_zps925f036b.png

Which led to some close proximity between Soon-shin and Joon-ho and we finally hear the audible heartbeat of blossoming attraction.
heartbeat1 photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at50028PM_zpsfa18e0e9.png

Which led to Jo Jung Suk releasing his inner-hotness. Finally! (The man plays the clown so, so well that it’s easy to forget he can bring the sexy.)
heartbeat2 photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at50033PM_zps11c00649.png

Meanwhile, Chan-woo finally cut through Yoo-shin’s bullshit and kissed her. And she… is still paddling around the denial pool, but at least had enough sense to kiss him back.
cwandyskiss photo ScreenShot2013-04-21at50638PM_zpsca56dabe.png

And finally, finally, finally we got some indication that Soon-shin has some acting chops.
actingcollage photo actingcollage_zps7e0ef599.jpg
I loved that they did more than have her read an emotional scene. It was her acting choice that impressed Mi-ryung (a choice I was so, so hoping Soon-shin would make when it got set up at the beginning). It was nice that people saw a basic likability in her, but I wanted something to hang a “she’s actually got talent” hat on. Show finally delivered. I am happy.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (finally!)

  1. Ah damn, every blog I check out seems to be talking about this show – regardless in detail or in snippets.I’m now feeling oddly left out… But it’s 50 episodes… Ahhh, tough. Love this post though! I totally agree that JJS can bring in the sexy as awesomely as he does the funny.

    • Hah! The power of peer pressure? 😉 Part of the reason I started was I figured 50 eps would be easier to handle in live, 2 hour bites. Of course now I’m dealing with “want more now!” pressure, but… can’t have it all. 😉

  2. LOVE how you’ve linked JOJ to Moon/Sun and GFB to Arang, coz I enjoyed both Moon/Sun and Arang for very different reasons, and I am now quite happy to anticipate checking out both shows. AND LSS, too, of course, coz I can’t possibly pass up JJS in a lead role, now, can I? 😀

    • It’s funny how sharing a time-slot can make unrelated dramas somehow related. I mean, I understand the whys — but in the grand scheme? Not a lasting comparison.

      And yes, you cannot pass up JJS in a lead role! 😀 He is rocking it, too. So as of right now, it’s definitely one to look forward too.

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