cutie photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at112337AM3_zps44b84650.pngGu Family Book has won me back over. I’m still not completely thrilled with the prologue story but… Spoilers through episode 4 to follow:

I liked that Yoon Seo-hwa tried to kill Jo Gwan-woong. Sure, she failed. And died. But she tried and I can respect that. Having some respect restored for her character was very, very helpful for me.  It allows me to handwave the bits that bothered me in the prologue and take the story as meant. (I’m currently writing the bobbles off as the missteps of a long-form storyteller telling a short story. The disciplines are different enough that I can be forgiving. Especially if the long story is good.)

I love Kang-chi’s relationship with the Park family — that even though he’s technically the eldest, the two siblings treat him like a little brother.  1stlove photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at113044AM_zps6ac175ab.pngAnd I adore that the blushing first-love is felt by both Kang-chi and Chung-jo, and acknowledged by the both of them. And I’m even happier that Chung-jo is the mature one who sees it can never be and is pragmatically preparing for a wedding that will most benefit her family. (I’d expected her to be an empty-minded spoiled brat, so the pleasant surprise was very pleasant indeed.)

And I like Yeo-wool! I wasn’t sure what to expect there at all, but I really like her character. She’s as straight forward as Kang-chi, truelove photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at114509AM_zps832f0e42.pngmaybe a tiny bit wiser to the ways of the world — but not by much. Their mutual idealism and earnestness works, I think, as the fated couple to be.

(I think the role is well suited for Suzy, too. I know there was a big question on her acting abilities and I’m not an acting coach or anything but I do have a blog, so… In my judgement she’s much more comfortable, not nearly as stiff, on camera than she was in Big. I don’t know how she’ll do conveying complex emotions — thus far she hasn’t had to. But so far so good.)

The story looks to be shaping into an entertaining, action drama with a healthy dose of myth to add spice. I like that Kang-chi, son of a protective spirit, is so darn protective (his declarations of being the protector of the Hundred Year Inn rang deep, I thought). I actually like that the villain of the piece is deliciously, mustache-twirlingly, evil. villain photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at114100AM_zps89da1e4a.pngSometimes you just want to hiss the baddy — not feel their pain. And I’m taking Lady Yoon’s fairly nonsensical evilness on the same measure — she’s playing spoiler because someone’s got to be the fly in the ointment. (Sudden thought! Her family name is the same as Kang-chi’s mom. Are they actually blood-relatives in some way? Or is this just a, there aren’t that many family names in Korea, coincidence?)

The only thing I’ve found totally unforgivable is Sung Joon’s Gon. Not his acting. His acting is stellar and I love the character already. But really… who came up with that hair? Here’s hoping it improves as the drama continues.

badhair photo ScreenShot2013-04-18at115148AM2_zps5beaac2a.png

Too sexy for his hair. Literally.


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