Weekly Drama Check-in Post (has been hijacked!)

…by Gaksital.  There is seriously no way to just watch one episode. gakbs photo joowon_zpsc429cae8.jpgWe (my husband and I) managed to actually get outside yesterday by promising ourselves we’d watch more Gakstial when we got back, but still — the day was peppered with episodes. And we had to be very firm and disciplined about going to bed and today? We’re taking a “pause for breath” break from our Gaksital marathon. (Seriously. Cannot watch just one.)

Mild spoilers below:

It’s interesting watching it again and watching it in company. It’s very, very apparent that Shunji has a fatal flaw — that’s he’s not just a victim of his time (though his time certainly exasperated and gave full rein to his flaw). My husband was the one who noticed it: he’s never had to work for something in his life. If he didn’t want to do something, he didn’t do it. So he’s shocked when things don’t go his way, so shocked he goes a little (and then a little more, and even a little more) mad.

I hadn’t picked up on this before, but Shunji’s initial burst of anger towards and distrust of Kang-to comes not because he suspects Kang-to is Gaksital or even of his being disloyal to the Empire. He’s upset and hurt that Kang-to followed orders and arrested his father. Which is, frankly, insane and grossly unfair. shunjibs photo A1ckOkKCQAAVVxa_zps3487bdfb.jpgKang-to had to scrap and scrabble to get to his position and even though he’s pretty much Super-Cop, his position is tenuous. He doesn’t have the political capital to disobey a direct order and he has little to no choices if he ever loses his job. Shunji should know that. He’s been there through Kang-to’s struggle. But it’s just not something he can understand.

It’s interesting because I’d had sympathy for Shunji before — feeling that he’d been driven mad by circumstances beyond his control. And while that’s still true to an extent, I’m seeing now that he’s brought a lot of his suffering on himself.

End of Spoilers

On a completely and totally different note: I’ve begun watching Unstoppable High Kick. uhkposter photo hk_1_zps0bd21a51.jpg(Apparently I can’t get by without Jung Il-woo as a regular part of my drama-viewing life?) Though I’m also interested to see Kim Hye-sung in action. I think he’s recently finished army duty so I’m thinking he may start appearing in future dramas and I think he’d had some buzz before he went in so… I’m looking to see if he’s one to watch. (I’ve seen him in the movie-short, Boy Meets Boy, and I thought he did well but… it was pretty short.)

Other than that, I’m pretty much in waiting mode to see what I pick up for live-watching in the glut of dramas about to burst onto the scene.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (has been hijacked!)

  1. The observation your hubs made is so spot on! I’d picked up on the unfairness of Shunji’s response to Kang To in that situation, but hadn’t managed to distill the reason why. I completely agree with your hubs – he is not used to things not going his way. I think that definitely plays a big part in how he made his choices.

    Also, yay that you’re checking out High Kick! Jung Il Woo is adorable in it, as is Kim Bum. Very nice as a casual pick-me-up on the side ^^ Took me months to get through the whole thing, but I’m glad I watched it & was sorry to say goodbye.

    • I’m definitely taking Highkick slow. For one, I remember being sad saying goodbye to the third one, so I figure I should enjoy it for a good long while. 😉 But it’s a prefect size for a short (relatively!) drama-watch during the day.

      It’s interesting doing a second watch with Gakstial — I’m a little less taken in by Shunji’s pain (the heartbreaking bike ride of mourning, for example). Not that I can’t see how the corruption of Imperial Japan brought out the worst of his characteristics (for one, part of the reason he didn’t have to work for things was his being one of the elite occupiers in an occupied land) and therefore sympathize (because he came into it as a child — he didn’t create the situation), but he’s bringing a lot of his pain onto himself.

      • Yes, High Kick is great for the fun-sized watch! I’m now 15 eps into High Kick 2, which means it’s still early days, but it’s also turning out to be quite a nice watch ^^

        • I’m still less than 10 eps in so we’re still getting the introductions set up in many ways. (Though the sub-plot of the ballet-dancer always wearing tights was so, so hilarious. So I’m happy. :))

  2. It’s really fun to watch dramas with someone else…..
    right now, I’m watching City Hunter (for the first time) with mom and completely enjoying all the thrills and cuteness!!

    • Oh my gosh City Hunter! I envy you and your mom that brilliant first watch — it’s such a fun show! And to have someone to be excited about it with… that’s so awesome. 🙂

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