Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the happy, sunny version)

Gaksital1 photo Bridal-Mask-Poster-1_zps06db4931.jpgGaksitaaaaaaaal!!  Which is Korean for: I’ve successfully gotten my husband to watch Gaksital with me! I am excited. Though it’s almost painful to watch sweet and happy Shunji be so sweet and happy when I know how not sweet and happy he will be shortly.

I combate that dread with my beloved orange-haired Park Ki-woong. My love might be singular. But it is mine.

pkworange photo 791004d7912397dd6a84d0e65982b2b7d1a2877f_zpsd9b941e8.jpg

Sweet, happy and sunny. How is that not awesome?

My love for You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin continues to grow. promopic photo Lee-Soon-Shin-is-the-Best_zps394940b2.jpgAt some point I’ll have to do a character break-down post.  Not of all the characters because that would be ridiculous (because there are so, so many characters) but the main ones I’m interested in because they’re awesome. Or awesomely bad. Because you can’t have a good drama without good baddies.

And I’m officially putting Nine on the wait-list. I’m not sure I’ll make it all the way to the end of its run before jumping in. But I’m looking forward to at least getting a mini-marathon out of playing catchup. So I’m going to try to not watch it until… hmmm… *thinks*… Until I have my The Return of Iljimae review up. There. That’s a good vow that even has a moral in it.


22 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the happy, sunny version)

  1. Awesome, you’re watching Gaksital too!? Me too! I’m happy to report that it has captivated me so far. 🙂 I admit I was not a fan of Joo Won before watching this drama, because I so disliked his character in Baker King. But after watching only 5 episodes so far, I find his acting intensity tremendous that made me see why not only he seems to be popular with the netizens but also why he seems to be getting lots of project offers from k-drama or k-movie directors and producers…Happy watching Gaksital!

    It didn’t dawn on me until now that the guy with the colored hair in Full House 2 was Park Ki-woong. His character there must be completely different than in Gaksital…I wonder what happens if one day I show up at work with an orange hair…Will I be more productive or be a distraction? Most likely the latter. LOL. Thanks for your weekly drama check-in! 🙂

    • Joo Won was amazing in this — you’re right about his intensity. Have you seen “Ojakyo Brothers”? He was in that as well and I think it shows his acting off even more. Mainly because it called for more low-key reactions, too. So that he’s able to play both sorts of roles — the intense, dramatic hero, and also the everyman — is pretty impressive.

      And Park Ki-woong is amazing too! 😀 It’s pretty cool how completely different he is in the two shows. I love it when actors can handle such different roles. And if you do show up with orange hair — just blame PSW. He’s a trend-setter! 😉

  2. I just finished my watch of Gaksital (SO GOOD!) and am working on my review.. SO COOL that your hubs is watching this with you, & you get to re-watch with company! ^^

    • I am so enjoying anticipating various scenes and watching to see his reaction. (Though sometimes the scene is so intense, all I watch is the screen.) And we’ve had a lot of fun mocking Shunji’s brother for his epic stupidity. When he accused Shunji of being Gaksital my husband said, “That guy has like, three working brain cells.” Then, when he screamed in frustration when Gaksital escaped (again), he said, “And now it’s down to two.”

      I’m totally looking forward to your review! (Which might already be up because I am epically behind…) 😀

      • LOL! Your hubs sounds like a funny guy! XD Completely spot-on about Kenji!

        The review is taking forever to get done, seriously. There’s so much meat to this show, and once I started taking it apart in detail, it started getting sooo long. But I can’t suddenly change tack partway through the review and start glossing over stuff. So now I’m kinda stuck writing a long thesis on Gaksital XD It’s been several days & I’m still at it! >.<

        • Sometimes half the fun of rewatching with him is his commentary. 😉

          Oh my gosh, I can totally understand the angst of the epic review! It’s especially hard when it’s a show you love and you don’t want to leave anything out but there’s just so much to include and part of you wants to just throw your hands in the air and say, “Just watch it! It’s awesome!” I… may be dancing around similar issues with The Return of Iljimae… 😉

          • AHAHA!! EXACTLY! I do feel like throwing my hands up in the air! XD Thanks – the solidarity definitely helps! And I totally feel your dilemma about writing a review on Return.. I’d feel the same way about that show! Looking forward to your review! ^^

    • It’s a long one. And an intense one. But it’s also got the sort of cliff-hangers that leave you totally raccoon-eyed in the morning because you can’t. stop. watching!

  3. I must be one of the about 2 people who wasn’t into Gaksital but hey, not everyone has to fancy the same things. 🙂 Besides, I’ve come to accept the fact that my taste in dramas tends not to align with majority of the drama watching world these days. I’m also generally not moved by most of the popular actors either, Joo Wonnie included. He is good but not THAT good, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. So… I often feel like I’m outside looking in when there is major ‘squee’ going on, wheter it’s about a drama or the actors. Ah, my life… so tragic. XD

    It’s always fun when you can rope in a family member to watch dramas with you. I’ve managed to hook my other sister, we just finished VP2 and I’m contemplating what to show her next.

    • Gaksital is definitely the kind of comic-book, good-vs-evil thing that isn’t for everyone. I think it might have such high squee-factors because while it seems like it should be easy, pulling off a good comic-book, good-vs-evil, it’s so often a let down. So when it does hit, those of who like that sort of thing go a little mad. 😀

      The show where Joo Won impressed me as an actor though, was “Ojakyo Brothers”. It was a much more low-key role, calling for some subtle acting on his part. He definitely shouldered the intensity required for “Gaksital” but it was a much more operatic part. He’s still got room to grow, I agree, but I think he’s putting in the work to get there. So he’s definitely one I’m watching. (It’s a hard job, but I do it. ;))

      Yay on hooking your sister! One more person who doesn’t o.O when k-dramas are mentioned is always a good thing. 😀

      • The main problem with Gaksital is the same I’ve been experiencing with other dramas recently; a total disengeagement when it comes to the characters. I just didn’t feel anything, l couldn’t care less about what they were going through or what they felt. When that happens the story usually isn’t enough to keep me interested, I get bored and then frustrated and angry if I try to persevere. I also had quibbles with the overall writing. I stuck up till ep 10 (it took me forever to pick up eps 9-10) and then give up as it was no use forcing myself to continue. I just made peace with the fact that I could not see what others were seeing in it so it would be pointless to torture myself any further. 🙂

        JW did pretty good on Ojakgyo but I think he was even better in Baker King, that’s where he made me sit up and take notice. ^^ Especially as it was his 1st drama role. He has a tendency to overdo the really tense and emotional scenes and his transitions definitely need work. He’s been doing too similar roles too and needs to widen his repertoir a bit, do stuff where he has to tone things down and be economical with his acting. Show more restraint.

        • Hmm… I first noticed JW in “Baker King,” too. (Actually, he’s what got me into “Ojakgyo Brothers.”) And he obviously left an impression. 😉 But, while I enjoyed how he played the bad-guy and enjoyed his growth out of being the bad-guy, that was such a emotionally driven drama (I’d full on call it a soap-opera, actually — but a fun one) that there wasn’t much call for subtlety. While in OB, the strain his character is operating under, the changes he goes through, etc… there was more call for quiet acting and I thought JW handled those moments really well.

          Of course, Gaksital is a totally different beastie. When we first meet JW’s character he’s pretty much mad. I dug it — just as I dug Shunji’s slide into madness himself. But, once more, not a lot of call for subtlety. (Though, I think JW handled the varying stages of madness he climbs through before finally becoming himself.)

          I think “Level 7 Civil Servant” was his attempt at something different. Unfortunately… Ah well. I’m sure his next role will be better. 🙂

      • See, this is why I like discussions like this. Different opinions, presented in an adult way. *g*

        I do agree that JW is improving, he just needs more diversity in his choices and I don’t mean the “Level 7 Civil Servant” kind either (I’m ever so glad I did not even contemplate watching it). I’d like to see him tackle something more quiet and thoughtful, maybe slice of life, where the emotions are not so ‘larger than life’. I think he can do it but the direction has to be good.

        • I agree! 😀 And, I agree. L7CS was so slapstick I don’t think it counted as a quieter or less broad role — which is what I thought he was looking for when he’d said he wanted to do a rom-com. (So, so smart of you to skip L7CS by the way.) If he did something along the lines of “Can We Get Married” I think that would stretch him.

  4. Ooh, we’re watching Gaksital for our Facebook discussion group, and it’s really good so far. Just finished watching 5 and 6 last night, and I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer — Joo Won is really good at the extreme emotions.

    And on You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin — I’m really interested, and I watched the first episode. I see myself caving in and watching in the very near future.

    • Ooh… I kind of hate Facebook (long story)… but… a Gaksital discussion group is very, very tempting… Oh my gosh, we just finished ep. 6 last night. And stayed up later than we should have to do so. We’re going to try and be very strict tonight and keep it to one ep. We’ll see if it works. 😉

      I’m really enjoying YBLSS. I’m sad when I have to wait a week for the next episodes and then happy when the new episodes arrive — which is a good sign. 🙂

      • The back-to-back bug bit me with Gaksital too – it can be hard to put down. I stayed up way too late with this one too, though thankfully not all the way through! ^^

    • YAY that you’re enjoying the show!! It’s definitely gut-wrenching at points, but it’s so good! Cool that you guys chose this after you decided to drop the last show for being a dud – Gaksital won’t let you ladies down! ;D

  5. Somehow I’m really envious of those who marathon Gaksital. I watched it when it was airing and it’s not too much to say that it was the hardest two months of drama watching that I ever had O.O I tried to rewatch some random episodes and I still had the same reactions with the cliffhanger: nervousness and sweaty hands. Ah, I miss watching it while biting my fingers (not fingernails – it’s true – and it hurt so bad T.T)…..

    About Lee Soon-shin…I’m still contemplating on whether to watch it while it’s airing or marathon it, just like what I did with Ojakgyo Brothers…and I feel bad for comparing YTBLSS with OB at times, because OB was just awesome.

    Nine. Nine. NINE. Watching Nine is like replaying my experience of watching Gaksital, because I can never guess what will happen next. Gaaaahhhh it’s so good that I regret watching it live, because it’s just hard to wait for the next episodes!! The drama is good so far and if you like to watch something that needs little or no logic, then it’s recommended for you. Well, we can never associate time travel with logic, right?

    • Eep! Your poor fingers! Yeah, those cliff-hangers are evil — delicious, delicious evil.

      It’s waaay too early to tell if YtBLSS is on par with OB. I’m certainly enjoying it, but it’s such early days. 🙂 And sometimes (usually when the final credits role for the even-numbered episode) I wish I’d waited to marathon. It’s too late now; I’m hooked. But maybe if I get really busy and have to skip some weeks — catching up will be fun.

      Okay, one more weight on the scale leaning me towards waiting and marathoning Nine. 😀 And I’m so prepared for time-travel logic. I’m not a sci-fi fan for nothing. 😉

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