Weekly Drama Check-in Post (please excuse the mess)

hsm photo 9b814_hots2-00056-1_zps44f18a2f.jpg

it’s going to be great! eventually!

As I am now joining the ranks of fearless, death-defying bloggers (see blogging without a net for the terrifying details) I’m dealing with the pressure of coming up with a new post by… mucking about with my blog’s graphics and such. As you do. So I apologize, in advance, for the mayhem as I try things out.

I’m also trying to figure out my upcoming drama schedule. Which is causing some existential drama-watching mayhem as I over-think my options.

I’m one (one!) episode away from finishing The Return of Iljimae and I’m totally delaying watching because I don’t want to say goodbye. Also, the penultimate episode is a doozy all on its own — tears! tears dripping down my face! — so there’s a bit of recuperation going on. (Though, Soo-ryun’s epic race across the border was… pretty damn epic.)
srrun1 photo ScreenShot2013-03-23at81634PM_zpsedfd04b3.pngsrrun2 photo ScreenShot2013-03-23at81642PM3_zpsd45f13ff.png

Which means… Nine… maybe? I’m hesitant, not because I’m afraid it won’t be good (I’ve heard enough good buzz to have me excited to watch), but… It’s been a while since I’ve had an good old fashioned, edge of the seat,Nine photo 9-Times-Time-Travel-Poster1_zpsd8d42551.jpg sleep is for the weak, drama-marathon. And Nine could be a good one to save for that pleasure.

But! Dramafever is in the process of getting Story of a Man uploaded (they’re up to ep. 9) and I’ve been dying to see that drama forever. It’s got amazing buzz, with the added drive of being completely unfindable. Until now. So there is a good marathon in my future. Am I being greedy by waiting for Nine?

And then there’s That Winter the Winds Blows which is putting me through an emotional wringer. I’ve massively enjoyed it up until the very last scene when squirmy doubt got added to the many, many feelings I’ve felt. I’m sure as hell not stopping (waaay too invested to turn back now). But it makes me wonder: I’m already on an emotional roller coaster ride; do I really need to climb onboard another?

I suspect I’ll figure it out the usual way: dip my toe in with a “trying out the first episode” watch and get pulled away by the strength of the awesome-drama riptide.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (please excuse the mess)

  1. Ah, Story of a Man aka Slingshot…. I think I love it mainly because I love Shin so, so, SO much but it’s also beacause of that I’ll probably never be able to watch it again. 😦 PYH IS Shin for me and just thinking about him makes me want to weep, still. It’s like that sorrow will never really go away. Sigh. It is a pretty good, twisty drama though….. just don’t expect any proper romance as it’s all about the guys. Really. 🙂

    Nine will prolly make a good marathon. It has that feel…. I’m cranky as I haven’t been able to watch eps 3-4 yet. Why is rl so bysy?!

    • I remember you commenting about that on… I think Kfangurl’s blog? And yeah, it’s pretty heartbreaking, even without knowing the actor yet, so I can only imagine.

      I can be cool about low or no romance (no, really!). 😀 I enjoyed School 2013 after all. And my beloved White Christmas has little to no romance.

      I’m cranky as I haven’t been able to watch eps 3-4 yet. Why is rl so bysy?!

      Oh, the heartfelt cry of k-drama fans world-wide!

      • It’s not even like PYH is/was my favourite actor or anything along those lines but I’ve just associated him so strongly with this particular role that makes it so hard to get over with.

        Nope, not every drama needs to have a romance to be enjoyable, for me anyway but there are people who seem to require that aspect to watch just about anything. I always find that a bit mindboggling but each to their own, eh.

        Too many dramas, too little time…. XD

        • Sometimes I’m in the mood for a good romance. But that gets filled so well and easily with k-dramas* that it’s no problem getting a show that’s low on it. Kind of refreshing, actually. 😉

          (*The danger with k-dramas, of course, is you can get bad romance (as in badly-done, not sexy-bad) just as easily. Very much a case of buyer beware.)

  2. Digging the new header!

    I’m dealing with the pressure of coming up with a new post by… mucking about with my blog’s graphics and such.

    Ah, yes, the joy of creatively distracted industry! (…known in a parallel universe as procrastination, but in this universe understood to be the place where beautiful things get made, houses get spring-cleaned, gardens weeded, laundry gets done, shoes get polished…) Honestly, without the pressure of writing deadlines (self directed or otherwise), would any of these crucial tasks be undertaken and completed…? Hwaiting!

    • Hahaha! I officially love that descriptor: “creatively distracted industry” If I were a crafty sort I’d needlepoint it. 😉

      I’m so ridiculously pleased with the header. It’s pulled from a Tree with Deep Roots screen-cap — the artwork in the opening credits. Hopefully more of that artwork will pop up in various places as I muck about the blog. 😀

  3. Aw, yay that you’re experimenting with graphics & stuff!! I’ve been blown away by how much I’ve learned just from experimenting with making headers – in all of 1 week. I completely understand about the mayhem bit – my headers were in all kinds of crazy flux over the week as I experimented, published stuff, then learned more stuff and went back (repeatedly!) to tweak stuff based on what I’d just learned. Kinda all-over-the-place, but definitely quite thrilling too. Enjoy!!! 😀

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