I am a genius! (No, no I’m not…)

promopic photo Lee-Soon-Shin-is-the-Best_zps394940b2.jpgI correctly predicted one plot-point in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin (one everyone and their mother predicted, I suspect). But! I also managed to completely miss a plot-point it seemed everyone and their mother was expecting.  Which meant the last few minutes of ep. 4 had me totally surprised. (And totally eager for ep. 5, even as the previews have me so, so worried.)

Spoilers through ep. 4 below…

What I got:

Mi-ryung is totally Shoon-shin’s mom. I am genius!
yblss3 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at40832PM1_zpsf3253fb0.png

What I missed:

Mr. Lee was a walking dead man.
gooddaddy photo gooddaddycollage_zps012916df.jpg
His awesome-dad moments with two out of his three daughters didn’t clue me in. His awesome-son talk with his mom didn’t give me a warning twinge. (Not even with his, “what if I’m not around?” joke.) And I sailed right past the cake-of-doom buying spree.
cakeodeath photo cakeofdeathcollage_zpsf4cfd93f.jpg
So, moment of genius… gone.

I blame it on two things. First, I’ve not watched that many family dramas so I’m not up on the tropes. But second, I hadn’t pegged Mr. Lee as a good-daddy. In fact, I thought he was going to be a bad-daddy based on the first two episodes (he seemed to be piling onto Soon-shin a little unfairly). So I was pleasantly surprised when he began stepping in and taking care of his family so well. And not so pleasantly surprised by his final scene.

It does lead me to make this prediction, though: Shin Joon-ho’s daddy is going to be around for a good long while.
baddaddy photo ScreenShot2013-03-20at44157PM_zps1ad42e38.png
Bonus prediction: That rumor got started by Choi Yeon-ah. She strikes me an expert monkey-wrencher.


6 thoughts on “I am a genius! (No, no I’m not…)

    • That’s the advantage of going in blind, I guess. 😉 I pretty much just knew who was in it and a very vague plot-overview. Which is how I like it, I’ll admit. I adore being surprised.

  1. Oh good I wasn’t the only one! I was so enjoying how supportive both of Lee Soon Shin’s parents. I couldn’t see Dramaland was planning to get rid of one. I agree that it was hard to predict from the first two episodes since he wasn’t the nicest guy. I also really hate the middle sister. Her need to blame everyone just puts me over the edge. (I’m ready for her personal growth to start.)

    • I echo the “oh, good!” right back at you. It’s always nice to know you’re not the only one surprised.

      Oh my gosh, the middle sister! I’m going to be interested to see why she’s so intensely mean to Soon-shin. I’m expecting some sort of reveal like Ojakgyo Brothers. Not an exact copy, but something to explain why the bad blood. (She seems to have a good relationship with her staff, which earned her points for me and is why I think there’s something more than just, “I pick on you because I can,” going on.)

      But until that happens — total frowny-face towards her.

      • Yeah I hope there’s a really good reason and there must be because she is ridiculously unlikable right now. I mean for that stint with her running into the doctor friend she TOOK her sister’s coupon. I was reeling from that so much I hoped she would be embarrassed more than she was. I don’t think that’s necessarily the reaction the show was hoping for…

        • It was kind of delicious that her thievery ended with embarrassment. 🙂 It’s funny — I was bugged by that (of course) but not too bugged. Like I could see the sister-justification going on of “well, she borrowed my clothes so…” My sisters and I got up to similar shenanigans — and it always ended in tears and screaming. Of course, we were in high-school at the time so… 😉

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