Laughter! But seriously — it’s mostly tears right now…

happylensflaircollage photo happylensflaircollage_zpsc4234f35.jpg

Observe, the lens flair of happiness.

Holy hell, my heart has been torn to bits. To bits!

Spoilers through episode 11 below…

I’m seriously not sure how a happy ending is possible for those two. With Young inoperable (apparently) and Soo giving up any attempt to avoid Moo-chul’s knife, it’s like they’re running towards death together (while laughing, because they’re just so happy together! *sob*).

The drama is giving us an interesting discussion about what love is (while tearing our hearts to bits). Soo tells both Moo-chul and So-ra that love doesn’t cling — and then follows it up by pushing Jin-sung away (to protect him! *sob*). And Moo-chul tells his sister that Soo’s love is more pure because he sacrifices his ego to it (Soo’s begging and taking the beating scene! *sob*). And Secretary Wang and Soo actually join forces to help Young to face down her fear and fight back (Soo threatening to create horrible memories so he won’t grieve! *sob*).

And of course, the ultimate expression is Soo’s very non-clingy, ego-sacrificing, willing to be harsh if that’s what it takes, push to save Young. A push for which he’s given up trying to save his own life. (And which might not even work anyway! *sob*)

At this point I’m storing all my hope on Soo’s team-family drnoona photo ScreenShot2013-03-17at65619PM2_zps54eddc4c.png(surely Hee-sun’s brain and Jin-sung’s stubbornness will come up with something!), and in the tiny frowny face of “hmm” Dr. Noona had during her last look at Young’s brain-pics. Which isn’t a strong foundation to build on, but I takes what I can gets.

Because those two really are so beautifully in love and Young is finally recognizing her feelings, which… okay, she thinks he’s her brother so that’s a bit awkward, but… baby steps! Let’s just baby-step our way to a happy ending, okay?

hereyesopen photo ScreenShot2013-03-17at71511PM1_zpsa33447dc.png

Her eyes open…

6 thoughts on “Laughter! But seriously — it’s mostly tears right now…

  1. Ah, yae! Loved eps. 10 and 11. I’ve gotta say, Betsy, I am very glad you wrote such a beautiful introduction to this drama way back when — “They had me at the tree…” is what inspired me to check out the drama in the first place. I am all kinds of loving it!

    I hope I am not speaking too hastily when I say that reflecting on this and that in TWtWB has me writing again after a worrisomely long hiatus (*wheeee!*).

    Yes, indeed, am very happy to be watching this drama… [*contented sigh*]

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