Weekly Drama Check-in post (I miss you, my dramas!)

This has been such a bad week of drama-watching. sungjoon2 photo sung-joon-2_zpsd83a4d2b.jpgMainly because of all sorts of prickly, picky real-life stuff that’s been going on (of the most boring, errand running sort — the kind of stuff dramas deal with via montage and some cool background music) But! I’ve still eked out a few drama-watching moments here and there. And I’ve learned some very interesting news…

Yes. The picture is a hint.

The most steady viewing has been a rewatch of Flower Boy Next Doordokmi enrique photo ScreenShot2013-02-27at10708PM_zps72ebfb55.png which my husband has found kind of addicting. (Which surprised me, I’m not going to lie. But I think it might be because the romance isn’t overwrought. Also, it’s funny.) We’re already up to ep. 13 and we only started… end of last week? Anyway, he’s chosen to watch FBND rather than the latest The Americans so… that’s pretty big.

I’ve been steadily watching The Return of Iljimae and have roiangry photo ScreenShot2013-03-16at110039AM1_zps2081810b.pngreached the point he stops being a vigilante and starts acting for the government (strictly on the down-low). It’s hidden in all the pretty and flowery Joseon era mores but he’s a seriously dark character. There is a lot of rage in him and a coldness and it’s telling that his one weakness goes back to his first love’s death.


Finally, I checked out You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin. And that’s it as far as what I’ve watched. (Sad, yes?)

I’m behind on That Winter the Wind Blows (cue epic tears and I’m being so, so careful to avoid any spoilers), because that’s a show that deserves uninterrupted watching and my time has been too steadily interrupted.

I held off on Nine for a couple of reasons. Nine photo 9-Times-Time-Travel-Poster1_zpsd8d42551.jpgI want to finish The Return of Iljimae before I pick up many more new dramas. But mostly, I was nervous I’d start off with a hate-bias against Lee Jin-wook, because I hated his character so, so much in I Need Romance 2012. Which is probably a little silly. (I had the same issue with Lee Won-jong and his character in The Equator Man, and that totally got put to rest in Vampire Prosecutor.) But the buzz has been good, so when time frees up, I’ll be watching.

SungJoon photo sj3_zpsa1c5a446.jpgAnd I’m now officially excited for Gu Family Book. I’d been intrigued, but I just found out the (old by now) news (seriously, busy week) that Sung Joon has joined the cast. I’ve adored everything Sung Joon has been in. And yes, everyone is capable of picking a dud, but… I’m going to be there. Watching. (How to make my interest even more shallow? I’m eagerly curious to see him in Joseon-era clothes and hair.)

2 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in post (I miss you, my dramas!)

  1. Hi BetsyHp! 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I like this Weekly check-in post. It’s like a “This Week in Review” segment of a News Program or of Saturday’s Night Live! 😉

    I’m happy to report that I finished watching today Return of Iljimae. To summarize my viewing experience, I’ll use 3 words: I LOVE ILJIMAE! (*^__^*) It is so awesome I’m ranking it as my top 3 favorite k-dramas of all time…Next up is Gakistal. I’m considering to watch FBND also since Horse Doctor is ending soon. By the way, if you’re in the mood for a drama with North-vs-South confrontation, espionage, and an amnesia-ridden hero, I suggest IRIS 2. I’m finding it suspenseful and riveting. Lastly, did I mention that I really enjoyed “Return of Iljimae”? Iljimae is so cool and “pretty”. 😉

    • Oh, I’m glad to hear you like it! I like having something routine to post, so hopefully it’ll be quite regular. 🙂

      Isn’t Iljimae awesome! I’m one episode from the end and even with a rewatch where I know what’s going to happen I’m teary and breathless and on the edge of my seat.

      I’ll keep Iris 2 in mind. I have to watch the first one — which should make for an epic adventure-marathon at some point. 😉

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