Shut Up Flower Boy Band: the Review

sufbb1 photo 222506n999prknxnexeeaq_zps7f613dfb.jpgShut Up Flower Boy Band
(aka: Shut Up and Let’s Go*)
air date: 1.30.2012 through 2.30.2012
number of eps: 16
I watched it: marathon. and then marathon again.

In a nutshell: How can I accurately convey the awesomeness of this drama without over selling it? It’s a quiet, almost gritty, story about friendship and growing up and protecting what’s important. Or maybe it’s just about these six guys in a band. But, don’t let the title fool you. Each character is more than just a pretty face, or a character-trope. They all breath with such life they become something more than “lead” “second lead” “supporting role” “comic-relief”. They’re Byung-hee and Ji-hyuk and Do-il and Hyun-soo and Kyong-jung and Ha-jin. And their journey is important and you care about it even when it’s off-screen. The plot and the characters are so organically tied together it’s hard to tell which is influencing what. It’s the best kind of story and happens far too infrequently and I adore it when it does.

A little more gushing: But just a little more because I think it’s best to go into this one as unspoiled as possible. I adored how much this drama trusted that life was enough. That angst didn’t need to be borrowed or hyped or wailed over. An example: Three of the boys avoid going home. They all know it and know the reasons why and, other than a joking reference or two, it’s not focused on. sufbb2 photo 001hbzpy_zpsbd7d98ca.jpgIt adds a flavor the viewer is trusted to understand and yeah, we may feel for them, but the boys don’t dwell.

And then there’s the music. They did such a good job on the music! Some pretty big names from S. Korea’s rock scene were involved… but I’m really ignorant about that scene myself so can’t really comment (especially since my google-foo has utterly failed me). Except to say the songs totally earwormed into my brain and I loved it. And if I knew some Korean and could’ve memorized the lyrics I’d still be singing them like a madwoman. But at the same time, in-show the music sounded a little sloppy and muddy — like it was being played by an actual garage band, which I really appreciated. It made their progress that much more real as the song became clearer.

A definite rec on this one.

*Another “only on HULU” title change. This time I suspect it was fear of the “flower boy” phrase throwing off their audience. Though I’ll also say, the replacement title works.


21 thoughts on “Shut Up Flower Boy Band: the Review

    • If you enjoyed the bromance in School 2013, I think you should definitely check SUFBB out. Though maybe make sure you’ve got some time — it kind of grabs you. πŸ™‚

  1. Love, LOVE, LURVE this show!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

    I completely agree with you on how they didn't allow the characters to wallow, and I loved that matter-of-fact way that they faced off with life. Loved the music too, even though I'm not a big fan of rock. Definitely on my re-watch list! πŸ˜€

    • It’s still on my rewatch list and I’ve watched it… more than twice? (Man, if there were ever able to do a “five years later” sequel to this — and not have it suck, of course — that would be so awesome.)

  2. This drama was so raw and earnest on so many levels. Love this drama to bits! The cameo appearance by LMK was awesome but not overwhelming enough to overshadow our leads. The thing is,each character was given an ample amount of screentime to establish their character and even the side characters didn’t make me feel like they’re unimportant. The ending was well done as well. The plot,angst and the OST was never overdone. It was just nice. It may be just me but in my opinion this is still the best installment out of the Flower-Boy franchise yet. LOVE!

    • I loved, loved, loved how well the side characters were treated. It felt like a real group of friends, neither of them more important than the other. And LMK was incredibly awesome! You could see how he’d pulled the group together but also how he wasn’t the actual glue of the group and I loved how much he featured and yet didn’t because they had to move on and… yeah, they pretty much did everything right. πŸ™‚

  3. Loved it to bits! The kids and the music. It was such a well balanced drama.

    I watched SUFBB as it aired, squeeing all the way through (OMG the flaily reaction posts I made after just about every ep, LOL!) Then promptly re-watched with my sister. It was uncommonly hard letting go of the characters. It felt like I was parting with people I knew for real.

    • I think this was the hardest drama to let go of. Probably because the ending was so wonderfully open-ended. (Which it needed to be — the “into the great wide open” was the whole point.)

      I wasn’t yet live-watching when it came out and I can remember having to work extra hard to not get spoiled (succeeded!) and was really, really excited for the last ep to come out so I could finally watch… (I was weird about not live-watching for a time there.)

      • I totally agree with the letting it go part. I was so emotionally attached to it, it was definitely a tear jerker lol. Normally I’m not a huge fan of open ended endings but you’re right, they couldn’t have ended it any other way, especially since they were only teenagers. It just made it even more realistic that way.

        • Endings are so hard and they did this ending so perfectly… It’s a huge reason, I think, that it’s stuck so hard in so many hearts (including my own!) because the story definitely goes on — they’re all out there somewhere, chasing their dreams.

  4. Definitely my favorite show of all time, but I’m a sucker for bromance. I really loved this show I just can’t…I agree it’s hard to not just start gushing without stopping!

    • If I ever get my sisters into drama-watching this is the top of my list for what to have them watch first. But I’ve told myself to just give them the title, a tiny synopsis and then stop. So I don’t scare them off. πŸ˜‰

      • That’s a good plan! I used this as the introduction to dramas for my best friend because she was wondering what I was spending all of my time doing. Though I must say, I should have given her a little more warning about the man-liner. She was caught off guard. (And I awkwardly hadn’t noticed…)

  5. This is a great, fair summation of the Shut Up! Flower Boy Band experience. The part I most I agree with is how great the show was at capturing the realities of certain stages, those different journeys towards becoming an adult. I loved each character and I love what the show had to say.

    Also, I had a fun time reading this. πŸ™‚

  6. Love, love, love this show. A drama on tvN about a rock band- part of the oh boy series no less- could be a lot of things. Fortunately this drama did almost everything right and boosted the oh boy series into a new sphere of watchability for me- so much so I am looking forward to what very well may be a mediocre showing in the next edition of this series- Cyrano Dating Agency- because I love how great this series could be based on SUFBB. I completely agree with your critique of this show. It is one of my all time favorites.

    • I have such high expectations for anything “Oh Boy!” related now, I agree. That SUFBB was so completely different from “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” means there’s not a very strong formula tying the creator’s hands. And SUFBB was so very good — and in a not typical way — I feel like the series is actually pretty open to new ideas and directions. So yeah, Cyrano Dating Agency is definitely on my watch list.

  7. I seriously love this show to no end. I just wrote a post about it actually even though I watched it a year ago. It was probably the best written and executed drama I’ve ever watched. Plus, ya know, cute boys and everything. *cough* Myungsoo *cough*

    • It certainly set a really high bar. And it’s one of my go-to recs for anyone interested in checking out k-dramas for the first time. I’ll have to check out your post! πŸ™‚

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