Not wowed, but decently intrigued…

yblss1 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at35258PM1_zps3bad5856.pngSo I’ve gone dark side and checked out the first couple of episodes of You’re the Best Lee  Soon Shin on Dramacrazy (place of popup adds and dubious legality but, while Viki works on getting the show licensed, beggars can’t be choosers).  I’ve been anticipating the show for Jo Jung-suk because he’s been an awesome scene stealer in every drama I’ve seen him in.

My verdict? I think he’s going to be fun to watch. yblss2 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at35603PM_zpsb5dda97a.pngHis character heads one of the top up-and-coming entertainment agencies in town. And on the surface he’s all arrogance and cool perfection.  But underneath he’s a bundle of dorky insecurities with strong hints of a marshmallow center. (I know, you’re shocked.) So for Jo Jung-suk alone, I’ll be tuning back in.

One other character has pinged my “ooh, this will be fun to watch!” meter. Lee Mi-sook plays an elite actress and she is so, so gorgeous, and I adored her in Can We Get Married? (in which she hid her gorgeousness but couldn’t hide her awesomeness) and I’m really, really happy to be watching her again.

yblss3 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at40832PM1_zpsf3253fb0.png

The storyline seems interesting enough (looks to be an Ugly Duckling type of tale) and all the other characters have potential. IU is starring and she’s quite likable (I liked her in Dream High, so this didn’t surprise me), which is important. It didn’t bowl me over to the extent I’ll be evangelizing on its behalf. If it’s something you’re already interested in, I’d say watch, but as of now it’s too early for me to try and pull in viewers.  We’ll see how things develop. (Which, at 50 episodes, it’s got time to grow.)


12 thoughts on “Not wowed, but decently intrigued…

  1. Wait this is so funny because I just watched the first episode and I was just thinking about how I was sad that I didn’t stick with That Winter the Wind Blows because I couldn’t read all your posts about it! I agree that Jo Jung-Suk (Wait…his name isn’t Eun Shi Kyung? :P) character is great because he tries to act so cool and steely like you might expect from a male lead, but underneath he’s a total marshmallow! I think IU so far is very endearing, and I’m hoping it will be a fun show that also has a good heart!

  2. I wasn’t bowled over either but It’s a nice enough start, so I’ll keep it – for now anyway. 🙂 These long ass family dramas generally start out slow so you can never be quite sure where they are headed. I always keep a wary eye on them as the pontential for getting bogged down with unnecessary makjangy drama is unfortunately very high. And sometimes the story just fizzles out to the extent that there’s nothing much to watch in the end.

    Have you checked out Nine btw? My new drama crack… XD

    • They do start slow. There’s a lot of characters to introduce and only room for the most basic sketches. So far no one out and out annoys me (the middle sister is bullying, but I can see there’s more to her — places for her character to go, for example). And I have two characters that out and out intrigue me, so I call that good enough to keep with it. 😀 I hope it continues on well, but… (I don’t recall hearing much about the production team, so no hints there.)

      I haven’t checked out Nine. Yet. I’m saving it up until I’m done with Return of Iljimae (so, so close to done), and I also wanted to make sure it was got good buzz before I started. I’ve only seen the lead actor in one other drama, and I didn’t like the character, so I want to make sure I don’t get biased by that. But it sounds like my worries are for naught if it’s got that crack appeal. 😀

      • Yes, it’s early days yet for Soon Shin. 2 epis of a 50+ drama isn’t much, so I’m keeping an open mind. I didn’t find any of the chracters annoying either, which is always a plus.

        I liked just about everything in Nine right off bat and that hasn’t happend in a while. 🙂 I missed this tingly feeling of anticipating the episodes to come. The seems looks like being quite intriguing. Looking forward to what next week brings.

        • Yeah, I’m definitely going to be checking Nine out. Just need to carve out the time. And I figure a mini, catch-up, marathon will be cool. Sometimes it’s nice to be desperate for another episode and, “oh look!” there it is. 😉

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