Aaaaaand done.

l7cscredits photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at42102PM_zps61bb8c30.pngI am officially throwing in the towel with Level 7 Civil Servant. Which makes me sad on one hand — because it’s Joo Won and the premise was promising and I did laugh at times — but mostly I’m relieved. Because oh my God, the sexism!!!

Seriously, I thought I could skate  by it. It’s not like the drama was a screaming ball of misogyny or anything. But as the show has gone along it seems that more and more of its humor relies on “Oh, women… you know how they are” for the punchline. And with everything else that was going wrong (pacing, plotting, horrifically bad spy-craft that went past funny and into just plain stupid) the sexist jokes became the final grating piece of straw that finally made me bolt.

So, so long Level 7 Civil Servant. Let me know if you ever get remade. With a different writer.


10 thoughts on “Aaaaaand done.

    • Well… I’d hang back on starting it until it ends and people can give their reviews. It did start out with some charm and humor and that might return. It lost its charm for me, but if it ends well… maybe? (That’s vague, I know. I’ve stopped liking it and would say give it a pass, but… maybe I just lost patience?)

  1. Ha! I threw the towel on this one by episode 4, despite telling myself I’ll return when I wrote my first impression on it (never did).

    Pssst just added your blog to my Google Reader! Great reads here 🙂

    • Thanks! And welcome! 🙂

      And… yeah. I was pretty patient I think. I figured if I could make it all the way through Fashion King… but L7CS just got too grating, unfortunately.

  2. Sometimes the drama just fails and the more dramas you watch the more you’ll encounter those that won’t pass the muster in the end. At lest that’s what happened to me.

    I didn’t even start this one as I suspected it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I’ve become quite good at sussing out dramas that won’t work for me. It’s a lot harder to wean out those that look good on paper and then fail to deliver or derail half way through. I’ve had several of those in the past year or so. Sigh. Even past works of the PD/writer or great actors won’t guarantee that the finished product will be any good. Sad but true.

    It’s always a joyous moment when you pick up something on a whim, without any expectations and then find out you’ve discovered a rare gem. 🙂

    • This one looked good on paper to me. 😦 And actually, what made it so frustrating is I could see the promising barely peeking through the limping plot and pacing. I think this is the first live-watch I’ve stopped without finishing. My usual thought is it’s just a couple of hours out of a week (compared to the commitment of a marathon watch) and sometimes the train-wreck brings its own entertainment. But not this one. (Another threshold crossed? ;))

      But I totally agree about your taste getting more exact as you watch more dramas. Once you know what kind of gems are really out there it’s hard to be patient with the ones that fall short.

      What hidden gems have you discovered? I seem to recall that I watched “The Devil” without hearing much about it. I was curious about Joo Ji-hoon. That was a pretty cool discovery.

      • ‘Hidden gems’ are subjective, I guess. Someone else’s gem may not be mine and vice versa. 🙂 Some of mine were; I Live in Cheongdam-dong (obviously), Bad Family, Chosun Police S1+S2, Fermentation Family, My Woman, OB/GYN Doctors, Once Upon A Time in Saengchori (loved this to bits!), President, Stranger than Paradise and When it’s at Night.

        Then there are those that were mostly ignored by others but which I loved despite the flaws; e.g Daemang, Over the Rainbow, Ghost and Hero (MBC).

        • I think I have some of those on my “to be watched” list. And others on my “they have no subs! *sob!*” list. 😦 (Ah, well. Gives me motivation. ;))

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