Less a review, more a giant panda hug

 photo 96085140_zps4272be24.jpgI am so, so, so happy with how Flower Boy Next Door wrapped up! Stories were neatly framed, but not tied up with bows. We got a sense of what paths various characters were being invited to walk down (Dong-hoon and the editor lady were adorable), but as to how they navigate the road ahead… those are other stories we can imagine for ourselves.

Spoilers for everything below…

I really, really liked how they finished with Do-hwi. I’ll admit I was expecting more of a turn-around, a last second reveal that showed she loved Jin-rak with purer motives. dohwihappy photo ScreenShot2013-02-27at124520PM1_zpsb1444d12.pngBut the ending we did get for her, slightly wiser but still very much who she was, was actually kind of satisfying. Because outside of dramas, it really is the small changes that happen in life. So that Do-hwi maybe appreciates her friends a little more (certainly she appreciates who Dok-mi is far more than she did) but is still hilariously shallow when it comes to guys… I’m actually pretty happy for her. Baby steps, Do-hwi. Baby steps.

I’m especially pleased with how Dok-mi and Enrique worked out their relationship by talking things through, getting the perspective of the other person (which made for such a hilarious and adorable little series of vignettes), telling each other exactly how they felt. dokmi enrique photo ScreenShot2013-02-27at10708PM_zps72ebfb55.pngAnd then finally trusting one another.

I’ll admit that the show almost got me with the Enrique confronts his fan-club section. I had this horrible fear he was going to tough-love her into asking him to stay. But of course he’s not that big an idiot (actually, turned out no one was a noble-idiot!) and it turned out to be a necessary preparatory step to his going to Spain and to Dok-mi’s final confrontation with her past.

For me, probably my most favorite part was when Dok-mi decided enough was enough and she was going to Spain herself. That she easily made the phone call requesting a few days off, that she seemed unafraid of taking the steps required to go abroad (purchasing plane tickets, arriving at a foreign country, organizing her passport, etc.) were huge for me. dokmibloom photo ScreenShot2013-02-27at121527PM_zps381ab737.pngIt was her own private little victory since the trip need became moot but I was so, so proud of her.

I also loved that most everyone was staying in the building. It’s kind of a refreshing view, that life doesn’t have to be totally shaken up for change to occur.  Dok-mi’s home is still her sanctuary, but it’s no longer her world. The most important thing is she’s begun to bloom.


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