Full House Take 2: the Review

fullhouse2 photo Full-House-Take-2-Poster2_zpse511f5b7.jpgFull House Take 2
(aka: Full House 2)
air date: 10.22.2012 through 12.13.2012
number of eps: 16 (or 32 depending on how you’re counting)*
I watched it: live

In a nutshell: This was a funny little drama combining a tongue-in-cheek look at world of K-pop with the “forced cohabitation” storyline k-dramas love. It’s very (very) loosely related to the first Full House in that it features a house and a love-triangle and that beloved “forced cohabitation”, but really it’s its own beastie and should be taken as such. I watched it for pure escapism while watching some pretty heavy melos and ended up being far more entertained than I’d expected. The humor is strong in this one. It did get a bit bogged down in its plot-machinations at the end, which was too bad since light and fluffy humor was its forte. But the last episode brought back the humor so it ended well.

The pretty, pretty boys: This drama languished on the shelf for a long while (it was actually shot last year, I believe) and since Park Ki-woong did this before his critically acclaimed role in Gaksital (or Bridal Mask) there was a worry it’d backwash over the strong work he’d done afterwards. The worries have proven unfounded. Yes, this was a much lighter role but he was cute and adorable when called for and properly angsty when called for and if anything it shows his range. (Honestly, after Gaksital I enjoyed seeing this side to Park Ki-woong. fullhouse2 photo ed61de6b7904_zpsf720c40d.jpgIt was nice to see him laugh and play.) He certainly didn’t outdo his Shunji-role, but he didn’t hurt himself either.

But for me the real stand-out was No Min-woo. I’d seen him in one other role, as an immortal hunter in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and he was pretty plastic in that. And I actually mean that literally. He was very pretty. So pretty there was something unreal and Ken-dollish about him. Which might have been an acting choice, but felt more like this was a pretty-boy who wasn’t quite an actor. But as Lee Tae-ik, a prickly K-pop star whose neuroses had neuroses, he was delightful. The way he lurched and contorted about, all stiff awkward angles, made me think of Ichabod Crane. He worked to pull out all the humor of his role, choosing to undermine his prettiness rather than coasting on it. Which totally changed my view of him as an actor. One more to keep an eye out for! (I’ve since seen him inΒ Rock, Rock, Rock. He did well in that one, too.)

*[It was shot as a 16 episode drama, each episode being the usual 1 hour. But the cable channel that finally picked it up chopped the episodes into 32 half-hour lengths. Some places still count it as 16 episodes, each with 2 parts. Others just go with 32 episodes.]

16 thoughts on “Full House Take 2: the Review

  1. after watching full house and finding out about its so-called part 2 and looking at the poster and the hair! not today thanks. . .maybe after “live to love” which I have just started to watch

    • This is definitely a fun, frivolous watch. Not something I’d recommend with any kind of vigor. (IIRC, it got a bit swamped in unnecessary angst towards the end.) Also, the only thing it shares with the original Full House is the co-habitation plot. Nothing else is related.

      I’ll be interested to hear how you like JOJ:Live for Love! πŸ™‚

      • Still some suffering to go Bets. Just finished episode 6, part 1. Garrr. . .18 more agonizing hours to go. But, as usual, I’ll go search for the ep by ep synopsis. Can’t stand the wait. So far I’m addicted and intrigued enough to carry on tho.

          • πŸ™‚ Just watched ep 10 part 2 – they have just done the baby-making thang. All is well. But the back biting, clawing is ever ongoing. Poor Prince D tho. I’ve read the ep 19 – 24 re-caps but it still is not as good as watching the real drama. Oh what a drama tho.

          • A drama indeed! πŸ˜€ You’re heading towards some major fireworks. It gets a bit draggy for a few episodes, if I recall correctly, but then it pulls back out into excitement. (And oh, yes, poor Prince D is right. He breaks my heart several different times throughout.)

          • Onwards…ep 19 now…Miss J is now the Queen. I believe it all goes down hill for her from here on. Decision time – shall I just not watch the rest?

            *pregnant pause*

            Ha ha of course I won’t. Let’s all die together.

            BTW I think I should crown myself the K Drama prince now. I actually saw through the plot of the King faking unconsciousness and his uncle playing along to help him. I guess after watching one too many one can just smell out the plot paths eh?

          • Hah! You had me worried for a brief nano-second — of course you must watch the rest! πŸ˜€

            I think I realized the king was faking right before he spoke to his uncle and confirmed that, yeah, he was totally faking. So kudos to you for guessing it sooner! πŸ˜‰

          • aaiiigooooo I must be getting tough (or insensitive). I did not even shed a single tear of blood at the when Miss J was in the King’s arm.

            Or maybe there were so many plots and counter plots. Throw in the class system, customs, the oh-so-obedient (and useful) scholars and what-have-you my mind must be pretty occupied with who is more evil.

            Is it the noble (and idiotic) king? Or Master Jin (should have forced J to go to China). Or is it all for the preservation of the King’s line?

            Checking Wiki, Miss J apparently died only at 42 – a ripe old age. Average life span then was 26.

            What to watch now? I have a few lined up (pre 2011 dramas). I may go for “advertising genius…” (cos I was in that industry once) or may be…any suggestions?

            BTW what do you do? Freelance writer?

          • Hah! Meanwhile, I cried buckets and buckets and then even cried some more when I was writing up my initial thoughts. (I guess I’m a total softie. ;)) It was the prince’s reaction that got to me. He was so shattered and helpless and that just hit me in my heart.

            As to recommendations… If you’ve not seen Tree with Deep Roots I highly recommend it. It’s also very intense and dramatic with a lot more action and a lot more court-intrigue, but done in really a fascinating way. (Plus the stuff about creating the Hangul alphabet was so, so interesting.) However, you might be in the mood for something a little lighter and frothier after all that drama? I haven’t seen Advertising Genius so can neither yay nor nay that one. Have you seen Pasta? A really good slice-of-life, romantic comedy. Low key but quite well done. And if you’re a foodie at all, there’s a lot of pretty food-shots.

            What are some of your favorite dramas? That might help me come up with more suggestions.

            As to real-life: I’m working on a novel. So, want-to-be author would be the title, I guess. πŸ˜‰

          • My girlfriend is a nine-tail guminho and Full House got to me. Also the “My wife is a gangster 1, 2 & 3” movies. I started watching “Bali story; Goong; Damo; Flower over boys…” nahhh didn’t strike any chord. Even the “ad genius Lee Tae Baek” is, so far, rather ho hum dull and cliche-laden. I’m on ep 5 now and sticking to it only because I was in the ad industry.

            Have you watched “Mad Men” (not a K Drama)?

            I think if I watch a drama with a hot looking lead actress… umm, maybe not. All them K actresses look so alike, fake and plastic surgery-ed.

            What’s your blockbuster novel about? I just recently read a review about a successful book on “The art of sleeping alone” by a 50-yr old French authoress. Fancy that eh?

            Oh well. I pray you have a successful novel. Maybe it could be the next “fifty shades of grey” eh?

          • Hah! Well, hopefully a little more literary. (Though similar sales-numbers would be very nice indeed. ;))

            I see you’ve started Queen In-hyun’s Man. It was one I was going to recommend. I hope you like it! πŸ˜€

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