Holy crap, y’all…

school2013 photo K-DramaSchool2013EnglishSubtitle_zps2bda62c5.jpgSchool 2013!!  I thought I was just going to take a peek at the first episode. Four episodes later…

I’m just coming up for a quick breath of air. Kids are getting dragged off to jail and I must find out what happens! Will their teacher be able to save them from a life of crime? Will Go Nam-soon’s attempt at normalcy be forever thwarted? What is the story with him and Park Heung-soo? (I suspect this is the epic bromance I heard rumblings about when the drama was airing. So far, so awesome with betrayals and abandonments deliciously hinted at.)

kwakjungwook photo Kwak_Jung_Wook7_zps1f7d5766.jpgAlso, it is so, so cool to see Kwak Jung-wook playing the school bully. I’ve seen him play the victim (in White Christmas) and I’ve seen him play the guy who’d so be the victim if he were at a different school (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band). So it’s pretty awesome to see him be the guy who’d have made life hell for his other characters — and to see him play it so convincingly. I love seeing actors act.

Anyway — back to the show!


8 thoughts on “Holy crap, y’all…

  1. Ah, I liked School a lot, mainly because of the kids! The story itself wasn’t all that original but the young actors and characters they played made it work. The epic bromance was of course EPIC but it was Kwak Jung Wook’s Jung Ho that ended up being my special favourite. 🙂 I really liked his trajectory, it felt true. KJW is pretty darned good and I wish someone gave him a more prominent adult role already.

    • I’m still adoring it, though you’re completely right that the stories themselves aren’t that new. The teachers’ plot especially is familiar enough to predict. But the characters are engaging and I am very invested in how Nam-soon and Heung-soo work out. KJW is turning out a fascinating character as well with Jung-ho. It’s awesome to see him in such a meaty role again.

      • Have you got to the other bromance yet? Not as epic but it turned out to be just as endearing. 😉 The drama mostly concentrated on the boys but I also liked Ha Kyung/Na Ri friendship a lot. Also notable is that some of the side characters actually got their moments as well.

        Yes, the teashers’ plot was predictable but at least Se Chan’s story got more meat around the bones in the end. I’m sad that they never quite got there with In Jae.

        • Oh my gosh, it’s adorable! Which who’d have predicted using that description for those three boys? I’m up to ep. 12 now and I have to say I enjoy how much they’ve fleshed out a good chunk of the students. Can’t wait to see how it all ends! 🙂

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