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roi'smutt&jeff photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at50420PM_zpsf94b51ae.pngI’m still taking a lovely, leisurely stroll through the world of The Return of Iljimae. Watching it again, not being breathlessly pushed on by the plot, is a lot of fun. More than I’d expected it to be.

(Spoilers for Return of IljimaeFlower Boy Ramyun Shop, and Level 7 Civil Servant ep. 10 below)

Now that I know what’s to come I get little unexpected moments of joy.  Like when the shaman arrives at the head bad-guy’s house, I know it’s going to mean a hilarious amount of trouble for his secretary. So her arrival and his curiosity made me giggle.roicollage1 photo roicollage_zpsb52e8740.jpg

Though there’s also deeper levels of pathos. One of the storylines that helps give The Return of Iljimae the patina of a classic tale is the tragic romance between Iljimae’s mom and the police detective (Baek-mae and Goo Ja-Myeong). roimomcop photo ScreenShot2013-02-12at12332PM_zpsb1dca51b.pngI know how their story is going to end, so it makes their slow steps towards each other that much more painful.

Honestly, if their story wasn’t secondary, it would drive me crazy. It’s old school romance. So old school it resembles the sort of epic ballads I picture getting sung in Medieval courts. Or a bit more aptly, it echoes the opera Iljimae’s adoptive parents were listening to when he lived in China. Which boils down to: though their paths will cross, though their love is fated, it will never, never come to be. Let us all weep.

So as they creep a few centimeters closer:

roimomcop2 photo ScreenShot2013-02-12at12654PM2_zps115c15da.png

Their hands! They touch!

I end up like this:
nowkiss! photo tumblr_ma7l1eFng71r8xzdwo2_500_zps3c36d327.jpg

Which kind of makes me feel like a creeper.

But! Since this is a secondary storyline I enjoy the pathos. Though, to be fair, our ill-fated lovers do get to share one night together.
roimomcop3 photo ScreenShot2013-02-12at12927PM2_zps05222a08.png
Though of course that leaves another’s heart broken (and lays the groundwork for more tragedy to come).
roisadheart photo ScreenShot2013-02-12at12935PM_zps8a91ffbd.png

(Seriously. The songs about those three would have had them all weeping into their tankards.)

In other news, the plunger has been waved, the prince’s naked body has been claimed, and ramyun has been enjoyed by all. fbndplunger2 photo ScreenShot2013-02-23at32123PM1_zps0f48afb9.pngIn other words, we’ve finished Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The husband enjoyed it, though he did say it skirted very close to too silly at times. I adored the rewatch — especially seeing the two side of Jung Ill-woo (much more than a pretty face — the boy can act). An in-depth review will come. But for now I’m really pleased with how well they carried through the mythic reversal of Hawnung and the bear-wife. Yes, the drama was full of silly — but you didn’t actually have to check your brain at the door. Which takes a lot of cleverness to pull off.

I’ve vowed to stop complaining about what Level 7 Civil Servant isn’t. l7cskisscollage photo L7CSkisscollage_zpsadd29c31.jpgInstead I’ll only say it still makes me laugh now and again. And I do enjoy the romance between Gil-ro and Seo-won. They finally kissed! And on a bed even! (Which is far more scandalous than I expected the show to go). It’s my least favorite of the dramas I’m live watching, but it’s still watchable.

And that’s my drama watching for this week! (Well, obviously I also watched That Winter the Wind Blows and Flower Boy Next Door. But they filled me with enough thoughts that they each got their own post.)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check In Post

  1. Is that Lee Hyun-woo, aka Sun-Woo of Man of Equator? Wow, he’s also in “Return of Iljimae”?! That young actor has serious acting chops. I look forward to seeing him in a new drama soon…Thanks for this post. I’m adding “Return of Iljimae” to my marathon-watching list. 🙂

    • Yes! I don’t know if this was his first ever drama, but he was so teeny tiny in this one! His voice was going through the process of breaking so he was pretty squeaky, too. You could see his craft developing as the show went on. He was paired with Kang Nam-gil pretty much the whole time, and I suspect he picked up a lot from such a seasoned comic actor.

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