I’m still very bouncy about That Winter the Wind Blows. (Which is awesome — I love loving a show like this!) Here’s another thing I’m adoring about the drama:

team photo ScreenShot2013-02-17at30239PM2_zps8182b8fc.png


Behind our hero (the guy scamming the blind girl — welcome to the wacky, morally gray fun of melodrama!) is a pair of loyal followers and they are kind of awesome.

First up is Park Jin-sung. He’s not the brightest of bulbs, very much of the “hit it with a rock” school of problem solving. Eunjin photo ScreenShot2013-02-17at25905PM1_zps319b98cc.png(Though, being a sophisticated Seoul man, he’ll also offer to hit things with a car.) But he’s intensely loyal to Oh-soo. Which earns him a lot of points in my book.

Jin-sung has a fierce temper, though. Coupled with his habit of reacting rather than thinking things through, I worry he’ll be easy to manipulate. If a clever villain decides to monkey with Oh-soo’s plan. (And especially if the plan evolves as I suspect it will.)

Countering Jin-sung’s brawn is Moon Hee-sun. Definitely the brain. Her relationship with Oh-soo is a little more complicated (they have a past), heesun photo ScreenShot2013-02-17at25902PM2_zps5c9461fe.pngbut she’s still on his side when push comes to shove. And she’s very quick-witted and apparently has mad research skills. (She provided all the background on the dead brother.)

Hee-sun’s weakness is appropriate to her intelligence. I think she could decide she needs to save Oh-soo from himself. That she knows better what’s best for him. The emotional mess of their shared past is ripe for a clever villain to use to his advantage.

scarydude photo ScreenShot2013-02-15at104734PM_zps14a144e7.png

(The reason I worry? There is a very clever villain lurking about. And he knows Oh-soo, and he knows Hee-sun and Jin-sung, and he knows their past. And I strongly suspect, he’s got ideas on how to use all of that knowledge for not good things.)

But for the moment? Oh-soo’s little found family have thrown in behind him and are doing their best to provide all the assists he might need. No matter how dirty. And that makes me happy.
team2 photo ScreenShot2013-02-17at25855PM1_zps0204c084.png

On a different note: Did you all notice how the graffiti behind Jin-sung and Hee-sun totally works with their outfits (and maybe even their personalities)? In That Winter the Wind Blows even digging through trash is an act of beauty.

And on an even more different note, here’s a shot of Oh-young’s palatial home:
fullhousehouse photo ScreenShot2013-02-14at80834PM_zps083729e6.pngLook familiar? If you’ve watched Full House Take 2, it should:

FullHouse2House photo Deh9u_zpsbb866554.jpg

I pulled that from a poster, but those pics are definitely of the same house. Which makes me admire the owner, because clever way of paying that thing off! (I’d imagine anyway.) And also makes me giggle a little at the small world of K-dramas. (Sung Hye-kyo starred in the first Full House.)

And now, I wait patiently for Thursday (building in subbing time). Yup. Oh, so patiently. *checks watch*


6 thoughts on “Team!

  1. Jin-sung and Hee-sun are just lovely together!! They’re like the mischievous little siblings of Soo but super adorable. They definitely steal the scene the moment they appear on my screen.

    I also thunk that their little team behind this whole scamming mission should be recruited by NIS. The three of them will make a perfect intel team!

    The Full House 2 being used as the main setting is a nice coincidence (though there’s no trace of of bubbly Ji-eun in Youngie) ~

    Honestly, I hate the smart villain at first but soon become intrigued about him in ep 3. What does he really want to see: is it Soo paying back the money or he just want to see him fail and get killed?

    Totally sucked into the drama. Looks like it’s going to be a crack, but a pretty one 😉

    • Hee! If the NIS is like the one from Level 7 Civil Servant, those three would be running the place by lunch. 😉 (Of course, I’m quite sure the NIS is nothing like L7CS.) But I do adore their heisting skills. I hope we get more of that as the show continues.

      Linking the villain with our team has me so, so intrigued. Especially as he seems to have a special bond (maybe one-sided) with Hee-sun. I’m very interested to see how his end pans out.

  2. Agreed- good catch in regards to the multi-drama abode.
    I am enjoying your words on the costars; I am as equally enthusiastic in regards to Oh Soo’s Scooby gang. I am loving the jump-in-a-garbage-truck to further the cause scenes. Now that is true friendship. I know when the secondary leads create as much concern and character kinship as the main characters I have fallen hard for the story. 🙂

    • Oh-soo’s Scooby gang! I love that title for them!

      I totally agree about liking the seconds as much as the mains. I’m never upset when the scene cuts to them (or vice versa) which is awesome.

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